Western Turkey
-Revised and Expanded-

More than 900 high-resolution jpg images are included from the journeys of Paul and historical sites including Ephesus, Assos, Alexandria Troas, Miletus, Colossae, Hierapolis, Myra, Patara, and Cnidus.  Images from the sites of the seven churches of Revelation include Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea. The DVD also includes the historical sites of Istanbul, Didyma, Priene, Troy, Termessos, Xanthos, and Halicarnassus.

All images are high-resolution (1600 x 1200 or higher) jpg files, ideal for projecting in a classroom, viewing on a monitor or printing. Also included on each DVD are pre-made PowerPoint presentations for each region (with photograph annotations), maps for site identification, an image index, and a site index.

ďThe Pictorial Library of Bible Lands is unsurpassed.  I have used other Bible image CDs only to be disappointed in their low-resolution images, poor quality graphics, and limited content selection.  This is a great service to Bible educators by providing excellent quality graphics of Bible land images that are ready for adaptation to word processing, presentation graphics, or web-design. Serious Bible teachers will be well-served by this new set.Ē Ė Dr. Greg Behle, The Masterís College

More than 900 high-resolution photographs of:

Paul's Journeys
Alexandria Troas

Seven Churches of Revelation
In addition, photographs are included of other sites such as Istanbul, Didyma, Priene, Troy, Termessos, Xanthos, and Halicarnassus.

ISBN: 978-1-938-32410-9
Price: $39.99; now $34



Index of Photographs on the DVD

Assos acropolis from below, tb041605086

Assos acropolis from modern harbor, tb041605075

Assos Byzantine tower and mosque, tb041605135

Assos coastline from west, tb041605035

Assos coastline to east, tb041605110

Assos coastline to west, tb041605103

Assos from east panorama, eh01091190p

Assos Hellenistic fortifications from above, tb041605102

Assos Hotel Kervansary, tb041605056

Assos modern harbor from acropolis, tb041605125

Assos modern harbor looking west, tb011001416

Assos modern harbor with island of Lesbos, tb011001417

Assos modern harbor, tb041605042

Assos modern village of Behramkale, tb041605136

Assos ruins and modern harbor from acropolis, tb041605126

Assos ruins and theater from acropolis, tb041605124

Assos sunrise over coastline from west, tb041605057

Assos Temple of Athena Doric columns, tb041605108

Assos Temple of Athena with island of Lesbos, tb041605119

Assos Temple of Athena with island of Lesbos, tb041605121

Assos Temple of Athena, tb041605106

Assos Temple of Athena, tb041605115

Assos Temple of Athena, tb041605129

Assos theater and acropolis from below, tb041605082

Assos theater, tb041605087

Assos wall and gate, tb010901424

Island of Lesbos from Assos acropolis, tb041605128

Sunrise from Assos with fishing boat, tb011001936

Claros statue of Leto, tb010501436

Claros Temple of Apollo columns, tb010501437

Claros Temple of Apollo entrance, tb010501438

Claros Temple of Apollo foundation, tb010501435

Claros Temple of Apollo with statues, tb010501439

Claros Temple of Apollo, tb010501440

Burgaz, Old Cnidus, excavations, tb062206770

Burgaz, Old Cnidus, excavations, tb062206774

Burgaz, Old Cnidus, view to sea, tb062206773

Caria region view, near Cnidus, tb062206378

Caria region view, near Cnidus, tb062206381

Caria region view, near Cnidus, tb062206385

Cnidus acropolis fortification towers, tb062206545

Cnidus acropolis fortification towers, tb062206546

Cnidus acropolis fortification towers, tb062206552

Cnidus acropolis view from temple of Aphrodite, tb062206627

Cnidus acropolis walls with view, tb062206537

Cnidus acropolis walls, tb062206535

Cnidus acropolis, tb062206469

Cnidus acropolis, tb062206538

Cnidus altar of temple of Aphrodite, tb062206617

Cnidus altar of temple of Apollo, tb062206629

Cnidus and southern harbor from south, tb062206680

Cnidus architectural fragments near stoa, tb062206655

Cnidus architectural fragments, bull with garlands, tb062206733

Cnidus architectural fragments, tb062206732

Cnidus architectural fragments, tb062206734

Cnidus basilica near northern harbor, tb062206714

Cnidus bouleuterion, tb062206459

Cnidus circular stone with temple of Aphrodite, tb062206614

Cnidus city and acropolis from east, tb062206763

Cnidus coast view to east, tb062206393

Cnidus Corinthian temple, tb062206450

Cnidus Doric temple, tb062206635

Cnidus excavations from above, tb062206562

Cnidus fragments, inscription by main street, tb062206725

Cnidus from acropolis, tb062206585

Cnidus from northwest, tb061906413

Cnidus from southwest, tb061906379

Cnidus from west, tb061906388

Cnidus from west, tb061906399

Cnidus harbors from acropolis, tb062206494

Cnidus island close-up with excavated buildings, tb062206500

Cnidus island commercial buildings from north, tb062206510

Cnidus island commercial buildings on terraces, tb062206667

Cnidus island commercial buildings on terraces, tb062206674

Cnidus lighthouse on island from northeast, tb062206474

Cnidus lighthouse on island, tb062206703

Cnidus lower theater and harbors, tb062206409

Cnidus lower theater from south, tb062206663

Cnidus lower theater seats, tb062206399

Cnidus lower theater seats, tb062206400

Cnidus lower theater vaulted entrance, tb062206397

Cnidus main street from north, tb062206642

Cnidus main street from south, tb062206643

Cnidus northern and southern harbors, tb062206690

Cnidus northern harbor breakwater from island, tb062206705

Cnidus northern harbor defensive tower on island, tb062206622

Cnidus northern harbor from acropolis, tb062206495

Cnidus northern harbor from acropolis, tb062206590

Cnidus northern harbor wall on island, tb062206718

Cnidus northern harbor with city and acropolis from island, tb062206693

Cnidus odeum, tb062206746

Cnidus panorama from acropolis panorama, tb062206581_stitch

Cnidus polygonal wall in necropolis, tb062206764

Cnidus propylaion, tb062206631

Cnidus propylaion, tb062206640

Cnidus Roman necropolis, tb062206758

Cnidus shops along main street, tb062206644

Cnidus small monument near main street, tb062206647

Cnidus southern harbor from acropolis, tb062206567

Cnidus stoa and temple of Dionysus, tb062206418

Cnidus stoa, tb062206652

Cnidus sundial, tb062206438

Cnidus sundial, tb062206444

Cnidus temple of Aphrodite from east, tb062206477

Cnidus temple of Aphrodite steps, tb062206618

Cnidus temple of Aphrodite stones joined by metal bracket, tb062206624

Cnidus temple of Aphrodite, tb062206609

Cnidus temple of Apollo and altar, tb062206630

Cnidus temple of Dionysus, tb062206421

Cnidus temple of Dionysus, tb062206427

Cnidus temples of Aphrodite and Apollo from south, tb062206698

Cnidus upper theater and harbors, tb062206491

Cnidus upper theater corner, tb062206476

Cnidus upper theater, tb062206589

Cnidus view from east, tb062206390

Cnidus view west from acropolis, tb062206586

Cnidus with harbors from above, tb062206492

Datca harbor, tb062106363

Donkey loaded down near Cnidus, tb062206383

Kormen Limani from west, tb062106352

Kormen Limani harbor, tb062106360

Marmaris from northwest, tb062306782

Turkey shoreline east of Cnidus, tb061706674

Colossae acropolis to west, tb010301442

Colossae lower city from acropolis to south, tb010301443

Colossae lower city from acropolis to south, tb010301444

Colossae stream of cold water, tb010301445

Colossae tell from north, bb14470001

Colossae tell from north, tb010301446

Colossae tell from north, tb010301501

Colossae tell from south, tb010301447

Colossae tell from south, tb010301448

Colossae theater, mf111902147

Colossae view from acropolis to northwest, tb010301449

Didyma Apollo inscription, tb010401458

Didyma lion, tb010401459

Didyma Sacred Way rest stop, tb010401460

Didyma Sacred Way with bend, tb010401461

Didyma Sacred Way, tb010401462

Didyma Sacred Way, tb010401463

Didyma Temple of Apollo corner, tb010401464

Didyma Temple of Apollo decorations, tb010401465

Didyma Temple of Apollo entrance steps, tb010401466

Didyma Temple of Apollo entrance vault, tb010401467

Didyma Temple of Apollo fallen column from above, tb010401468

Didyma Temple of Apollo fallen column, tb010401471

Didyma Temple of Apollo from north, tb010401472

Didyma Temple of Apollo inner room, tb010401475

Didyma Temple of Apollo inner room, tb010401476

Didyma Temple of Apollo interior from above, tb010401478

Didyma Temple of Apollo interior, tb010401479

Didyma Temple of Apollo ionic capitals, tb010401480

Didyma Temple of Apollo meander design, tb010401481

Didyma Temple of Apollo Medusa relief, tb010401482

Didyma Temple of Apollo Medusa relief, tb010401483

Didyma Temple of Apollo north side, eh010511186

Didyma Temple of Apollo north side, tb010401484

Didyma Temple of Apollo place of sacrifice, tb010401485

Didyma Temple of Apollo south side, tb010401486

Didyma Temple of Apollo southeast corner, eh010511210

Didyma Temple of Apollo, tb010401488

Ephesus advertisement for brothel on sidewalk, tb010501508

Ephesus advertisement for brothel on sidewalk, tb041405327

Ephesus area of bay and ancient city from Selcuk, tb010501509

Ephesus area of Temple of Artemis and ancient city from Selcuk, tb010501563

Ephesus area of Temple of Artemis from Selcuk, tb010501510

Ephesus buildings on northern slope, tb041405324

Ephesus bull on Ionic capital, tb010501513

Ephesus circular symbol on pavement, tb041405289

Ephesus civic agora and small theater aerial, bb00420048

Ephesus civic agora and small theater aerial, bb00420052

Ephesus civic agora from small theater, tb010501520

Ephesus civic agora, tb041405254

Ephesus civic agora, tb041405426

Ephesus clay pipes, tb010501521

Ephesus commercial agora, tb010501522

Ephesus commercial agora, tb041405314

Ephesus commercial agora, tb041405329

Ephesus commercial agora, tb041405375

Ephesus decorated and inscribed architrave stone, tb041405418

Ephesus excavations and Great Theater aerial, bb00420054

Ephesus fountain of Laecainus Bassus, AD 80, tb041405429

Ephesus fountain of Trajan, 2nd c AD, tb041405417

Ephesus fragment with bull and garlands, tb041405323

Ephesus fragment with military equipment, tb041405325

Ephesus game inscribed on pavement, tb041405450

Ephesus Gate of Mazaeus and Mithridates inscription, tb041405393

Ephesus Gate of Mazaeus and Mithridates inscription, tb041405394

Ephesus Gate of Mazaeus and Mithridates, tb041405300

Ephesus Great Theater and commercial agora aerial, bb00420025

Ephesus Great Theater from west, tb041405338

Ephesus Great Theater stage, tb041405363

Ephesus Great Theater steps, tb041405367

Ephesus Great Theater with Harbor Street, Arcadian Way, tb010501572

Ephesus Great Theater, tb041405346

Ephesus Great Theater, tb041405350

Ephesus Great Theater, tb041405354

Ephesus Great Theater, tb041405359

Ephesus Great Theater, tbs126220101

Ephesus Hadrian temple, 2nd c AD, tb041405278

Ephesus Hadrianís gate, 2nd c AD, tb041405319

Ephesus Harbor Street, Arcadian Way from Great Theater, tb041405347

Ephesus Harbor Street, Arcadian Way, bb00410082

Ephesus Hellenistic fountain, tb041405331

Ephesus house on terrace bathhouse caldarium, tb010501511

Ephesus house on terrace bathhouse of high priest, tb010501512

Ephesus house on terrace frescoes, eh010611422

Ephesus house on terrace frescoes, tb010501525

Ephesus house on terrace with clay pipe, tb010501530

Ephesus house on terrace, tb010501528

Ephesus house on terrace, tb010501529

Ephesus houses on terraces, eh010611412

Ephesus houses on terraces, tb010501531

Ephesus houses on terraces, tb010501532

Ephesus icthus symbol and fish, tb010501533

Ephesus inscription with cityís name, tb010501534

Ephesus inscription with cityís name, tb041405414

Ephesus inscription with Domitianís name rubbed out, tb010501535

Ephesus Library of Celsus inscription with Asia and Aquila, tb041405392

Ephesus Library of Celsus inscription with Galatia, Pontus, Cilicia and Aquila, tb041405388

Ephesus Library of Celsus inscription with Pisidia, Pontus and Bithynia, tb041405385

Ephesus Library of Celsus interior, tb041405390

Ephesus Library of Celsus through Gate of Mazaeus and Mithridates, tb041405412

Ephesus Library of Celsus upper level, tb041405406

Ephesus Library of Celsus, statue of wisdom, tb041405308

Ephesus Library of Celsus, tb010501516

Ephesus Library of Celsus, tb041405304

Ephesus Library of Celsus, tb041405397

Ephesus Library of Celsus, tb041405399

Ephesus Library of Celsus, tb041405400

Ephesus Library of Celsus, tb041405402

Ephesus Lukeís tomb, column with cross and bull, tb010501537

Ephesus Lukeís tomb, tb010501577

Ephesus man with sheep carved on stone, tb041405443

Ephesus monopterus with waterworks, Hellenistic, tb041405296

Ephesus monument of Sextilius Pollio, tb041405433

Ephesus mosaics along street, tb010501539

Ephesus mosaics, tb041405275

Ephesus public bathroom, tb010501541

Ephesus public bathroom, tb010501542

Ephesus public bathroom, tb041405281

Ephesus Selcuk fortress aerial, bb00420035

Ephesus Selcuk fortress with view to harbor aerial, bb00420037

Ephesus Selcuk fortress, tb010501544

Ephesus sheep with shepherd, tb010501545

Ephesus small theater from above, tb010501546

Ephesus small theater, tb010501549

Ephesus small theater, tb041405432

Ephesus St Johnís Basilica aerial, bb00420009

Ephesus St Johnís Basilica area, tb010501550

Ephesus St Johnís Basilica baptistery, tb010501551

Ephesus St Johnís Basilica Gate, tb010501552

Ephesus St Johnís Basilica grave of St John, tb010501526

Ephesus St Johnís Basilica with Selcuk fortress, tb010501553

Ephesus St Johnís Basilica, tb010501554

Ephesus St Johnís Basilica, tb010501555

Ephesus stadium aerial, bb00420093

Ephesus stadium seating area, bb00400083

Ephesus stadium, bb00400078

Ephesus statue with name of owner below, tb010501556

Ephesus street and civic agora, tb010501557

Ephesus street near temple of Domitian, tb041405424

Ephesus Temple of Artemis ruins, tb010501564

Ephesus Temple of Artemis ruins, tb010501565

Ephesus Temple of Artemis ruins, tb010501566

Ephesus Temple of Artemis standing column, tb010501567

Ephesus temple of Domitian foundation, tb041405423

Ephesus temple of Domitian remains, tb041405444

Ephesus theater aerial, bb00420111

Ephesus theater with Harbor Street, Arcadian Way, tb010501573

Ephesus tomb of Arsinoe, tb041405287

Ephesus town hall with sacred hearth, 1st c AD, tb010501575

Ephesus view of bay from Temple of Domitian, tb010501576

Ephesus view west from fountain of Trajan, tb010501560

Ephesus, Nike goddess of victory sculpture, tb041405421

Kusadasi harbor, tb010501878

Halicarnassus Castle of St Peter from south, tb062006910

Halicarnassus city wall by Myndus Gate, tb062106996

Halicarnassus city wall near Myndus Gate, tb062106016

Halicarnassus from above, tb062106073

Halicarnassus from south, tb062006905

Halicarnassus harbor from south, tb062106336

Halicarnassus harbor with boats, tb062006918

Halicarnassus Hellenistic mosaic, tb062106934

Halicarnassus mausoleum column base, tb062106981

Halicarnassus mausoleum fragment with battle scene, tb062106978

Halicarnassus mausoleum fragment with inscription, tb062106982

Halicarnassus mausoleum fragments, tb062106929

Halicarnassus mausoleum fragments, tb062106958

Halicarnassus mausoleum fragments, tb062106964

Halicarnassus mausoleum staircase to chamber, tb062106943

Halicarnassus mausoleum tomb chamber, tb062106948

Halicarnassus mausoleum, tb062106928

Halicarnassus mausoleum, tb062106940

Halicarnassus mausoleum, tb062106950

Halicarnassus moat in front of Myndus Gate, tb062106019

Halicarnassus Myndus Gate from east, tb062106987

Halicarnassus Myndus Gate from south, tb062106000

Halicarnassus Roman grave by Myndus Gate, tb062106992

Halicarnassus Roman tomb, tb062106002

Halicarnassus Roman tomb, tb062106004

Halicarnassus Roman tomb, tb062106010

Halicarnassus Roman tomb, tb062106011

Halicarnassus theater altar, tb062106059

Halicarnassus theater column with inscription, tb062106069

Halicarnassus theater fragment with inscription, tb062106071

Halicarnassus theater fragments, tb062106063

Halicarnassus theater fragments, tb062106066

Halicarnassus theater fragments, tb062106068

Halicarnassus theater from south, tb062006908

Halicarnassus theater seat with inscription, tb062106048

Halicarnassus theater seats, tb062106050

Halicarnassus theater stage, tb062106061

Halicarnassus theater with altar, tb062106060

Halicarnassus theater with tent, tb062106065

Halicarnassus theater with view of city, tb062106047

Halicarnassus theater, tb062106035

Halicarnassus theater, tb062106055

Halicarnassus tomb chamber predating mausoleum, tb062106961

Herodotus bust, tb062106330

Herodotus statue, tb062106331

Hierapolis aerial from west, bb00520085

Hierapolis agora and public building, tb041305812

Hierapolis agora excavations from east, tb041305827

Hierapolis agora from west, tb041305771

Hierapolis Apollo inscription for temple, tb010301607

Hierapolis aqueduct, tb041305052

Hierapolis basilica from east, tb041305855

Hierapolis basilica, tb041305904

Hierapolis bathhouse under museum, 2nd c AD, tb041305014

Hierapolis baths, tb041305055

Hierapolis black sheep, tb010301609

Hierapolis Church of Philip auxiliary buildings, tb010301611

Hierapolis Church of Philip from north, tb010301612

Hierapolis Church of Philip interior, tb010301613

Hierapolis Church of Philip, tb010301614

Hierapolis clay pipe, tb041305911

Hierapolis clay pipes, tb041305884

Hierapolis colonnaded street with Domitianís Gate, tb041305787

Hierapolis colonnaded street with Domitianís Gate, tb041305795

Hierapolis colonnaded street, tb041305779

Hierapolis Domitianís Gate inscription, tb010301618

Hierapolis Domitianís Gate, tb041305045

Hierapolis Domitianís Gate, tb041305777

Hierapolis eastern necropolis, tb041305814

Hierapolis Hellenistic theater, tb041305825

Hierapolis Hellenistic theater, tb041305826

Hierapolis large water channel, tb041305902

Hierapolis latrine, tb041305772

Hierapolis North Byzantine gate, tb041305798

Hierapolis northern necropolis menorah carved on sarcophagus, rs031902112

Hierapolis northern necropolis, tb041305056

Hierapolis northern necropolis, tb041305058

Hierapolis northern necropolis, tb041305066

Hierapolis Plutonium poisonous gases chamber, tb010301625

Hierapolis Plutonium poisonous gases chamber, tb010301626

Hierapolis Roman theater hole for roof support, tb041305877

Hierapolis Roman theater seats for dignitaries, tb041305872

Hierapolis Roman theater stage and scaenae frons, tb041305871

Hierapolis Roman theater stage supports, tb010301630

Hierapolis Roman theater with scaenae frons, tb010301633

Hierapolis Roman theater, tb010301635

Hierapolis Roman theater, tb041305840

Hierapolis Roman theater, tb041305857

Hierapolis ruins west of Roman theater, tb041305878

Hierapolis southern necropolis sarcophagi, tb010301620

Hierapolis southern necropolis with sarcophagi, tb010301621

Hierapolis temple of Apollo and temple nymphaeum from Roman theater, tb010301623

Hierapolis temple of Apollo fragments with Roman theater, tb010301608

Hierapolis temple of Apollo nymphaeum, tb041305921

Hierapolis temple of Apollo with plutonium, tb041305907

Hierapolis theater aerial, bb00450076

Hierapolis tomb monument with calcium deposit terraces, tb041305047

Hierapolis view east to temple of Apollo nymphaeum and Roman theater, tb041305891

Hierapolis view from east, tb041305830

Hierapolis view from east, tb041305832

Hierapolis view from northeast, tb041305835

Hierapolis water channel, tb041305893

Hierapolis water channel, tb041305895

Pamukkale calcium deposit terraces closeup, rs031902118

Pamukkale calcium deposit terraces from south, tb010301754

Pamukkale calcium deposit terraces, tb010301749

Pamukkale calcium deposit terraces, tb010301750

Pamukkale calcium deposit terraces, tb010301751

Pamukkale calcium deposit terraces, tb041305048

Pamukkale calcium deposit terraces, tb041305886

Pamukkale hot springs with calcium deposit terraces, tb041305067

Bosphorus from old Istanbul, tb122800224

Bosphorus to south from old Istanbul, tb122800225

Hagia Sophia interior, eh122910705

Hagia Sophia interior, eh122910743

Hellenistic marble jar from Pergamum in Hagia Sophia, tb041705346

Istanbul Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, tb012001425

Istanbul Blue Mosque at night, tb041605314

Istanbul Blue Mosque interior, tb041705402

Istanbul Blue Mosque interior, tb041705403

Istanbul Blue Mosque, tb012001428

Istanbul Blue Mosque, tb041705391

Istanbul bridge across Bosphorus, tb122800226

Istanbul Church of Irene, location of council, tb041705437

Istanbul dwellings along Bosphorus, tb122800275

Istanbul Fatih Mosque, tb122700289

Istanbul fountain of Ahmet III, tb041705344

Istanbul Golden Horn from boat, tb122800294

Istanbul Golden Milestone for measuring distances on Via Egnatia, tb041705434

Istanbul Hagia Sophia bronze door from Tarsus 2nd c BC, tb041705362

Istanbul Hagia Sophia cistern, tb122800355

Istanbul Hagia Sophia interior, tb041705332

Istanbul Hagia Sophia interior, tb041705352

Istanbul Hagia Sophia interior, tb122800300

Istanbul Hagia Sophia mihrab, tb122800302

Istanbul Hagia Sophia with obelisk, tb012001597

Istanbul Hagia Sophia, adr1006052752

Istanbul Hagia Sophia, tb041705329

Istanbul Hagia Sophia, tb041705385

Istanbul hippodrome Constantine VII Walled Column, adr1006052730

Istanbul hippodrome obelisks, adr1006052710

Istanbul hippodrome Serpent Column, 4th c AD, adr1006052721

Istanbul hippodrome, 3rd c AD, adr1006052733

Istanbul Rumeli Fortress on Bosphorus, tb122800291

Istanbul Topkapi palace beheading block and fountain, tb122800367

Istanbul Topkapi palace doorway, tb122800368

Istanbul Topkapi palace entrance, tb122800369

Istanbul Topkapi palace from Golden Horn, tb122800370

Istanbul Topkapi palace harem, tb122800371

Istanbul Tower of Galata, tb122800372

Istanbul Turin Hotel, tb122800373

Istanbul Valens Aqueduct, 4th c AD, adr1006064833

Istanbul wealthy neighborhood on Bosphorus, tb122800377

Medusa head in Haia Sophia cistern, tb122800311

Laodicea aqueduct piece with south bathhouse remains, tb010301661

Laodicea aqueduct piece with south bathhouse remains, tb041305141

Laodicea aqueduct pieces, tb041305148

Laodicea aqueduct south of tell, tb010301663

Laodicea architectural fragments, tb041305075

Laodicea bridge crossing Asopos River, tb010301667

Laodicea Byzantine crosses, tb010301668

Laodicea Central Baths, tb010301692

Laodicea clay water pipe with calcium deposits, tb041305134

Laodicea clay water pipe with calcium deposits, tb041305135

Laodicea double aqueduct piece, tb041305181

Laodicea Ephesian gate, tb041305169

Laodicea Ephesian gate, tb041305173

Laodicea fountain of Septimius Severus, tb041305074

Laodicea fragments near Caracalla nymphaeum, tb041305081

Laodicea inscription near Caracalla nymphaeum, tb010301676

Laodicea large Hellenistic theater stage area, tb041305102

Laodicea large Hellenistic theater, tb010301673

Laodicea large Hellenistic theater, tb041305099

Laodicea main street near Caracalla nymphaeum, tb010301688

Laodicea main street near Caracalla nymphaeum, tb010301689

Laodicea main street with gutter, tb041305189

Laodicea main street, partially excavated, tb041305202

Laodicea main street, tb041305078

Laodicea pipe with calcium, rs031902114

Laodicea small Roman theater, tb041305085

Laodicea small Roman theater, tb041305091

Laodicea south bathhouse and gymnasium remains, tb010301664

Laodicea south bathhouse and gymnasium remains, tb010301665

Laodicea south bathhouse complex, tb041305126

Laodicea stadium from northeast, tb010301681

Laodicea stadium from southeast, tb041305149

Laodicea stadium from west, tb041305156

Laodicea stadium seat with inscription, tb010301683

Laodicea stadium seating northern side, tb010301684

Laodicea stone with Greek inscription, tb041305082

Laodicea tell from south, tb010301690

Laodicea tell from southwest, tb010301691

Laodicea view south to agora and south bathhouse, tb041305106

Laodicea water pipes with calcium deposits, tb041305116

Laodicea water terminal with clay pipes, tb041305119

Laodicea water terminal, tb041305113

Laodicea west bathhouse, tb041305166

Miletus aerial from north, bb00440072

Miletus aerial from southeast, bb00440044

Miletus area of synagogue, tb010401706

Miletus bathhouse, tb010401707

Miletus Lion Harbor monument, tb010401708

Miletus Lion Harbor monument, tb010401710

Miletus Lion Harbor, tb010401711

Miletus lion statue, tb010401712

Miletus lion statue, tb010401713

Miletus north agora with Ionic stoa, tb010401704

Miletus north agora with Ionic stoa, tb010401705

Miletus remains of ancient city from theater, tb010401714

Miletus theater aerial, bb00440056

Miletus theater aerial, bb00440063

Miletus theater ambulatorium from above, tb010401715

Miletus theater ambulatorium, tb010401716

Miletus theater from above, tb010401718

Miletus theater from above, tb010401719

Miletus theater from above, tb010401720

Miletus theater inscription to the Jews closeup, tb010401722

Miletus theater inscription to the Jews, tb010401723

Miletus theater seats foundation, tb010401726

Miletus theater stairs and seats with paw decoration, tb010401727

Miletus theater stairs and seats with paw decoration, tb010401728

Miletus theater vomitorium, tb010401729

Miletus theater, tb010401717

Miletus theater, tb010401725

Miletus theater, tb010401730

Miletus view to north, tb010401731

Andriace area of ancient harbor, tb062406334

Andriace Hadrianís granary near harbor, tb062406325

Andriace Hadrianís granary near harbor, tb062406326

Andriace Hadrianís granary near harbor, tb062406327

Andriace Hadrianís granary near harbor, tb062406331

Andriace Roman monument tomb, tb062406338

Andriace Roman monument tomb, tb062406347

Andriace ruins near harbor, tb062406318

Myra acropolis from east, tb062406484

Myra Lycian tomb facade in sea necropolis, tb062406441

Myra Lycian tomb facade in sea necropolis, tb062406442

Myra Lycian tombs, tb062406439

Myra mudbrick house with elevated floor, tb062406487

Myra Painted Tomb in river necropolis interior, tb062406472

Myra Painted Tomb in river necropolis, man with staff relief, tb062406476

Myra Painted Tomb in river necropolis, reclining man relief, tb062406471

Myra Painted Tomb in river necropolis, seated woman and children relief, tb062406468

Myra Painted Tomb in river necropolis, tb062406465

Myra Painted Tomb in river necropolis, tb062406477

Myra Painted Tomb in river necropolis, tb062406479

Myra Painted Tomb in river necropolis, woman and child relief, tb062406474

Myra Painted Tomb in river necropolis, woman with box relief, tb062406466

Myra river necropolis tomb interior, tb062406480

Myra river necropolis, tb062406457

Myra river necropolis, tb062406483

Myra sea necropolis, tb062406423

Myra sea necropolis, tb062406425

Myra sea necropolis, tb062406435

Myra sea necropolis, tb062406454

Myra St Nicholas Church anchor shaped cross, tb062406388

Myra St Nicholas Church ceiling painting, tb062406382

Myra St Nicholas Church dome painting, tb062406374

Myra St Nicholas Church exterior, tb062406361

Myra St Nicholas Church interior, tb062406365

Myra St Nicholas Church interior, tb062406368

Myra St Nicholas Church interior, tb062406370

Myra St Nicholas Church interior, tb062406376

Myra St Nicholas Church painting, tb062406366

Myra St Nicholas Church, St Nicholas sarcophagus, tb062406384

Myra St Nicholas, Santa Claus statue, tb062406363

Myra theater architectural decorations, tb062406403

Myra theater architectural decorations, tb062406407

Myra theater stage, tb062406429

Myra theater supporting vaults, tb062406401

Myra theater theatrical mask carved on stone, tb062406398

Myra theater vaults, tb062406456

Myra theater with masks inscribed on stone, tb062406448

Myra theater with Tyche inscription, tb062406430

Myra theater, tb062406404

Myra theater, tb062406413

Myra theater, tb062406414

Myra theater, tb062406416

Myra theater, tb062406428

Myra theatrical masks with sea necropolis, tb062406451

Myra, Santa Claus statue, tb062406394

Patara ancient city and harbor from north panorama, tb062406985

Patara ancient city and harbor from north, tb062306111

Patara ancient city and harbor from south panorama, tb062406986

Patara ancient city from north, tb062306108

Patara ancient city from north, tb062406120

Patara ancient city from theater, tb062306979

Patara ancient harbor from east, tb062306115

Patara ancient harbor from south, tb062306011

Patara ancient harbor panorama, tb06230601p

Patara Baths of Vespasian from south, tb062306983

Patara circular etching near main street, tb062306045

Patara cistern with column, tb062306017

Patara Corinthian temple facade, tb062306059

Patara Corinthian temple facade, tb062306064

Patara Corinthian temple from north, tb062406124

Patara Corinthian temple tomb, tb062306079

Patara Corinthian temple, tb062306057

Patara Gate of Mettius Modestus with tomb, tb062406148

Patara Gate of Mettius Modestus, tb062306006

Patara Gate of Mettius Modestus, tb062306095

Patara Gate of Mettius Modestus, tb062306100

Patara Gate of Mettius Modestus, tb062406119

Patara granary of Hadrian from north, tb062306085

Patara hill of possible temple of Apollo, tb062306109

Patara lighthouse inscribed fragments, tb062306072

Patara lighthouse, tb062306070

Patara main street from gate in south, tb062306048

Patara monument above theater, tb062306977

Patara odeum and theater, tb062406224

Patara odeum closed entrance, tb062306028

Patara odeum, tb062306030

Patara odeum, tb062306990

Patara odeum, tb062406223

Patara Roman harbor baths, tb062406156

Patara Roman harbor baths, tb062406159

Patara Roman harbor baths, tb062406162

Patara theater and collapse, tb062306000

Patara theater entrance arch, tb062406180

Patara theater entrance by seats, tb062306965

Patara theater from above, tb062406198

Patara theater from north, tb062406122

Patara theater seats with backs, tb062406183

Patara theater seats, tb062306946

Patara theater stage, tb062306995

Patara theater Tiberius inscription, tb062406164

Patara theater Titianus inscription, tb062406172

Patara theater, tb062306948

Patara theater, tb062306972

Patara theater, tb062406191

Patara tomb and ancient harbor, tb062306900

Patara tomb, tb062406143

Patara white sand beach from southeast, tb062306022

Patara white sand beach from southwest, tb062306021

Patara white sand beach, tb062306901

Patara white sand beach, tb062306911

Patara white sand beach, tb062306920

Patara white sand beach, tb062306922

Patara white sand dunes with view to ancient harbor, tb062306923

Patara white sand dunes, tb062306925

Pergamum acropolis architectural fragments, tb041505803

Pergamum acropolis from Asclepium, tb041505007

Pergamum acropolis from Asclepium, tb041505008

Pergamum acropolis from below, tb041505828

Pergamum acropolis from southeast, tb041505730

Pergamum acropolis great altar of Zeus from below, tb041505856

Pergamum acropolis great altar of Zeus, bb00470088

Pergamum acropolis great altar of Zeus, tb041505740

Pergamum acropolis great altar of Zeus, tb041505822

Pergamum acropolis heroon and great altar of Zeus, tb010901779

Pergamum acropolis heroon from above, tb041505820

Pergamum acropolis library, east room for reading, tb041505810

Pergamum acropolis library, tb041505811

Pergamum acropolis sanctuary of Athena, tb041505812

Pergamum acropolis temple of Athena, tb041505818

Pergamum acropolis temple of Dionysus, tb010901788

Pergamum acropolis temple of Dionysus, tb041505752

Pergamum acropolis theater from above, tb010901792

Pergamum acropolis theater from above, tb041505743

Pergamum acropolis theater from above, tb041505744

Pergamum acropolis theater from below, tb041505754

Pergamum acropolis theater seats, tb041505749

Pergamum acropolis Trajan temple aerial, bb00470066

Pergamum acropolis Trajan temple courtyard, tb041505777

Pergamum acropolis Trajan Temple, tb010901796

Pergamum acropolis Trajan temple, tb041505764

Pergamum acropolis Trajan temple, tb041505765

Pergamum acropolis Trajan temple, tb041505766

Pergamum acropolis Trajan temple, tb041505770

Pergamum acropolis Trajan temple, tb041505781

Pergamum acropolis Trajan temple, tb041505782

Pergamum acropolis vaults supporting Trajan Temple, tb010901771

Pergamum acropolis vaults supporting Trajan temple, tb041505761

Pergamum aqueduct, bb00480018

Pergamum aqueduct, tb041505785

Pergamum aqueduct, tb041505794

Pergamum aqueducts, tb041505789

Pergamum Asclepium courtyard, tb041505960

Pergamum Asclepium from acropolis, tb041505791

Pergamum Asclepium north stoa with library, tb010801758

Pergamum Asclepium north stoa, tb010801760

Pergamum Asclepium pool, tb041505988

Pergamum Asclepium Round Building interior, tb041505972

Pergamum Asclepium Round Building interior, tb041505975

Pergamum Asclepium Round Building, tb010801763

Pergamum Asclepium Round Building, tb041505969

Pergamum Asclepium Round Building, tb041505970

Pergamum Asclepium Sacred Passageway, tb010801765

Pergamum Asclepium Sacred Passageway, tb041505982

Pergamum Asclepium sacred spring, tb041505984

Pergamum Asclepium snake on column base, tb041505003

Pergamum Asclepium stone with snake decoration, tb041505987

Pergamum Asclepium theater seats, tb041505000

Pergamum Asclepium theater, tb041505986

Pergamum Asclepium tomb or heroon, tb010801761

Pergamum Asclepium view to temple, tb041505990

Pergamum Asclepium white stone with inscription, tb041505989

Pergamum Asclepium with theater, tb041505985

Pergamum Asclepium, tb041505961

Pergamum inscription on white stone, tb010901781

Pergamum lower acropolis Egyptian temple, tb010901776

Pergamum lower city and Asclepium from above, tb041505748

Pergamum middle acropolis aerial, bb00470040

Pergamum middle acropolis fortifications, tb010901777

Pergamum middle acropolis Marble Hall heroon, tb010901783

Pergamum middle acropolis odeum, tb041505845

Pergamum middle acropolis sanctuary of Demeter, tb041505847

Pergamum middle acropolis upper gymnasium, tb041505852

Pergamum middle acropolis, tb041505843

Pergamum middle acropolis, tb041505844

Pergamum paved street to acropolis, tb041505854

Pergamum Sacred Way from Asclepium, tb041505959

Pergamum street from acropolis to lower city, tb010901787

Pergamum temple of Asclepius, tb041505964

Pergamum temple of Serapis from above, tb041505850

Pergamum temple of Serapis, tb010901790

Pergamum temple of Serapis, tb041505869

Pergamum Trajan statue, tb010901794

Pergamum upper acropolis aerial, bb00470090

Pergamum view from acropolis to west, tb010901799

Grapevines west of Philadelphia, tb041505681

Hermus River near Philadelphia, tb010801605

Philadelphia acropolis architrave fragment, tb010801802

Philadelphia acropolis, tb010801803

Philadelphia Church of St John columns, tb041505659

Philadelphia Church of St John columns, tb041505661

Philadelphia Church of St John from above, tb041505667

Philadelphia city from acropolis, tb041505665

Philadelphia theater area, tb041505668

Philadelphia theater excavations, tb041505670

Philadelphia theater stage excavations, tb041505677

Philadelphia view to south from acropolis, tb010801809

Snow-covered mountain west of Philadelphia, tb041505682

Priene aerial from south, bb00430054

Priene staircase with drain, tb010401861

Priene Temple of Athena aerial, bb00430065

Priene Temple of Athena columns with acropolis, tb010401862

Priene Temple of Athena columns, tb010401863

Priene Temple of Athena with acropolis, tb010401864

Priene Temple of Athena, Athena inscription, tb010401865

Priene Temple of Athena, tb010401866

Priene Temple of Athena, tb010401867

Priene Temple of Athena, tb010401868

Priene Temple of Athena, tb010401870

Priene theater sacrificial altar, tb010401871

Priene theater seat, tb010401872

Priene theater with acropolis, tb010401873

Priene theater with dignitaries seated, tb010401874

Priene theater, tb010401875

Priene view to Miletus and Didyma, tb010401876

Sardis acropolis from below, tb010701892

Sardis acropolis, tb041405555

Sardis excavations from acropolis, tb010701895

Sardis gymnasium arches, tb041405564

Sardis gymnasium architectural fragments, tb041405569

Sardis gymnasium frigidarium, tb041405619

Sardis gymnasium frigidarium, tb041405625

Sardis gymnasium marble court, tb041405615

Sardis gymnasium palestra, tb041405565

Sardis gymnasium through synagogue doorway, tb041405591

Sardis gymnasium, bb00460029

Sardis gymnasium, tb041405566

Sardis gymnasium, tb041405575

Sardis latrine near gymnasium, tb041405629

Sardis paved Roman street leading to Persia, tb010701899

Sardis shepherd with his sheep, tb010701901

Sardis synagogue aerial, bb00460028

Sardis synagogue bema, tb041405595

Sardis synagogue circular design, tb041405585

Sardis synagogue mosaic, tb010701903

Sardis synagogue mosaics, tb041405583

Sardis synagogue mosaics, tb041405587

Sardis synagogue with marble paneling, tb041405599

Sardis synagogue, 4th c AD, tb041405581

Sardis synagogue, 4th c AD, tb041405603

Sardis synagogue, 4th c AD, tb041405612

Sardis Temple of Artemis capital, tb041405542

Sardis Temple of Artemis column circumference, tb041405545

Sardis Temple of Artemis, eh010711657

Sardis Temple of Artemis, tb010701910

Sardis Temple of Artemis, tb010701911

Sardis Temple of Artemis, tb041405537

Sardis Temple of Artemis, tb041405547

Sardis Temple of Artemis, tb041405635

Sardis Temple of Artemis, tb041405643

Sardis tumuli, tb041405646

Sardis tumuli, tb041505689

Sardis tumuli, tb041505698

Sardis tumulus of biblical Gog, tb041505694

Sardis tumulus, tb041405651

Sardis tumulus, tb041505687

Food stand in Izmir, tb041405509

Hoyran Lake from north, tb041205726

Hoyran Lake from north, tb041205731

Izmir shopping area, tb041405515

Izmir street, tb041405517

Kaputas beach from above, tb062406238

Lake Acigol salt flats, tb041205740

Lake Acigol salt flats, tb041205757

Men in plaza of Thyatira Pasha Mosque, tb041505728

Mountains and valleys west of Senirkent, tb041205737

Old man in Istanbul, tb041705427

Old men in Thyatira Pasha Mosque plaza, tb041505727

People in Istanbul, tb041705288

People in Istanbul, tb041705304

People in Istanbul, tb041705308

People in Istanbul, tb041705314

People in Istanbul, tb041705333

People in Istanbul, tb041705336

People in Istanbul, tb041705340

People in Istanbul, tb041705418

People in Istanbul, tb041705426

People in Istanbul, tb041705428

Playing backgammon in Istanbul, tb041705277

Religious family in Istanbul, tb041705327

Sheep on plain near Pisidian Antioch, tb041205712

Shop in Izmir, tb041405507

Snow-covered mountains in Central Anatolia, tbs126050101

Soldier in Istanbul, tb041705435

Street vendor in Istanbul, tb041705274

Street vendor in Istanbul, tb041705275

Street vendor in Istanbul, tb041705276

Street vendor in Istanbul, tb041705278

Street vendor in Istanbul, tb041705291

Street vendor in Istanbul, tb041705379

Street vendor in Istanbul, tb041705425

Sunset from Lake Acigol salt flats, tb041205763

Tea vendor in Istanbul, tb041705416

Tea vendors in Istanbul, tb041705377

Turkish flag at Kaputas beach, tb062406308

Turkish man at Hoyran Lake, tb041205735

Turkish tea for sale in Izmir, tb041405521

Veiled woman in Istanbul, tb041705309

Woman selling olives in Izmir, tb041405520

Old Smyrna fortifications from east, tb010701741

Old Smyrna fortifications, tb010701742

Old Smyrna ruins, tb010701743

Old Smyrna spring house, tb010701744

Old Smyrna street, tb010701745

Old Smyrna Temple of Athena, tb010701746

Smyrna acropolis cistern, tb010601915

Smyrna agora arches, tb041405464

Smyrna agora arches, tb041405470

Smyrna agora architectural fragments, tb041405484

Smyrna agora architectural fragments, tb041405493

Smyrna agora first level arches, tb010601916

Smyrna agora first level arches, tb041405459

Smyrna agora from acropolis, tb041405526

Smyrna agora northern gate, tb041405454

Smyrna agora with arches, tb041405501

Smyrna agora, tb010601920

Smyrna agora, tb041405477

Smyrna Algaze and Sinyora synagogues, tb010601937

Smyrna Bikkur Holim synagogue, tb041405503

Smyrna carved lion, tb041405478

Smyrna egg and dart decoration, tb041405480

Smyrna fortress Hellenistic foundation on acropolis, tb010601922

Smyrna fragment with Marcus Antony inscribed, tb041405495

Smyrna Islamic sarcophagus with Star of David, tb010601923

Smyrna Shalom synagogue, tb010601925

Smyrna Velvet Castle on acropolis, tb041405529

Smyrna, Izmir, modern city from acropolis panorama, eh01071160p

Smyrna, Izmir, modern city from acropolis, tb041405525

Smyrna, Izmir, modern city from acropolis, tb041405528

Smyrna, Izmir, suq, tb041405516

Termessos Artemis temple of Hadrian lintel, tb062506814

Termessos Artemis temple of Hadrian, tb062506816

Termessos bouleuterion interior, tb062506857

Termessos bouleuterion stone wall, tb062506859

Termessos bouleuterion, tb062506855

Termessos cistern with five partitions, tb062506870

Termessos Corinth temple and Attalos portico, tb062506878

Termessos gymnasium and bath, tb062506826

Termessos gymnasium and bath, tb062506829

Termessos Hadrian propylon and Artemis temple, tb062506813

Termessos heroon, tb062506864

Termessos inscribed column in theater, tb062506845

Termessos minor temple of Artemis, tb062506853

Termessos theater, tb062506835

Termessos theater, tb062506837

Termessos theater, tb062506838

Termessos view from theater, tb062506843

Termessos view to valley, tb062506882

Thyatira architectural fragments, tb041505702

Thyatira architectural fragments, tb041505703

Thyatira broken potsherds, tb010801938

Thyatira Church of St John, tb041505704

Thyatira Church of St John, tb041505705

Thyatira colonnaded road and arches, tb041505715

Thyatira colonnaded road, tb041505709

Thyatira excavations from east, tb010801940

Thyatira excavations, tb041505699

Thyatira Pasha Mosque plaza, tb041505725

Thyatira Pasha Mosque, tb041505718

Thyatira Pasha Mosque, tb041505720

Apollo Smintheum temple, tb011001408

Apollo Smintheum temple, tb011001409

Egg and dart decoration at Apollo Smintheum, tb011001491

Troas ancient harbor remains, tb041605200

Troas ancient harbor remains, tb041605202

Troas ancient harbor remains, tb041605207

Troas ancient harbor remains, tb041605210

Troas ancient harbor remains, tb041605214

Troas bathhouse remains, tb041605141

Troas bathhouse remains, tb041605152

Troas excavations, tb041605173

Troas excavations, tb041605178

Troas fields covering ancient city, tb041605143

Troas harbor with wooden docks, tb041605194

Troas paved street, tb041605177

Troas remains and view to sea, tb011001947

Troas remains, tb041605138

Troas remains, tb041605148

Troas remains, tb041605179

Troas Temple in the Agora, tb041605159

Troas Temple in the Agora, tb041605168

Troas Temple in the Agora, tb041605169

Troas view south along route to Assos, tb011001949

Troas wooden dock, tb041605191

Boat passing through Dardanelles, tb041605305

Canakkale harbor looking north, tb011001432

Canakkale with windsurfer from ferry boat, tb041605298

Dardanelles from Canakkale harbor, tb011001452

Trojan horse at Troy, tb011001963

Trojan horse at Troy, tb041605287

Troy ancient well, tb041605256

Troy approach ramp, Stratum II, tb041605255

Troy approach road, tb041605223

Troy Citadel Wall, tb041605227

Troy fortification wall, Stratum I, tb041605246

Troy fortification walls and tower, Stratum VI, tb041605220

Troy fortifications with ramp, Stratum II, tb041605257

Troy fortifications with ramp, Stratum II, tb041605259

Troy fortifications, tb041605262

Troy mudbricks burnt in fire, Strata II-III, tb041605239

Troy odeum, tb041605280

Troy remains, tb041605268

Troy ruins from east, tb041605221

Troy sanctuary area, Stratum VIII-IX, tb041605264

Troy Schliemann trench, tb041605250

Troy section showing various strata, tb041605252

Troy south gate and street, tb041605283

Troy view to north with bay and Gallipoli, tb011001957

Troy view to north with Samothrace Island, tb011001958

Troy walls from time of Trojan war, tb011001960

Xanthos Arch of Vespasian, tb062306893

Xanthos Byzantine basilica mosaics, tb062306857

Xanthos Byzantine basilica, tb062306853

Xanthos city and river, tb062306837

Xanthos Harpy tomb monument relief, tb062306811

Xanthos Harpy tomb monument, tb062306810

Xanthos Hellenistic gate, tb062306874

Xanthos late agora from acropolis, adr060623424

Xanthos late agora, tb062306884

Xanthos Lycian acropolis, tb062306832

Xanthos Lycian pillar tomb and Harpy tomb monument, tb062306799

Xanthos Lycian pillar tomb, tb062306815

Xanthos Lycian pillar tomb, tb062306843

Xanthos main street, tb062306847

Xanthos Nereid Monument, tb062306878

Xanthos Roman agora and acropolis, tb062306802

Xanthos Roman agora, tb062306794

Xanthos theater and acropolis, tb062306825

Xanthos theater entrance arches, tb062306888

Xanthos theater from acropolis, adr060623416

Xanthos theater, tb062306800

Xanthos, Xanthian Stele closeup, 425-400 BC, tb062306790

Xanthos, Xanthian Stele, 425-400 BC, tb062306788