-Revised and Expanded-

More than 850 high-resolution jpg images from the sites of Gadara, Gerasa, Tishbe, Jabesh Gilead, Ramoth Gilead, Pella, Abila, Penuel and Mahanaim, Tell Deir Alla, Bethany Beyond the Jordan, Iraq el-Emir, Amman, Tell Hesban, Medeba Map, Mount Nebo, Macherus, Kerak, Nahals Yarmuk, Jabbok, Arnon, Zered and Punon, Bozrah, King's Highway, Petra, and Aqaba.

All images are high-resolution (1600 x 1200 or higher) jpg files, ideal for projecting in a classroom, viewing on a monitor or printing. Also included on each DVD are pre-made PowerPoint presentations for each region (with photograph annotations), maps for site identification, an image index, and a site index.

“The photos are beyond fantastic!  Breath-taking to one who lived there so long and cherishes the experience so highly.  You have done an invaluable thing for a student of the land like I am.  I consider these CDs to be one of the best investments I have ever made.” -- Bill Wilson, Sunday School teacher, Atlanta, GA

Regions and Sites include:

Jabesh Gilead
Ramoth Gilead
Penuel and Mahanaim
Tell Deir Alla (Succoth)
Bethany Beyond the Jordan
Iraq el-Emir

Tell Hesban
Tell Jalul
Medeba Map
Mt. Nebo
Wadi Rum
In addition, photographs are included from atop the High Place, the Monastery and Umm el-Biyara in Petra, Bab edh-Dhra (Sodom?), the Wadis Yarmuk, Jabbok, Arnon, Zered and Punon, the Pools of Heshbon, and the King's Highway.

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Index of Pictures on the DVD

Amman citadel Byzantine church, tb060303024

Amman citadel courtyard and Umayyad mosque, tb060303038

Amman citadel entrance to underground reservoir, tb060303060

Amman citadel excavation squares, tb060303026

Amman citadel Fatimid mosque with niche, tb060303039

Amman citadel fortifications, tb031801002

Amman citadel from east, tb031801003

Amman citadel from theater, tb031801004

Amman citadel from theater, tb031801005

Amman citadel large Muslim period cistern, tb060108041

Amman citadel large Muslim period cistern, tb060303034

Amman citadel large Muslim period cistern, tb060303036

Amman citadel middle terrace from west, tb060303019

Amman citadel Muslim bathhouse, tb060303035

Amman Citadel northern end view to northwest, tb060108036

Amman Citadel northern end view to northwest, tb060303059

Amman citadel northern wall from west, tb060303063

Amman citadel olive press, tb060108042

Amman citadel Roman period southern wall, tb060303017

Amman citadel Roman temenos wall and niche, tb060303049

Amman citadel Temple of Hercules fragments, tb060303010

Amman citadel Temple of Hercules from north, tb060303150

Amman citadel Temple of Hercules, tb031801007

Amman citadel Temple of Hercules, tb060108035

Amman citadel Temple of Hercules, tb060108172

Amman citadel Temple of Hercules, tb060303020

Amman citadel Umayyad mosque, tb060108040

Amman citadel Umayyad mosque, tb060303074

Amman citadel Umayyad palace reception hall, tb060303029

Amman citadel Umayyad palace reception hall, tb060303040

Amman city with large flag, tb060108037

Amman colonnaded road by theater, tb060303168

Amman downtown from citadel, tb031801006

Amman forum and odeum from citadel, tb060303015

Amman odeum entrance, tb060303162

Amman odeum, tb060303159

Amman Rujm al-Kursi, Ammonite tower s wall, tb060303184

Amman Rujm al-Kursi, Ammonite tower, tb060303190

Amman Rujm al-Malfouf, Ammonite tower interior panorama, tb06030368p

Amman Rujm al-Malfouf, Ammonite tower, tb060303171

Amman Rujm al-Malfouf, Ammonite tower, tb060303180

Amman theater from above, tb060303014

Amman theater from stage, tb060303165

Amman theater, tb031801008

Amman theater, tb031801009

Amman Umayyad palace colonnaded road, tb060303043

Amman Umayyad palace reception interior, tb060303042

Amman Umayyad palace residence, tb060303045

Amman Umayyad residence and reception hall, tb060303067

Amman view east from citadel panorama, tb060108045

Plain north of Amman, tb110603121

Acacia trees in Arabah wadi near Petra, tb031901201

Arabah and mountains of Edom from west, tb061604663

Arabah and mountains of Israel from east, tb061604660

Arabah from east, tb061604661

Feinan, ancient Punon area, from west, tb061604673

Feinan, ancient Punon, ancient burial, tb061604744

Feinan, ancient Punon, area of copper mine, tb061604720

Feinan, ancient Punon, copper mine shaft, tb061604717

Feinan, ancient Punon, copper mine, tb061604724

Feinan, ancient Punon, copper mine, tb061604725

Feinan, ancient Punon, copper mine, tb061604734

Feinan, ancient Punon, copper ore and slag, tb061604691

Feinan, ancient Punon, copper ore, tb061604721

Feinan, ancient Punon, with Roman reservoir, tb061604681

Feinan, area of ancient Punon, tb061604697

Khirbet el-Jariya overview to southwest, df070807239

Khirbet en-Nahas Area M, slag heap stratigraphy, df080207011

Khirbet en-Nahas Area M, slag heap, df080207009

Khirbet en-Nahas Area S, Iron Age four-room workshop, view northeast, df080207014

Khirbet en-Nahas fortress interior, view south, panorama, df080207173

Khirbet en-Nahas fortress overview, view northwest, df080207175

Khirbet en-Nahas four-chambered gate, view south, df080207001

Khirbet en-Nahas Iron Age structure just east of Area S, view north, df080207162

Khirbet en-Nahas overview to northwest panorama, df080207179

Khirbet en-Nahas overview to northwest, df080207181

Khirbet en-Nahas panorama, df080207182

Khirbet en-Nahas slag remains on surface, df080207330

Khirbet en-Nahas slag remains on surface, df080207332

Khirbet Feinan, ancient Punon, from north, tb061604694

Khirbet Feinan, ancient Punon, from west, tb061604675

Khirbet Feinan, ancient Punon, view east panorama, df070307367

Khirbet Feinan, large wadi and slag mounds to south, view south, df070307192

Lower Wadi Ghuweib, view north, df080207201

Lower Wadi Ghuweib, view north, df080207202

Shepherd and flock near spring by Khirbet Hamra Ifdan, df070407309

Wadi Fidan Neolithic site excavations, df080207550

Wadi Jariya beautiful rock formations, df070907732

Wadi Jariya beautiful rock formations, df070907735

Wadi Jariya beautiful rock formations, df070907736

Wadi Jariya colorful rock formations, df070907741

Wadi Jariya exposed copper ore in bedrock, df070807104

Wadi Jariya survey, df070807724

Bab edh-Dhra and Wadi Kerak view northwest, tb061604936

Bab edh-Dhra Early Bronze shaft tomb interior, tb061604968

Bab edh-Dhra Early Bronze shaft tomb, tb061604960

Bab edh-Dhra Early Bronze tombs, tbs88269611

Bab edh-Dhra EBIII western gate, tb061604943

Bab edh-Dhra EBIII western gate, tb061604949

Bab edh-Dhra EBIII western gate, tb061604952

Bab edh-Dhra from west, tb061604933

Bab edh-Dhra mudbricks by west gate, tb061604942

Bab edh-Dhra view of Dead Sea, tbs88249611

Callirhoe harbor excavations, tb061604006

Callirhoe Herodian palace remains from north, tb061604994

Callirhoe Herodian palace remains, tb061604996

Callirhoe hot springs, tb061604012

Callirhoe hot springs, tb061604014

Callirhoe hot springs, tb061604019

Dead Sea and Wadi Zarqa Main aerial from west, tb010703501

Dead Sea and Wadi Zarqa Main aerial near Macherus, tb010703502

Dead Sea eastern shore with salt deposits, tb061604980

Dead Sea eastern shore with salt deposits, tb061604985

Dead Sea southern area from south, tb061604890

Deir Ain Abata, Sanctuary of Lot, central mosaic, tb061604860

Deir Ain Abata, Sanctuary of Lot, central mosaic, tb061604869

Deir Ain Abata, Sanctuary of Lot, from west, tb061604851

Deir Ain Abata, Sanctuary of Lot, inscription by cave, tb061604871

Deir Ain Abata, Sanctuary of Lot, reservoir, tb061604863

Deir Ain Abata, Sanctuary of Lot, tb061604856

Hammamat Main mosque, tb061304382

Hammamat Main waterfalls, tb061304345

Hammamat Main waterfalls, tb061304350

Hammamat Main waterfalls, tb061304367

Hammamat Main waterfalls, tb061304371

Hammamat Main, tb061304338

Khirbet Feifeh, possible City of Plain, cemetery from northwest, tb061604808

Khirbet Feifeh, possible City of Plain, cist tomb, tb061604821

Khirbet Feifeh, possible City of Plain, cist tombs, tb061604825

Khirbet Feifeh, possible City of Plain, excavations from east, tb061604830

Khirbet Feifeh, possible City of Plain, from west, tb061604799

Khirbet Feifeh, possible City of Plain, pottery, tb061604836

Khirbet Khanazir, possible City of Plain, from south, tb061604764

Khirbet Khanazir, possible City of Plain, from southwest, tb061604754

Lot’s wife pillar on eastern shore of Dead Sea, tb061604974

Nahal Arnon aerial from west, tb010703503

Nahal Arnon aerial from west, tb010703504

Nahal Arnon mouth with new dam, tb061604975

Nahal Arnon, tb031901212

Nahal Arnon, tb031901213

Nahal Arnon, tb031901214

Nahal Arnon, tb031901215

Nahal Arnon, tb031901216

Nahal Arnon, tb031901217

Numeira, possible Gomorrah, east fortifications, tb061604912

Numeira, possible Gomorrah, from northwest, tb061604897

Numeira, possible Gomorrah, southeast corner of fortifications, tb061604921

Numeira, possible Gomorrah, view to north, tb061604911

Safi, possible Zoar, Early Bronze cemetery, tb061604843

Safi, possible Zoar, Early Bronze cemetery, tb061604846

Safi, possible Zoar, ruins from south, tb061604840

Sunset over Dead Sea, tb061104094

Wadi Zarqa Main near Hammamat Main, tb061304334

Wadi Zarqa Main near Hammamat Main, tb061304337

Bedouin tent at Beidha, tb061504370

Bedouin tent in Wadi Dana, tb053108946

Beidha area of Neolithic site, tb061504340

Beidha area, tb061504360

Beidha Pre-Pottery Neolithic house with roof poles, tb061504365

Beidha Pre-Pottery Neolithic houses reconstructed, tb061504348

Beidha Pre-Pottery Neolithic rectangular house reconstruction, tb061504344

Beidha Pre-Pottery Neolithic rectangular house, tb061504352

Beidha Pre-Pottery Neolithic round house, tb061504358

Beidha Pre-Pottery Neolithic site excavations, tb061504350

Bozrah excavations from north, tb061404294

Bozrah excavations from southeast, tb061404287

Bozrah from north, tb053108947

Bozrah from northwest, tb061404284

Bozrah Iron Age toilet, tb061404300

Bozrah summit from north, tb053108948

Bozrah summit from northwest, tb061404279

Dana old village above Wadi Dana, tb053108945

Edomite hills north of Wadi Dana, tb061504246

Edomite mountains around Sela, tb061404233

Edomite mountains north of Wadi Dana, tb061504263

Edomite rugged mountains, tb061504282

Grapevines in Edomite mountains, tb061504248

Houses near Shobak Crusader castle, tb061504232

Khirbet edh-Dharih Nabatean temple from west, tb061404219

Khirbet et-Tannur Nabatean temple from northwest, tb061404204

Khirbet et-Tannur Nabatean temple from southwest, tb061404209

Little Petra Facade 846, tb061504299

Little Petra first open area, tb061504311

Little Petra Siq, tb061504307

Little Petra Siq, tb061504312

Little Petra temple and house, tb061504315

Little Petra triclinia, tb061504326

Little Petra triclinium, tb061504322

Little Petra view to east, tb061504337

Little Petra view to west, tb061504335

Nahal Zered from east with Khirbet et-Tannur, tb061404191

Nahal Zered from Khirbet et-Tannur, view to west, tb061404206

Nahal Zered from north, tb061404187

Nahal Zered from west, tb061404213

Sela and vicinity from south, tb061504255

Sela Babylonian inscription, tb061404244

Sela buildings on summit, tb061404271

Sela from east, tb061404238

Sela from southeast, tb061404227

Sela summit room with cistern below, tb061404257

Sela summit view to north, tb061404261

Sela summit view to south, tb061404258

Sela summit, tb061404252

Sheep and goats above Wadi Dana, tb061404304

Shobak Crusader castle from east, tb061504226

Shobak Crusader castle from west, tb061504225

Tafileh, possible Tophel, from north, tb061404220

Via Nova Traiana, King’s Highway, milestone, tbs92039704

Via Nova Traiana, King’s Highway, Roman milestones, tb061504272

Via Nova Traiana, King’s Highway, tbs92049704

Village near Shobak Crusader castle, tb061504280

Wadi Dana above Feinan, Punon from east, tb061404302

Wadi Dana above Feinan, Punon from east, tb061504259

Wadi Dana near Feinan, Punon from east, tb053108944

Wheatfield in Edomite mountains, tb061504256

Aqaba and Eilat from east, tb061604638

Aqaba Byzantine city remains, tb061504589

Aqaba Early Islamic fortress western gate and street, tb061504605

Aqaba Early Islamic mosque, tb061504591

Aqaba Early Islamic pavilion house, tb061504597

Aqaba Mamluk castle courtyard, tb061504632

Aqaba Mamluk castle courtyard, tb061504636

Aqaba Mamluk castle gate with doors, tb061504617

Aqaba Mamluk castle, tb061504611

Aqaba view from Early Islamic remains, tb061504607

Girl on donkey near Humayma, tb061504439

Humayma Abbasid castle, tb061504406

Humayma Byzantine Lower Church, tb061504436

Humayma Nabatean aqueduct and reservoir, tb061504427

Humayma Nabatean reservoir, tb061504430

Jordan flag at Wadi Rum, tb061504451

Tell Maquss excavations from north, tb061604651

Tell Maquss from south, tb061604646

Udruh Roman fortress remains and modern mosque, tb061504396

Udruh Roman fortress remains near western gate, tb061504380

Udruh Roman fortress western wall, tb061504385

Valley north of Wadi Rum, tb061504397

Wadi Rum Alameleh inscriptions, df070207595

Wadi Rum area of Lawrence’s well, tb061504484

Wadi Rum by Jebel Khazali, tb061504551

Wadi Rum camels with riders, tb061504472

Wadi Rum from Jebel Khazali, tb061504556

Wadi Rum guest house area, tb061504455

Wadi Rum Jebel el Qattar, df070307699

Wadi Rum Jebel el Qattar, df070307712

Wadi Rum Jebel Khazali crevice, tb061504517

Wadi Rum Jebel Khazali crevice, tb061504535

Wadi Rum Jebel Khazali Early Arabic inscriptions, tb061504549

Wadi Rum Jebel Khazali Thamudic inscriptions, tb061504528

Wadi Rum Jebel Khazali, df070207574

Wadi Rum Jebel Khazali, tb061504496

Wadi Rum Jebel Umm Ishrin, tb061504499

Wadi Rum Jebel Umm Ishrin, tb061504512

Wadi Rum Nabatean temple with Jebel Umm Ishrin, tb061504465

Wadi Rum Nabatean temple, tb061504460

Wadi Rum Nabatean temple, tb061504467

Wadi Rum natural sphinx, df070207665

Wadi Rum sand dune ripples, df070207684

Wadi Rum sand dune with sun, tb061504566

Wadi Rum sand dune, df070207642

Wadi Rum sand dune, df070207645

Wadi Rum sand dune, df070207648

Wadi Rum sand dune, df070207672

Wadi Rum sand dune, tb061504562

Wadi Rum Seven Pillars Mountain, tb061504441

Wadi Rum Thamudic inscriptions, df070207578

Wadi Rum Thamudic inscriptions, tb061504483

Wadi Rum Umm Fruth Rock Bridge, df070207634

Wadi Rum with Bedouin tents, df070207682

Wadi Rum, df110901309

Wadi Rum, tb061504502

Wadi Yitm from north, tb061504583

Gadara basalt grindstone, tb060503139

Gadara basalt sarcophagus, tb060503138

Gadara basalt sarcophagus, tb060503162

Gadara basalt tomb door, tb060503143

Gadara basalt tomb doors, 6 feet tall, tb060503149

Gadara bathhouse caldarium, tb031701101

Gadara Byzantine basilica, tb060503102

Gadara Byzantine basilica, tb060503108

Gadara Byzantine tomb mosaic, 4th c, tb060503134

Gadara columns along Decumanus, tb031701102

Gadara Decumanus and bathhouse from western theater, tb031701103

Gadara Decumanus, tb031701104

Gadara Decumanus, tb031701105

Gadara inscription of poet Miliagre, tb060503141

Gadara mausoleum, tb031701106

Gadara mosaic, tb060503144

Gadara mosaic, tb060503145

Gadara northern theater, tb060503130

Gadara nymphaeum, tb060503113

Gadara nymphaeum, tb060503129

Gadara remains and Sea of Galilee, tb060503103

Gadara Roman tomb door, tb060503161

Gadara Roman tomb interior, tb060503157

Gadara Roman tomb interior, tb060503158

Gadara round building, tb031701107

Gadara shops, tb060503126

Gadara western theater from above, tb060503100

Gadara western theater large seats, tb031701108

Gadara western theater seats, tb031701109

Gadara western theater top rows, tb060503099

Sea of Galilee from Gadara, tb060503104

Sea of Galilee shoreline from Gadara, tb060503128

Seated Goddess of Gadara statue, tb060503136

Yarmuk Valley and Sea of Galilee from Gadara, tb031701154

Yarmuk Valley from Gadara to north, tb031701155

Gerasa architectural fragment with grapes, tb052908600

Gerasa architectural fragments with grapes, finished and unfinished, tb060603027

Gerasa architrave stones, tb031701110

Gerasa architrave stones, tb060603127

Gerasa Cardo from north, tb052908702

Gerasa Cardo from south, tb052908618

Gerasa Cardo from south, tb052908637

Gerasa Cardo from south, tb052908655

Gerasa Cardo from south, tb060603042

Gerasa Cardo manhole, tb031701111

Gerasa Cardo shops near south tetrapylon, tb060603144

Gerasa Cardo with sidewalk, tb060603203

Gerasa Cathedral, tb060603086

Gerasa Church of SS Cosmos and Damianos with mosaic floor, tb052908696

Gerasa Church of SS Cosmos and Damianos with mosaic floor, tb052908697

Gerasa Church of SS Cosmos and Damianos, mosaic inscription, tb052908698

Gerasa Church of St Theodore, tb060603090

Gerasa city from south theater, tb052908616

Gerasa columns and capital still buried, tb031701115

Gerasa east bathhouse, tb052908670

Gerasa from north, tb052908688

Gerasa hippodrome and Triumphal Arch of Hadrian from north, tb052908689

Gerasa hippodrome arches, tb052908565

Gerasa hippodrome seats, tb031701120

Gerasa hippodrome seats, tb031701121

Gerasa hippodrome, tb031701122

Gerasa hippodrome, tb052908577

Gerasa hippodrome, tb052908579

Gerasa macellum, food market, tb052908648

Gerasa north Decumanus, Cardo, north tetrapylon, tb060603176

Gerasa north gate, tb052908669

Gerasa north theater from top, tb060603180

Gerasa north theater niche, tb052908678

Gerasa north theater niches, tb060603108

Gerasa north theater stage and scena frons, tb060603109

Gerasa north theater supporting arches, tb060603188

Gerasa north theater, relief of flutist, tb052908676

Gerasa north theater, relief of harpist, tb052908675

Gerasa north theater, tb060603182

Gerasa nymphaeum basin, tb060603153

Gerasa nymphaeum detail, tb052908664

Gerasa nymphaeum, tb031701124

Gerasa nymphaeum, tb052908660

Gerasa oval plaza and Cardo from south, tb052908617

Gerasa oval plaza columns, tb031701126

Gerasa oval plaza panorama, tb052908599

Gerasa oval plaza, tb031701127

Gerasa oval plaza, tb052908596

Gerasa oval plaza, tb060603074

Gerasa sarcophagus, tb052908707

Gerasa south Decumanus, tb031701116

Gerasa south gate, tb060603017

Gerasa south tetrapylon from northeast, tb031701133

Gerasa south tetrapylon from south, tb052908652

Gerasa south theater from north, tb052908691

Gerasa south theater from top, tb060603053

Gerasa south theater inscription, Domitian’s name rubbed out, tb060603038

Gerasa south theater inscription, sound hole, tb060603068

Gerasa south theater inscription, tb052908606

Gerasa south theater seats inscribed, tb060603062

Gerasa south theater seats inscribed, tb060603066

Gerasa south theater stage and scena frons, tb060603039

Gerasa south theater vomitorium, tb052908628

Gerasa south theater, tb052908626

Gerasa south wall, tb060603022

Gerasa Temple of Artemis altar terrace, tb060603101

Gerasa Temple of Artemis columns, tb060603091

Gerasa Temple of Artemis entrance, tb031701118

Gerasa Temple of Artemis entrance, tb031701119

Gerasa Temple of Artemis from south, tb052908693

Gerasa Temple of Artemis interior, tb060603092

Gerasa Temple of Artemis podium, tb052908684

Gerasa Temple of Artemis, tb031701135

Gerasa Temple of Artemis, tb031701136

Gerasa Temple of Artemis, tb060603102

Gerasa Temple of Artemis, tb060603190

Gerasa Temple of Zeus from north, tb060603075

Gerasa Temple of Zeus, tb052908604

Gerasa tomb, tb052908585

Gerasa Triumphal Arch of Hadrian top niche, tb060603003

Gerasa Triumphal Arch of Hadrian, tb031701137

Gerasa Triumphal Arch of Hadrian, tb031701138

Gerasa Triumphal Arch of Hadrian, tb052908566

Gerasa west bathhouse, tb052908672

Stone mason at Gerasa, tb031701152

Abila Byzantine basalt street, tb060503073

Abila Byzantine church on Umm el-Amad, tb060503063

Abila Byzantine cruciform church, tb060503078

Abila excavations from northeast, tb060503089

Abila from northeast, tb060503088

Abila necropolis and Wadi Quailibah from southwest, tb060503055

Abila Umm el-Amad from north, tb060503038

Hammat Gader from south, tb060503117

Ramoth Gilead plains, tb031701151

Tell Abila Byzantine church from southwest, tb060503052

Tell el-Husn, possible Ramoth Gilead, from northeast, tb060503031

Tell er-Rumeith view northwest to Ramtha, possible Ramoth Gilead, tb060503025

Tell er-Rumeith, possible Ramoth Gilead, from east, tb060503012

Tell er-Rumeith, possible Ramoth Gilead, from west, tb060503002

Tell er-Rumeith, possible Ramoth Gilead, tb060503006

Wadi Quailibah east of Abila, tb060503033

Yarmuk Valley and Sea of Galilee from southeast, tb060503120

Yarmuk Valley from south, tb060503116

Yarmuk Valley from south, tb060503124

Yarmuk Valley from southwest, tb060503165

Abu Hummus, possible Tishbe, from Mar Elias, tb060403123

Abu Hummus, possible Tishbe, from north, tb060403134

Ajlun area and castle from east, tb110703038

Ajlun castle cornucopia decoration, tb060403083

Ajlun castle entrance, tb060403096

Ajlun castle from east, tb110703039

Ajlun castle from east, tb110703044

Ajlun castle interior arch with window, tb060403072

Ajlun castle interior room, tb060403074

Ajlun castle interior, tb060403076

Ajlun castle rooms from above, tb060403086

Ajlun Castle, Byzantine mosaic, fish, loaves, tb060403082

Ajlun Castle, tb060403066

Forest in Gilead mountains, tb110603073

Forest in Gilead mountains, tb110603098

Gilead goats, tb031701139

Gilead grain fields near Listib, possible Tishbe, tb060403135

Gilead mountains west of Ajlun, tb031701140

Gilead mountains west of Ajlun, tb031701141

Gilead mountains, tb110603071

Gilead olive orchards near Listib, possible Tishbe, tb060403136

Grape arbor near house, tb110703045

Jabesh Gilead, Tell Maqlub, from northeast, tb110703083

Listib, possible Tishbe, from Mar Elias, tb060403121

Listib, possible Tishbe, remains, tb060403129

Man plowing field with horse, tb110703063

Mar Elias baptistery and mosaics, tb060403115

Mar Elias Byzantine church, tb060403100

Mar Elias Byzantine mosaics, tb060403109

Mar Elias Byzantine mosaics, tb060403111

Mar Elias Byzantine mosaics, tb060403112

Mar Elias Byzantine mosaics, tb060403113

Mar Elias Elijah inscription closeup, tb060403119

Mar Elias Elijah inscription, tb060403117

Mar Elias from Listib, possible Tishbe, tb060403128

Mar Elias view to northeast, tb060403106

Umm al-Hedamus, possible Tishbe, from west, tb060403156

Umm al-Hedamus, possible Tishbe, surface, tb060403139

Wadi in Gilead mountains, tb110603119

Wadi Yabes from west, tb110703064

Wadi Yabes, tb060403159

Iraq el-Emir cave with Tobiah inscription, tb060303229

Iraq el-Emir cave with Tobiah inscription, tb060303234

Iraq el-Emir leopard water fountain, tb060303193

Iraq el-Emir palace from north, tb060303214

Iraq el-Emir palace interior, tb060303200

Iraq el-Emir palace lioness carving, tb060303209

Iraq el-Emir palace north facade, tb060303211

Iraq el-Emir palace south facade, tb060303203

Iraq el-Emir palace west side large stones, tb060303207

Iraq el-Emir palace west side, tb060303208

Iraq el-Emir Tobiah caves from east, tb060303236

Iraq el-Emir Tobiah inscription, tb060303227

Wadi es-Sir from east with palace and caves, tb060303235

Wadi es-Sir from north, tb060303217

Bedouin tents near Jabbok River, tb060403052

Fords of Jabbok from Penuel, tb031701142

Fords of Jabbok view to Penuel, tbs91299704

Goats near Jabbok River, tb060403048

Jabbok River crossing, tb060403046

Jabbok River east of Mahanaim, tb110603135

Jabbok River eastern end, tb060603215

Jabbok River eastern end, tb060603216

Jabbok River from Penuel with Mahanaim, tb031701143

Jabbok River view east, tb031701144

Jabbok River view west from Mahanaim, tb060403043

Jabbok River with Penuel to east, tb031701145

Jabbok River with Penuel, tb060403030

Jabbok River, tb110603109

Mahanaim from northwest, tb031701146

Mahanaim from south, tb031701147

Mahanaim surface of tell, tb060403042

Penuel and fords of Jabbok from south, tb031701148

Penuel from south, tb031701149

Penuel heart-shaped column drum, tb031701150

Bedouin tents in Jordan Rift Valley, tb110703096

Dolmen field near Adam, tb061104035

Dolmen near Adam, tb061104056

Dolmens near Adam, tb061104045

Donkey at Pella, tb060503203

Gilead mountains south of Pella aerial from west, tb121704089

Goat eating at Pella, tb060503197

Goat eating at Pella, tb060503199

Jabbok River aerial from west, tb121704102

Jabbok River from Tell Deir Alla, tb061104007

Jordan Rift and Transjordan aerial from west, tb010703126

Jordan Rift view north from Tell Deir Alla, possible Succoth, tb060403005

Jordan River and Plains of Moab aerial from west, tb010703127

Mount Nebo from northwest, tb060108186

Pella Byzantine church from east, tb110703099

Pella Byzantine church from west, tb060503192

Pella Byzantine church, tb060503175

Pella excavations from west, tb060503191

Pella from east panorama, tb110703101

Pella Late Bronze excavations, tb110703103

Pella possible Late Bronze temple, tb060503184

Plains of Moab below Mount Nebo with camels, tb061104079

Plains of Moab with Mount Nebo, tbs92139704

Qattara east of Adam, tb060403002

Sheep drinking from stream at Pella, tb060503173

Teleilat Ghassul excavations from northwest, tb061604027

Teleilat Ghassul from northeast, tb061604029

Tell Abu Ubeida and Tell Mazar from south, tb060403007

Tell Abu Ubeida from west, tb110503969

Tell Deir Alla excavations, tb060403017

Tell Deir Alla from east, tb060403056

Tell Deir Alla from north, tb031701153

Tell Deir Alla view to south, tb060403011

Tell Deir Alla view to west, tb060403008

Tell Deir Alla, possible Succoth, area aerial from west, tb121704096

Tell Deir Alla, possible Succoth, excavations view to southwest, tb061104011

Tell Deir Alla, possible Succoth, excavations, tb061104005

Tell Deir Alla, possible Succoth, view to northeast, tb061104002

Tell el-Ahsas, possible Succoth, from east, tb060403009

Tell el-Hammam excavations, tb060108188

Tell el-Hammam excavations, tb060108193

Tell el-Hammam excavations, tb060108198

Tell el-Hammam view from north, tb060108182

Tell el-Hammam wall, tb060108179

Tell es-Saidiyeh, from west, tb022207330

Tell es-Saidiyeh, Zarethan, from southwest, tb110503965

Tell es-Saidiyeh, Zarethan, view of Rift Valley to northwest, tb110503948

Tell es-Saidiyeh, Zarethan, water system, tb110503938

Tell es-Saidiyeh, Zarethan, water system, tb110503958

Medeba Burnt Palace eastern wing mosaic, tb061304175

Medeba Burnt Palace, tb061304168

Medeba Byzantine Cardo, tb061304164

Medeba Church of Virgin mosaic, tb061304157

Medeba Hippolytus Hall mosaic, tb061304148

Medeba map from northwest, tb053108027

Medeba map from south, tb053108983

Medeba map, Aenon and Bethabra, tb061304203

Medeba map, Benjamin and Arimathea, tb053108976

Medeba map, Dead Sea area, tb031801031

Medeba map, Dead Sea area, tb053108028

Medeba map, Dead Sea, tb061304195

Medeba map, Jericho area, tb053108977

Medeba map, Jericho, tb053108010

Medeba map, Jerusalem area, tb053108021

Medeba map, Jerusalem area, tb053108981

Medeba map, Jerusalem area, tb053108989

Medeba map, Jerusalem, tb053108023

Medeba map, Jordan River and Bethabara, tb053108014

Medeba map, Jordan River, Aenon and Salim, tb053108002

Medeba map, Judea and Dead Sea, tb053108974

Medeba map, Judea, Jerusalem and Dead Sea, tb053108982

Medeba map, Nile River, tb053108970

Medeba map, north of Jerusalem, tb061304197

Medeba map, northern section, tb053108033

Medeba map, southern end and Egypt, tb053108985

Medeba map, Tamar and Moa, tb053108017

Medeba map, tb053108966

Medeba map, tb053108967

Medeba map, Transjordan, tb061304219

Medeba Mosaic of the Tree, tb061304293

Medeba mosaic, tb061304294

Medeba St George’s Church interior, tb061304233

Medeba St George’s church, tb053108965

Aroer and Arnon Valley from northeast, tb061204179

Aroer excavations of Iron Age fort, tb061204182

Aroer on Arnon and Arnon Valley from east, tb061204199

Aroer on Arnon from south, tb053108957

Ataroth, Khirbet Attarus, cistern with drainage channels, tb061204050

Ataroth, Khirbet Attarus, excavated cave, tb061204020

Ataroth, Khirbet Attarus, excavations on summit, tb061204029

Ataroth, Khirbet Attarus, from north, tb061204007

Ataroth, Khirbet Attarus, Iron Age temple on summit, tb061204034

Baal Meon, Main, from north, tb061304300

Baal-Meon, Main, church mosaic, Eleutheropolis, Bet Guvrin, tb061304131

Baal-Meon, Main, church mosaic, Gadara, tb061304130

Baal-Meon, Main, church mosaic, Heshbon, tb061304129

Baal-Meon, Main, church mosaic, Nicopolis, tb061304132

Dolmen near Wadi Zarqa Main, tb061304320

Dolmens near Wadi Zarqa Main, tb061304311

Khirbet Iskander and Wadi Walla from east, tb061204118

Khirbet Iskander Early Bronze IV excavations near entranceway, tb061204120

Khirbet Iskander Early Bronze IV excavations on summit, tb061204130

Khirbet Iskander from south, tb061204136

Lehun excavation squares view to north, tb061204211

Lehun excavations, tb061204220

Macherus aqueduct foundation, tb031801028

Macherus aqueduct from summit, tb061204102

Macherus Byzantine church, tb061204054

Macherus cave, traditional prison of John the Baptist, tb061204077

Macherus farmer boy plowing rock field, tbs87229611

Macherus from east, tb061204069

Macherus from southeast, tb031801029

Macherus from southeast, tb061204081

Macherus from southeast, tb061204083

Macherus mikveh on summit, tb061204106

Macherus mosaic, first century BC, tb061304126

Macherus palace courtyard, tb061204110

Macherus Roman siege ramp, tb061204090

Macherus siege wall to west, tb061204088

Medeba Plateau north of Tell Jalul, tb061204373

Medeiniyeh on Themed, possible Jahaz, from west, tb061204329

Menhir, standing stone, near Wadi Zarqa Main, tb061304326

Moabite shrine from Ataroth, Khirbet Attarus, tb061304259

Mount Nebo Memorial of Moses church interior, dg031801037

Mount Nebo Memorial of Moses church, tb031801036

Mount Nebo milestones on pilgrim road to site, tb031801038

Mount Nebo serpent symbol, tb031801039

Mount Nebo sunset with Dead Sea, df110801702

Mount Nebo valley to north, tb031801040

Mount Nebo view of plains of Moab and Dead Sea, tbs91349704

Nebo, Khirbet el-Mekhayyat, Byzantine church mosaic, tb061304100

Nebo, Khirbet el-Mekhayyat, Byzantine mosaic of grape harvest, tb061304104

Nebo, Khirbet el-Mekhayyat, from northeast, tb061304097

Nebo, Khirbet el-Mekhayyat, summit from northeast, tb061304120

Olive tree grove near Ataroth, Khirbet Attarus, tb061204006

Rolling stone used as monastery door Abu Badd, tb031801043

Rumeil Moabite tower from north, tb061204342

Rumeil Moabite tower, tb061204315

Tell Dhiban, possible Dibon, excavations, tb061204147

Tell Dhiban, possible Dibon, excavations, tb061204158

Tell Dhiban, possible Dibon, from north, tb061204142

Tell Dhiban, possible Dibon, from southeast, tb061204145

Tell Dhiban, possible Dibon, from west, tb031801021

Tell Dhiban, possible Dibon, Iron Age foundation of Moabite temple, tb031801020

Tell Dhiban, possible Dibon, Iron Age wall on east side, tb053108964

Tell Dhiban, possible Dibon, Iron Age wall, tb053108963

Tell el-Umeiri excavations in Area B, tb061304014

Tell el-Umeiri excavations, tb061304039

Tell el-Umeiri from north, tb061304004

Tell el-Umeiri from northwest, tb061304005

Tell el-Umeiri Iron I four-room house, tb061304020

Tell Hesban Bedouin tent, tb061304070

Tell Hesban Citadel view north, df070507071

Tell Hesban first century tomb loculi, tb061304079

Tell Hesban from north, tb061304043

Tell Hesban Iron Age reservoir with plaster, df070507078

Tell Hesban rolling stone tomb from inside, tb061304085

Tell Hesban rolling stone tomb, tb061304089

Tell Hesban steps to Roman temple, tb061304054

Tell Hesban summit and Byzantine church, tb061304055

Tell Hesban water cistern, tb061304458

Tell Jalul approach ramps, tb061204372

Tell Jalul excavations on east end, possible gate, tb061204364

Tell Jalul excavations on northern end, tb061204374

Tell Jalul excavations, tb061204357

Tell Jalul from south, tb061204351

Umm ar-Rasas Church of Bishop Sergius mosaic, tb061204263

Umm ar-Rasas Church of Stephen iconoclasm, tb061204225

Umm ar-Rasas Lions Church, tb061204290

Umm ar-Rasas mosaic St Stephen’s Church mosaic, Cisjordanian cities, tb061204260

Umm ar-Rasas Roman camp northern wall, tb061204279

Umm ar-Rasas ruins with stylite tower, tb061204287

Umm ar-Rasas St Stephen’s Church mosaic, Jerusalem, tb061204240

Umm ar-Rasas St Stephen’s Church mosaic, Kastron Mepha, tb061204248

Umm ar-Rasas St Stephen’s Church mosaic, tb061204258

Umm ar-Rasas St Stephen’s Church mosaic, Transjordanian cities, tb061204257

Umm ar-Rasas stylite tower, tb061204309

Umm ar-Rasas winepress with compartments, tb061204292

Wadi Zarqa Main from east, tb061204003

Wadi Zarqa Main, tb061304319

Wheatfield near Wadi Zarqa Main, tb061304303

Zafaran Moabite tower from south, tb061204346

Arnon Valley crossing Wilderness Highway, tb061404002

Arnon Valley from south panorama, tb053108951

Arnon Valley from south, tb053108956

Arnon Valley view southeast from Aroer, tb061204190

Arnon Valley view southwest from Aroer, tb061204191

Arnon Valley view southwest from Lehun, tb061204212

Arnon Valley view to southeast, tb031801041

Arnon Valley with reservoir, tb053108955

Balu excavations, tb061404076

Balu ruins, tb061404067

Bedouin at Balu, tb061404092

Fields of Moab south of Arnon, tb031801023

Flock and Beduoin tent at Balu, tb061404063

Humud village in land of Moab, tb061404047

Kerak castle arch and arrow hole for defense, tb061404162

Kerak castle arches, tb061404175

Kerak castle eastern fortifications, tb061404163

Kerak castle from east, tb061404120

Kerak castle from south with wadis to west, tb061404158

Kerak castle from southwest, tb031801025

Kerak castle kitchen, tb061404168

Kerak castle large hall on northern end, tb061404180

Kerak castle moat on northern side, tb061404126

Kerak castle Nabatean statue in secondary use, tb061404174

Kerak castle northern buildings, tb061404133

Kerak castle original entrance, tb061404176

Kerak castle passageway, tb061404144

Kerak castle passageway, tb061404476

Kerak castle southern end, tb061404154

Kerak castle wadi on northeast, tb061404121

Kerak castle wall and moat, tb053108949

Kerak castle with view of wadis to west, tb061404156

Kerak castle, tbs95109711

Lejjun Roman fortress from west, tb061404044

Lejjun Roman fortress view east to barracks, tb061404017

Qatrana Ottoman fort along Darb el-Haj, tb061404008

Qatrana Ottoman fort, reservoir by Darb el-Haj, tb061404006

Rabbah Moab Roman reservoir, tb061404107

Rabbah Moab Roman street, tb061404102

Rabbah Moab Roman temple, tb061404099

Wadi Nukheila east of Balu, tb061404080

Wadi Nukheila from west near Iron Age road, tb061404051

Al-Wueira Crusader castle near Petra from east, tb061504288

Camel at Petra, tb031901204

Camels at Petra, tb053008872

Jebel Haroun Mountain of Aaron, from east, tb061504297

Jebel Haroun, Mountain of Aaron, from north, tb053008887

Jebel Haroun, Mountain of Aaron, from north, tb053008888

Mountains near Petra, tb031901208

Mountains near Petra, tb031901209

Natural elephant stone near Petra, tb061504372

Petra altar in front of Qasr el-Bint, df071907005

Petra ancient Nabatean traders, df071907006

Petra ancient Nabatean traders, df071907008

Petra arch over Siq, tb053008735

Petra area from east, tb061504283

Petra area from east, tb061504290

Petra Bab as-Siq inscription, Nabatean, Greek, tb053008723

Petra caldarium south of Temenos Gate, df071907046

Petra camels and tombs, df071907270

Petra canyon, tb031901218

Petra caravan carved in stone, tb053008918

Petra caravan carving in Siq, tb053008789

Petra carving for god Dushara in Wadi Mudhlim, tb053008926

Petra carving of god Dushara in Siq, tb053008765

Petra carving of god Dushara in Siq, tb053008767

Petra carving of god Dushara in Siq, tb053008775

Petra carving of god Dushara in Siq, tb053008797

Petra church, tb053008852

Petra clay pipe in water channel, tb053008822

Petra clay water pipe, tb053008821

Petra colored rock, df110901301

Petra colored rock, tb031901221

Petra colored rock, tb053008842

Petra colored rock, tb053008843

Petra Corinthian tomb, tb053008907

Petra elephant carving in Siq, tb053008776

Petra excavations south of Great Temple view east, df071907099

Petra from southeast, jc042407521

Petra from southeast, jc042407537

Petra Great Temple and toppled column view southwest panorama, df071907258

Petra Great Temple architectural fragments, tb053008855

Petra Great Temple column with painting, tb053008861

Petra Great Temple elephant carving, tb053008858

Petra Great Temple entrance, tb053008849

Petra Great Temple from behind view north, df071907125

Petra Great Temple from Umm el-Biyara view east, df071907130

Petra Great Temple paving slabs, tb053008856

Petra Great Temple south corridor painting, tb053008865

Petra Great Temple theatron, df071907496

Petra Great Temple toppled column, tb053008860

Petra Great Temple walkway on east view south, df071907722

Petra Great Temple wall painting, tb053008863

Petra Great Temple, tb053008854

Petra High Place from below, tb031901224

Petra horse and carriage, tb053008715

Petra Kazneh doorway, df071907466

Petra Kazneh, tb053008804

Petra Kazneh, tb053008805

Petra Kazneh, tb053008810

Petra Kazneh, Treasury top half, tb031901226

Petra Kazneh, Treasury view from bottom, tb031901227

Petra Kazneh, Treasury, tb031901229

Petra Kazneh, Treasury, tb031901230

Petra main street and Roman theater, tb053008908

Petra man with skin churn, tb053008837

Petra Monastery urn panorama, df072007209

Petra Monastery urn panorama, df072007217

Petra Monastery urn, df072007405

Petra Monastery urn, df072007427

Petra Monastery urn, tbs88229611

Petra Monastery, df072007442

Petra Monastery, tb053008874

Petra Monastery, tb053008877

Petra Monastery, tb053008880

Petra Monastery, tb053008891

Petra Monastery, tb053008899

Petra mountains near Monastery, tb053008900

Petra mountains, tb053008921

Petra Nabatean dam in Wadi Mudhlim, tb053008936

Petra Nabatean wall near Siq, tb053008943

Petra natural rock, anteater, tb053008728

Petra Nymphaeum, df071907233

Petra Obelisk Tomb, tb053008725

Petra Obelisk Tomb, tb053008727

Petra overview with Roman Cardo and Great Temple view east, df071907237

Petra Palace and Corinthian tombs, tb053008848

Petra Palace and Corinthian tombs, tb053008911

Petra Palace tomb, df072007256

Petra paving stones in Siq, tb053008778

Petra Qasr el-Bint, tb031901237

Petra Qasr el-Bint, tb053008869

Petra Roman Cardo and Umm el-Biyara view west, df072007051

Petra Roman Cardo, df071907292

Petra Roman Cardo, tb053008903

Petra Roman theater stage, df071907303

Petra Roman theater, df071907297

Petra Roman theater, tb053008838

Petra rooms with colored rock, tb053008839

Petra Silk and Urn tombs, df071907312

Petra Siq from inside Kazneh, tb031901238

Petra Siq from Kazneh, tb053008816

Petra Siq water channel with slabs, tb053008756

Petra Siq with Kazneh, df110901306

Petra Siq with Kazneh, tb053008798

Petra Siq with water channel, tb053008748

Petra Siq, df072007322

Petra Siq, df110901308

Petra Siq, tb031901240

Petra Siq, tb053008738

Petra Siq, tb053008747

Petra Siq, tb053008759

Petra Siq, tb053008773

Petra Siq, tbs88069611

Petra skin churn, tb053008840

Petra steps in cliff face, near High Place, df071907348

Petra sunset, tb061404482

Petra Temple of the Winged Lions view north, df071907372

Petra tomb near Kazneh, tb053008827

Petra tomb of Sextius Florentinus, tb053008916

Petra tomb outside Siq, tb053008718

Petra tomb southwest of Monastery, df072007500

Petra tomb southwest of Monastery, df072007505

Petra tomb, tb031901251

Petra tomb, trees, and terraces, tb053008713

Petra tombs near Kazneh, tb053008829

Petra tombs near Kazneh, tb053008830

Petra tombs near Kazneh, tb053008831

Petra tombs north of restaurant, df072007507

Petra tombs, south side near Kazneh and Street of Facades, df071907519

Petra tombs, tb053008905

Petra trees and terraces, tb053008712

Petra triclinium tomb interior, tb031901252

Petra Umm el-Biyara cisterns and channels on east end, df071907066

Petra Umm el-Biyara cisterns and channels on east end, df071907068

Petra Umm el-Biyara Iron Age excavations, df071907146

Petra Umm el-Biyara pathway up, df071907262

Petra Umm el-Biyara pathway up, df071907266

Petra Umm el-Biyara petroglyph, game board, df071907277

Petra Umm el-Biyara staircase up, tbs100129811

Petra Umm el-Biyara structures on east end, df071907360

Petra Umm el-Biyara, tb031901254

Petra Urn tomb interior, df072007540

Petra view from High Place, tbs92089704

Petra view west to Arabah panorama, tb053008885

Petra wadi and Nabatean dam, tb053008914

Petra Wadi Mudhlim, tb053008924

Petra Wadi Mudhlim, tb053008934

Petra water tunnel, tb053008732