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More than 800 high-resolution jpg images are included from sites in Greece including Athens, Eleusis, Corinth, Isthmia, Cenchrea, Mycenae, Argos, Tiryns, Epidaurus, Arcadia, Olympia, Delphi, Nicopolis, Dodona, Meteora, Mount Olympus, Dion, Berea, Thessalonica, Neapolis, Amphipolis, and Philippi.

All images are high-resolution (1600 x 1200 or higher) jpg files, ideal for projecting in a classroom, viewing on a monitor or printing. Also included on each DVD are pre-made PowerPoint presentations for each region (with photograph annotations), maps for site identification, an image index, and a site index.

“I have viewed thousands of images from a variety of collections but I have never seen a better collection than this.”  -- Terry Taylor,

More than 800 high-resolution pictures of:





















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Index of Photographs on the DVD

Amphipolis Byzantine basilica mosaics, tb011301006

Amphipolis Byzantine basilica, tb011301007

Amphipolis Byzantine basilica, tb011301008

Amphipolis Byzantine basilica, tb011301009

Amphipolis city wall with gate, 5th c BC, tb011301010

Amphipolis city wall with gate, 5th c BC, tb011301011

Amphipolis city wall, 5th c BC, tb011301012

Amphipolis city wall, 5th c BC, tb011301013

Amphipolis city wall, 5th c BC, tb011301014

Amphipolis Stremones River, tb011301019

Amphipolis Stremones River, tb011301020

Amphipolis view to Mediterranean, tb011301021

Apollonia from north, tb031306083

Lake near Apollonia, tb031306082

Lake near Apollonia, tb031306088

Lion of Amphipolis fragments of base, tb031306076

Lion of Amphipolis, 4th c BC, tb011301018

Lion of Amphipolis, 4th c BC, tb031306071

Lion of Amphipolis, 4th c BC, tb031306072

Argos agora excavations and theater, tb050903158

Argos agora from north, tb050903144

Argos bouleuterion, tb050903145

Argos bouleuterion, tb050903154

Argos drainage channels, tb050903140

Argos inscription, tb050903159

Argos Ionic capitals, tb050903184

Argos nymphaeum, tb050903142

Argos nymphaeum, tb050903152

Argos odeum, tb050903175

Argos racecourse starting blocks, tb050903149

Argos Roman bathhouse and theater, tb050903181

Argos Roman bathhouse from theater, tb050903171

Argos Roman bathhouse room, tb050903180

Argos Roman bathhouse wall, tb050903179

Argos Roman bathhouse, tb050903177

Argos Roman temple, tb050903153

Argos theater and view of city, tb050903168

Argos theater holes for roof support, tb050903165

Argos theater seats, tb050903163

Argos theater, tb050903161

Athens acropolis and Likavittos from Hill of Philopappus, tb011501033

Athens acropolis and Likavittos from Hill of Philopappus, tb011501034

Athens acropolis and Likavittos from Hill of Philopappus, tbs127300101

Athens acropolis Erechtheion with Porch of Karyatids, tb031806345

Athens acropolis Erechtheion with Porch of Karyatids, tb031806351

Athens acropolis Erechtheion with sacred tree, tb031806348

Athens acropolis from below, tb011501032

Athens acropolis from east, bb00320069

Athens acropolis from Likavittos, tb050803026

Athens acropolis from Likavittos, tb050803030

Athens acropolis from northwest, tb051403145

Athens acropolis from southeast, bb00320049

Athens acropolis from west, tb031806266

Athens acropolis Pedestal of Agrippa, tb011601055

Athens acropolis propylae, tb011601035

Athens acropolis walls from below, tb031806318

Athens acropolis, Mars Hill and Likavittos from Hill of Pnyx, tb051403049

Athens agora altar of Ares, tb051403170

Athens agora and Stoa of Attalos from west, tb051403184

Athens agora base for bronze tripod, 1st c, tb051403161

Athens agora bema, tb031806389

Athens agora from above, tb031806291

Athens agora from above, tb031806376

Athens agora middle stoa, tb051403159

Athens agora monument of eponymous heroes, tb051403172

Athens agora odeum of Agrippa, tb051403168

Athens agora Panathenaic Way, tb031806383

Athens agora Panathenaic Way, tb051403156

Athens agora, acropolis and Mars Hill, tb051403180

Athens and acropolis at night from northeast, tb031706229

Athens and acropolis from Likavittos, tb050803034

Athens Erechtheion from southeast, tb011601037

Athens Erechtheion with Porch of Karyatids, tb011601038

Athens from Likavittos panorama, tb050803600

Athens Hadrian’s Arch at night, tb011501039

Athens Hadrian’s Arch top part at night, tb011501040

Athens harbor, tb011601041

Athens Hill of Philopappus prison of Socrates, tb011501058

Athens Hill of Philopappus, tb011501043

Athens Hill of Pnyx bema with speaker, tb051403061

Athens Hill of Pnyx bema, tb031806275

Athens Hill of Pnyx bema, tb031806276

Athens Hill of Pnyx from east towards Piraeus, tb031806289

Athens Hill of Pnyx Sanctuary of Zeus Hypsistos, tb031806278

Athens Hill of Pnyx with acropolis, tb031806282

Athens Mars Hill ancient staircase, tb031806303

Athens Mars Hill from acropolis, tb011501044

Athens Mars Hill from acropolis, tb011501045

Athens Mars Hill from acropolis, tb031806377

Athens Mars Hill from east, tb031806272

Athens Mars Hill from north, tb051403183

Athens Mars Hill, plaque with Acts 17 in Greek, tb031806306

Athens Monument of Philopappus, tb011501046

Athens odeum of Herodes Atticus, tb031806313

Athens odeum of Herodes Atticus and Hill of Philopappus, tb051403078

Athens Olympic stadium, tb011501050

Athens Olympic stadium, tb011501052

Athens Olympic stadium, tb031806245

Athens original steps to acropolis, tb031806380

Athens Parthenon at night, tbs128020101

Athens Parthenon from Hill of Philopappus, tb051403036

Athens Parthenon pediment, tb031806343

Athens Parthenon roof tiles, tb031806371

Athens Parthenon south side with remaining relief, tb031806372

Athens Parthenon south side with remaining relief, tb031806373

Athens Parthenon, tb011501054

Athens Parthenon, tb031806342

Athens Parthenon, tb031806375

Athens Parthenon, tb051403072

Athens Piraeus harbor from Hill of Philopappus, tb011501056

Athens Piraeus harbor from Hill of Philopappus, tb011501057

Athens Roman forum and Tower of the Winds, tb051403202

Athens Roman forum from above, tb051403132

Athens Roman forum from northeast, tb051403206

Athens Roman forum from west, tb051403199

Athens Roman forum Gate of Athena, tb051403196

Athens Roman forum Library of Hadrian, tb030806101

Athens Roman forum Library of Hadrian, tb051403192

Athens Roman forum Tower of the Winds, tb030806108

Athens Roman forum, tb030806111

Athens Roman forum, tb051403195

Athens statue of emperor Hadrian, tb051403176

Athens Stoa of Attalos reconstructed from south, tb051403158

Athens Stoa of Attalos, tb031806290

Athens Temple of Hephaestus columns, tb051403185

Athens Temple of Hephaestus columns, tb051403186

Athens Temple of Hephaestus, tb011601060

Athens Temple of Hephaestus, tb051403153

Athens temple of Themis from above, tb031806374

Athens Temple of Zeus at night, tb011501061

Athens Temple of Zeus from acropolis, tb031806368

Athens theater of Dionysus, seat with high back, tb031806339

Athens theater of Dionysus, seat with inscription, tb031806322

Athens theater of Dionysus, seat with inscription, tb031806325

Athens theater of Dionysus, seat with inscription, tb031806333

Athens theater of Dionysus, seat with inscription, tb031806334

Athens theater of Dionysus, seats with inscriptions, tb031806332

Athens theater of Dionysus, tb031806328

Athens theater of Dionysus, tb031806337

Athens theater of Dionysus, tb031806367

Berea Acts 17, examining the Scriptures, sign, tb031406531

Berea ancient city wall, tb031406483

Berea ancient Decumanus paving stones, tb031406526

Berea ancient Decumanus paving stones, tb031406529

Berea area of ancient agora, tb031406482

Berea Jewish quarter, tb031406484

Berea Jewish synagogue interior, tb031406494

Berea Jewish synagogue interior, tb031406495

Berea Jewish synagogue, tb031406485

Berea Jewish synagogue, tb031406500

Berea modern evangelical church sign, tb031406514

Berea modern evangelical church, tb031406516

Berea mosaic of Paul teaching Bereans, tb031406535

Berea mosaic of Paul with mosque, tb031406542

Berea mosaic of Paul’s call to Macedonia, tb031406534

Berea river below Jewish synagogue, tb031406511

Berea spring at traditional synagogue, tb011401072

Berea spring, tb011401073

Berea traditional synagogue steps and shrine, tb031406533

Berea, modern Veria, tb031406469

Vergina tomb of Philip II entrance, tb031406475

Vergina tomb of Philip II entrance, tb031406479

Vergina tomb of Philip II, tb031406471

Cenchrea fishing boat, tb050803911

Cenchrea harbor Byzantine church, tb031706941

Cenchrea harbor from north, tb050803903

Cenchrea harbor from south, tb050803950

Cenchrea harbor from south, tb050803952

Cenchrea harbor from south, tb050803953

Cenchrea harbor from southeast, tb050803912

Cenchrea harbor from southern pier, tb031706946

Cenchrea harbor north pier from north, tb050803904

Cenchrea harbor north pier from north, tb050803909

Cenchrea harbor north pier from south, tb050803954

Cenchrea harbor panorama, tb03170694p

Cenchrea harbor s mole with fishing boat, tb050803957

Cenchrea harbor Sanctuary of Isis, tb050803956

Cenchrea harbor with Byzantine church, tb050803958

Cenchrea harbor with Sanctuary of Isis, tb031706943

Acrocorinth aerial from northwest, bb00360113

Acrocorinth aerial from northwest, bb00360115

Acrocorinth fortifications from below, tb050803001

Acrocorinth fortifications with ancient walls, tb031706183

Acrocorinth Fountain of Upper Peirene staircase, tb031706192

Acrocorinth Fountain of Upper Peirene staircase, tb031706209

Acrocorinth Fountain of Upper Peirene, tb031706203

Acrocorinth from Corinth excavations, tb050803002

Acrocorinth from north, tb031706977

Acrocorinth from north, tb050803003

Acrocorinth inner gate, tb031706184

Acrocorinth medieval fortifications with gates, tb050803006

Acrocorinth medieval fortifications, gates and moat, tb031706178

Acrocorinth medieval fortifications, tb050803008

Acrocorinth medieval fortifications, tb050803009

Acrocorinth medieval fortifications, tb050803010

Acrocorinth summit view from northeast, tb050803011

Acrocorinth Temple of Aphrodite, tb050803013

Acrocorinth Turkish outer gate, tb050803014

Acrocorinth Venetian middle gate, tb050803015

Corinth agora, tb050803062

Corinth altar of Temple of Apollo, tb031706161

Corinth bema and Acrocorinth, tb031706107

Corinth bema and Acrocorinth, tb031706119

Corinth bema and Acrocorinth, tb050803071

Corinth bema with column, tb031706109

Corinth capitals display, tb050803089

Corinth column in front of bema, tb031706110

Corinth column with name of Seneca, tb031706115

Corinth Erastus inscription context, tb050803157

Corinth Erastus inscription, tb050803163

Corinth excavations and Temple of Apollo from southeast, tb031706091

Corinth excavations east of Lechaion Road, tb031706967

Corinth excavations from Acrocorinth, tb050803091

Corinth excavations from Acrocorinth, tb050803093

Corinth excavations from south, tb050803097

Corinth excavations panorama, tb031706968

Corinth excavations with Lechaion Road and Acrocorinth, tb031706966

Corinth excavations with Lechaion Road, tb031706965

Corinth forum and Temple of Apollo, tb031706097

Corinth forum area of meat market and Acrocorinth, tb031706163

Corinth forum from northwest, tb031706167

Corinth forum, tb031706095

Corinth Fountain of Peirene chamber, tb050803102

Corinth Fountain of Peirene from above, tb050803103

Corinth Fountain of Peirene, tb031706124

Corinth fragment with boat and oarsman, tb031706123

Corinth fragments in forum, tb031706092

Corinth Glauke Fountain, tb031706174

Corinth inscription on pedestal, tb050803114

Corinth inscription, Caesar, Trajan, Hadrian, tb011601095

Corinth latrines, tb031706132

Corinth Lechaion harbor with Acrocorinth, tb050803124

Corinth Lechaion Road from north, tb050803125

Corinth Lechaion Road from north, tb050803127

Corinth Lechaion Road with sidewalk and gutter, tb050803129

Corinth mosaic floor, tb011601097

Corinth north stoa from west, tb050803131

Corinth odeum, tb050803133

Corinth Peribolos of Apollo, tb031706125

Corinth racecourse starting line, tb050803139

Corinth semicircular building on western side of Lechaion Road, tb031706973

Corinth shop on western side of Lechaion Road, tb031706129

Corinth shops on west side of forum, tb031706137

Corinth shops on western side of Lechaion Road, tb031706121

Corinth statue of man with sandals, tb050803140

Corinth Temple of Apollo aerial from west, bb00360074

Corinth Temple of Apollo and Acrocorinth, tb050803192

Corinth Temple of Apollo and excavations, tb011601099

Corinth Temple of Apollo from west, tb050803142

Corinth Temple of Apollo, eh011611921

Corinth Temple of Apollo, tb011601092

Corinth temple of Octavia Corinthian columns and capitals, tb031706997

Corinth theater and Acrocorinth, tb050803147

Corinth theater panorama, tb031706981

Cenchrea view east from Acrocorinth, tb050803016

Corinth area from Acrocorinth panorama, eh01161180p

Corinth area from north, tb050803067

Corinth Canal aerial from northwest, bb00360100

Corinth Canal aerial from southeast, bb00360089

Corinth Canal from east with ship, tb050803076

Corinth Canal from east, tb031706903

Corinth Canal from east, tb050803080

Corinth Canal from east, tb050803081

Corinth Canal from west, tb031706935

Corinth Canal west end from north, tb050803086

Corinth Canal western end, tb050803087

Corinth excavations, Lechaion and gulf from Acrocorinth, tb050803017

Corinth gulf northern shoreline, tb050803111

Corinth plain and excavations from Acrocorinth, tb050803135

Diolkos falling into water, tb031706924

Diolkos south of canal, tb031706906

Diolkos south of canal, tb031706909

Diolkos south of canal, tb031706934

Diolkos south of canal, tb050803153

Diolkos south of canal, tb050803156

Gulf of Corinth and isthmus panorama, tb050803400

Gulf of Corinth from north, tb050803066

Gulf of Corinth from north, tb050803107

Gulf of Corinth from northeast, tb050803110

Isthmus from Acrocorinth, tb050803019

Valley east of Acrocorinth, tb050803023

Delphi aerial from southeast, bb00330120

Delphi Castalian Spring Archaic fountain house, tb051303117

Delphi Early Christian Basilica cross, tb051303051

Delphi from east, tb051403017

Delphi from west, tb051303023

Delphi gymnasium cold bath, tb051303040

Delphi gymnasium from west, tb031606591

Delphi gymnasium from west, tb031606697

Delphi gymnasium stone bathtub, tb051303042

Delphi gymnasium xystos, tb051303047

Delphi inscription near Temple of Apollo, tb031606651

Delphi Mycenean remains near Temple of Apollo, tb031606705

Delphi olive tree, tb051303044

Delphi Sacred Way and Sanctuary of Apollo polygonal wall, tb031606625

Delphi Sacred Way from above, tb051303111

Delphi Sacred Way, Altar of Chios inscription, tb031606638

Delphi Sacred Way, ‘bench for sitting, tb031606715

Delphi Sacred Way, Council House, tb031606618

Delphi Sacred Way, ionic capital, tb051303065

Delphi Sacred Way, monument of King of Argos, tb051303053

Delphi Sacred Way, omphalos, center of world, tb031606610

Delphi Sacred Way, Pillar of Prusias II, tb031606648

Delphi Sacred Way, Rock of the Sibyl, tb031606620

Delphi Sacred Way, Sphinx of the Naxians base, tb031606624

Delphi Sacred Way, Stoa of Athenians with inscriptions on steps, tb031606627

Delphi Sacred Way, Stoa of Athenians with inscriptions on steps, tb031606629

Delphi Sacred Way, tb031606634

Delphi Sacred Way, tb051303058

Delphi Sacred Way, Treasury of Athenians, tb031606616

Delphi Sacred Way, Treasury of Athenians, tb031606704

Delphi Sacred Way, Treasury of Boeotians, tb051303055

Delphi Sacred Way, Treasury of the Sicyonians, tb031606605

Delphi Sacred Way, Tripod of Plataia, tb031606646

Delphi Sanctuary of Apollo polygonal and earlier wall, tb031606626

Delphi Sanctuary of Apollo polygonal wall with inscriptions of freed slaves, tb031606631

Delphi Sanctuary of Apollo polygonal wall with inscriptions of freed slaves, tb031606633

Delphi Sanctuary of Athena, Marmaria, earlier Temple of Athena Pronoia, tb051303033

Delphi Sanctuary of Athena, Marmaria, fortification wall, tb051303034

Delphi Sanctuary of Athena, Marmaria, fortification wall, tb051303036

Delphi Sanctuary of Athena, Marmaria, from east, tb051303035

Delphi Sanctuary of Athena, Marmaria, from west, tb031606698

Delphi Sanctuary of Athena, Marmaria, tholos 4th c BC, tb051303024

Delphi Sanctuary of Athena, Marmaria, tholos 4th c BC, tb051303029

Delphi Sanctuary of Athena, Marmaria, Treasury of Massalia, tb051303028

Delphi stadium eastern end, tb031606684

Delphi stadium from east, tb031606689

Delphi stadium from starting line, tb031606682

Delphi stadium gate, tb051303095

Delphi stadium seats on south side, tb051303093

Delphi stadium starting line, tb051303086

Delphi stadium tribune, tb031606687

Delphi stadium, tb051303099

Delphi stadium, tb051303102

Delphi Temple of Apollo holy of holies, tb031606664

Delphi Temple of Apollo panorama, tb031606663_stitch

Delphi Temple of Apollo ritual bath, tb031606708

Delphi Temple of Apollo, tb031606653

Delphi Temple of Apollo, tb031606659

Delphi Temple of Apollo, tb031606673

Delphi Temple of Apollo, tb031606703

Delphi theater and Temple of Apollo from above, tb031606677

Delphi theater and Temple of Apollo from above, tb051303105

Delphi theater and Temple of Apollo from below, tb051303031

Delphi view to Gulf of Corinth, tb031606590

Dion bathhouse on main street mosaics, tb051203163

Dion Byzantine main basilica baptistery, tb031406416

Dion Byzantine main basilica triconch building, possible baptistery, tb051203176

Dion Byzantine main basilica, tb031406417

Dion carving, tb051203203

Dion great baths caldarium, tb051203161

Dion great baths mosaic, tb051203151

Dion great baths mosaic, tb051203155

Dion great baths mosaic, tb051203156

Dion Hellenistic theater with Mount Olympus, tb051203144

Dion Hellenistic theater, tb051203143

Dion inscription, tb051203141

Dion Ionic capital, tb051203200

Dion latrine, tb031406406

Dion latrine, tb031406408

Dion main street with groove marks, tb051203196

Dion main street, tb031406424

Dion Monument of the Shields on main street, tb031406421

Dion Monument of the Shields on main street, tb031406423

Dion odeum, 2nd c AD, tb051203149

Dion paved street intersection, tb051203169

Dion paved street, tb051203164

Dion pedestal with inscription, tb051203198

Dion pedestals with inscriptions, tb051203199

Dion Roman great baths caldarium, tb031406412

Dion Roman theater, tb031406401

Dion Sanctuary of Demeter altar, tb031406374

Dion Sanctuary of Demeter, tb031406371

Dion Sanctuary of Demeter, tb031406373

Dion Sanctuary of Isis altar, tb031406382

Dion Sanctuary of Isis corridor, tb031406381

Dion Sanctuary of Isis footprints, tb031406383

Dion Sanctuary of Isis inscriptions, tb031406384

Dion Sanctuary of Isis small temple of Aphrodite with statue, tb031406387

Dion Sanctuary of Isis small temple of Isis Tyche with statue, tb031406379

Dion Sanctuary of Isis, tb031406378

Dion Sanctuary of Isis, tb031406388

Dion Sanctuary of Isis, tb031406391

Dion Sanctuary of Zeus altar, tb031406396

Dion Sanctuary of Zeus Most High, tb031406376

Dion stone table with pedestal, tb051203197

Dion stone with holes of varying size, tb051203180

Dion sundial, tb051203135

Dion villa of Dionysius, tb051203186

Dion villa of Dionysius, tb051203190

Dodona area from ne, tb051103184

Dodona area from south, tb051103061

Dodona excavations from northwest, tb051103049

Dodona excavations, tb051103039

Dodona excavations, tb051103042

Dodona prytaneion, tb051103189

Dodona stadium from east, tb051103025

Dodona stadium from northwest, tb051103060

Dodona Temple of Zeus, tb051103040

Dodona Temple of Zeus, tb051103044

Dodona Temple of Zeus, tb051103046

Dodona theater and mountains, tb051103047

Dodona theater ceremonial entrance, tb051103052

Dodona theater entrance, tb051103185

Dodona theater from above, tb051103054

Dodona theater inside, tb051103186

Dodona theater panorama from above, tb051103182

Dodona theater panorama, tb051103188

Dodona theater with stadium seating, tb051103187

Dodona theater, tb051103035

Eleusis carved steps near Telesterion, tb031706852

Eleusis east triumphal arch, tb031706888

Eleusis Greater Propylaia, tb031706892

Eleusis inscription, tb031706844

Eleusis Lesser Propylaia relief with wheat and box, tb031706837

Eleusis Lesser Propylaia relief with wheat, tb031706838

Eleusis Lesser Propylaia, tb031706832

Eleusis Lesser Propylaia, tb031706833

Eleusis mithraeum, tb031706885

Eleusis pediment with Marcus Aurelius, tb031706827

Eleusis Plutonium, tb031706840

Eleusis polygonal wall, tb031706883

Eleusis Sacred Way, tb031706845

Eleusis sacrificial altar, tb031706825

Eleusis sanctuary courtyard, tb031706826

Eleusis sanctuary wall, tb031706886

Eleusis sanctuary, tb031706898

Eleusis Telesterion anaktoron, tb031706850

Eleusis Telesterion panorama, tb031706857

Eleusis Telesterion seats, tb031706853

Eleusis Telesterion, tb031706848

Eleusis Telesterion, tb031706849

Eleusis Telesterion, tb031706851

Eleusis Telesterion, tb031706854

Eleusis temple of Artemis, tb031706894

Eleusis well of the fair dances, tb031706890

Epidaurus aerial, bb00340085

Epidaurus banqueting hall from south, tb050903058

Epidaurus banqueting hall odeum, tb050903069

Epidaurus circular seating area, tb050903075

Epidaurus katagogion, hotel, room threshold, tb050903053

Epidaurus katagogion, hotel, rooms, tb050903054

Epidaurus reconstruction of column, tb050903061

Epidaurus stadium starting line, tb050903063

Epidaurus stadium, tb050903062

Epidaurus stadium, tb050903078

Epidaurus stone working, tb050903059

Epidaurus Temple of Artemis, tb050903074

Epidaurus Temple of Asclepius, tb050903076

Epidaurus theater aerial, bb00340096

Epidaurus theater entrance gates, tb050903048

Epidaurus theater orchestra center, tb050903045

Epidaurus theater seats broken, tb050903036

Epidaurus theater seats for VIPs, tb050903037

Epidaurus theater, tb050903015

Epidaurus theater, tb050903022

Epidaurus theater, tb050903027

Epidaurus theater, tb050903033

Epidaurus tholos under reconstruction, tb050903077

Isthmia altar, tb050803169

Isthmia building where athletes took oath, tb011601158

Isthmia Classical stadium 4th century starting line, tb011601164

Isthmia Classical stadium starting line area, tb050803182

Isthmia Classical stadium starting line with runner, tb050803183

Isthmia Classical stadium starting line with runners, tb011601165

Isthmia Classical stadium starting line, tb011601163

Isthmia Classical stadium starting line, tb050803180

Isthmia drain, tb050803170

Isthmia excavations with Classical stadium starting line, tb031706961

Isthmia Roman bathhouse caldarium, tb050803171

Isthmia Roman bathhouse caldarium, tb050803172

Isthmia Roman bathhouse caldarium, tb050803173

Isthmia Roman bathhouse mosaic, tb050803174

Isthmia Roman bathhouse pipes and tiles, tb050803175

Isthmia Roman bathhouse, tb011601160

Isthmia Sanctuary of Poseidon from east, tb050803177

Isthmia Sanctuary of Poseidon from southwest, tb011601161

Isthmia Sanctuary of Poseidon from west, tb011601162

Isthmia theater from northwest, tb050803184

Isthmia theater from southwest, tb050803185

Kalambaka from Meteora monastery, tb051203057

Man tending grapevines in Meteora, tb051203002

Meteora cable car of Barlaam Monastery, tb031506564

Meteora caves with monk dwellings, tb031506575

Meteora caves with monks dwellings, tb031506581

Meteora cliffs above Kalambaka, tb051103180

Meteora landscape and monasteries, tb051203021

Meteora landscape and Monastery of Rousanou, tb051203013

Meteora landscape from southwest, tb051103079

Meteora landscape from west, tb051103068

Meteora landscape from west, tb051103069

Meteora landscape from west, tb051103073

Meteora landscape from west, tb051103078

Meteora landscape, eh011411490

Meteora landscape, tb031506565

Meteora landscape, tb031506573

Meteora landscape, tb031506576

Meteora landscape, tb051203060

Meteora landscape, tb051203069

Meteora monasteries from south, tb051203012

Meteora monasteries from south, tb051203019

Meteora monasteries from south, tb051203023

Meteora Monastery of Barlaam closeup, tb051203027

Meteora Monastery of Barlaam, eh011411467

Meteora Monastery of Barlaam, tb051203003

Meteora Monastery of Holy Trinity bells, tb051203058

Meteora Monastery of Holy Trinity candles, tb051203053

Meteora Monastery of Holy Trinity cross, tb051203064

Meteora Monastery of Holy Trinity interior, tb051203049

Meteora Monastery of Holy Trinity interior, tb051203051

Meteora Monastery of Holy Trinity interior, tb051203052

Meteora Monastery of Holy Trinity, tb051203034

Meteora Monastery of Holy Trinity, tb051203039

Meteora Monastery of Metamorphosis skull room, eh011411515

Meteora Monastery of Metamorphosis, tb051203028

Meteora Monastery of Metamorphosis, tb051203074

Meteora Monastery of Rousanou from below, tb031506579

Meteora Monastery of Rousanou, tb031506555

Meteora Monastery of Rousanou, tb051203018

Meteora Monastery of Rousanou, tb051203022

Meteora Monastery of Rousanou, tb051203062

Meteora Monastery of St Nicholas Anapafsas area, tb051203004

Meteora Monastery of St Nicholas Anapafsas, eh011411449

Meteora Monastery of St Nicholas Anapafsas, tb031506582

Meteora Monastery of St Stephen from e, tb051203044

Meteora Monastery of St Stephen, tb031506583

Mount Olympus and Kalithea cemetery, tb051203092

Mount Olympus from east, tb051303016

Mount Olympus from east, tb051303017

Mount Olympus from north, tb051203129

Mount Olympus from north, tb051203133

Mount Olympus from northeast, tb051303010

Mount Olympus from northeast, tb051303013

Mount Olympus from southwest, tb051203079

Mount Olympus from southwest, tb051203096

Mount Olympus summit from northeast, tb051303005

Mycenae drain through wall, tb050903212

Mycenae excavations from west, tb050903186

Mycenae from southwest, df051003502

Mycenae houses west of citadel, tb050903200

Mycenae Lion Gate, df051003501

Mycenae Lion Gate, df051003503

Mycenae Lion Tomb entrance, tb050903227

Mycenae Lion Tomb from above, tb050903229

Mycenae northern fortifications, tb050903204

Mycenae northern wall with drain, tb050903213

Mycenae northern wall with polygonal stones, tb050903211

Mycenae palace from east, tb050903202

Mycenae palace megaron from north, tb050903196

Mycenae palace megaron from west, tb050903199

Mycenae postern gate, tb050903210

Mycenae ravine, tb050903187

Mycenae round tower on east, tb050903195

Mycenae sally port, tb050903215

Mycenae secret cistern entrance, tb050903216

Mycenae secret cistern entrance, tb050903217

Mycenae secret cistern staircase, tb050903220

Mycenae southern wall and valley, tb050903201

Mycenae summit from west, tb050903206

Mycenae summit, tb050903203

Alexandroupolis harbor, tb011201004

Alexandroupolis harbor, tb030906112

Alexandroupolis harbor, tb030906123

Alexandroupolis waterfront from water, tb030906122

Alexandroupolis waterfront with lighthouse, tb030906116

Alexandroupolis waterfront with monument, tb030906117

Neapolis ancient harbor with aqueduct, tb011201191

Neapolis at sunrise, tb011201169

Neapolis fortifications from west, tb031106420

Neapolis from southwest, tb031106617

Neapolis harbor at sunrise, tb011201173

Neapolis harbor from northwest, tb031106994

Neapolis harbor from west, tb031106579

Neapolis shoreline near ancient harbor, tb011201194

Neapolis sunset from harbor, tb011201195

Nicopolis aqueduct, tb051103106

Nicopolis Augustus monument area, tb051103192

Nicopolis Augustus monument inscription Neptune, tb051103191

Nicopolis Augustus monument inscription, tb051103137

Nicopolis Augustus monument supporting wall, tb051103190

Nicopolis Augustus monument supporting wall, tb051103195

Nicopolis Augustus monument view to south, tb051103194

Nicopolis Basilica A, tb051103099

Nicopolis Byzantine fortifications, tb051103193

Nicopolis nymphaeum, tb051103135

Nicopolis odeum entrance, tb051103197

Nicopolis odeum from above, tb051103200

Nicopolis odeum from above, tb051103196

Nicopolis odeum from above, tb051103199

Nicopolis odeum from behind, tb051103134

Nicopolis odeum seats not restored, tb051103120

Nicopolis odeum seats with covers, tb051103202

Nicopolis odeum staircase, tb051103127

Nicopolis odeum supporting arches, tb051103133

Nicopolis odeum, tb051103198

Nicopolis stadium from east entrance, tb051103156

Nicopolis stadium from east, tb051103204

Nicopolis stadium from east, tb051103201

Nicopolis theater from west, tb051103203

Olympia altar of oaths, tb051003119

Olympia bouleuterion, tb051003120

Olympia Echo hall from north, tb051003149

Olympia exedra of Herodes Atticus, supply of water, tb051003156

Olympia gymnasium from ne, tb051003094

Olympia house of Nero, tb051003124

Olympia Leonidiaion guest hostel, tb051003122

Olympia Metroon, 4th century BC, tb051003150

Olympia Mount Cronos from stadium, tb051003138

Olympia palestra east side, tb051003104

Olympia palestra south side, tb051003103

Olympia Philippieion of Philip of Macedon, tb051003167

Olympia prehistoric house, tb051003152

Olympia prytaneion from west, tb051003096

Olympia Roman baths, tb051003095

Olympia stadium arched entrance, tb051003129

Olympia stadium paved area for judges, tb051003143

Olympia stadium starting line, tb051003132

Olympia stadium, tb051003134

Olympia stadium, tb051003136

Olympia stones with margin dressing, tb051003125

Olympia Temple of Hera from east, tb051003154

Olympia Temple of Hera, tb051003160

Olympia Temple of Hera, tb051003169

Olympia Temple of Zeus capital, tb051003107

Olympia Temple of Zeus column drums, tb051003108

Olympia Temple of Zeus fallen columns, tb051003112

Olympia Temple of Zeus from se, tb051003118

Olympia Temple of Zeus from west, tb051003105

Olympia Temple of Zeus from west, tb051003109

Olympia Temple of Zeus stones with metal clamps, tb051003117

Olympia Temple of Zeus with Mount Cronos, tb051003111

Olympia Treasury of Gela, tb051003148

Krenides River, possible place of Lydia, tb031106954

Krenides River, possible place of Lydia, tb031106955

Krenides River, possible place of Lydia, tb031206062

Modern baptismal area at Krenides River, tb031106952

Philippi acropolis from east, tb031106622

Philippi acropolis from east, tb031106625

Philippi acropolis from south, tb031106868

Philippi acropolis from summit, tb031106695

Philippi acropolis from west, tb031106934

Philippi acropolis panorama, tb031106676

Philippi acropolis panorama, tb031106722

Philippi acropolis, tb011201213

Philippi Baptistery of St Lydia chapel from above, tb031106702

Philippi Baptistery of St Lydia chapel with acropolis, tb031106957

Philippi Baptistery of St Lydia chapel, painting of Lydia, tb031106958

Philippi Baptistery of St Lydia chapel, painting of Paul, tb031106959

Philippi Baptistery of St Lydia chapel, Paul and Lydia stained glass, tb011201203

Philippi Basilica A from above, tb031106671

Philippi Basilica A from east, tb031106924

Philippi Basilica B baptistery room with doorway, tb031106871

Philippi Basilica B columns with capitals, tb031106843

Philippi Basilica B from east, tb031106836

Philippi Basilica C from north, tb031106640

Philippi Basilica C from southeast, tb031106736

Philippi bath complex and bishop’s residence from north, tb031106664

Philippi bema from east, tb031106809

Philippi bema from southeast, tb031106808

Philippi bird etched in rock along commercial road, tb031106878

Philippi bishop’s residence from northwest, tb031106895

Philippi Byzantine tower from acropolis tower, tb031106726

Philippi carving on paving slab in forum, tb031106811

Philippi city library east of forum, tb031106884

Philippi commercial agora and Basilica B from north, tb031106669

Philippi commercial agora from west, tb031106875

Philippi commercial agora from west, tb031106876

Philippi commercial agora shop on southern wall, tb031206006

Philippi commercial agora shops, tb031106834

Philippi commercial road from east, tb031106885

Philippi cross inscribed on stone near Basilica A, tb031106921

Philippi Divine Augustus inscription near Basilica B, tb031106840

Philippi eastern excavations from north, tb031106665

Philippi excavations and plain from north, tb031106688

Philippi excavations from north, tb031106652

Philippi forum and acropolis from south, tb031106832

Philippi forum eastern end with temple, library, tb031106670

Philippi forum fountain on northern side, tb031106813

Philippi forum fragments with inscription, tb031106801

Philippi forum from east, tb031106907

Philippi forum from north, tb011201237

Philippi forum from north, tb031106668

Philippi forum from northwest, tb031106772

Philippi forum from southeast, tb031106828

Philippi forum from southeast, tb031106831

Philippi forum from west, tb031106783

Philippi forum southern side, tb031106794

Philippi forum southwestern corner, tb031106780

Philippi forum southwestern corner, tb031106788

Philippi forum western end from above, tb031106662

Philippi from acropolis panorama, tb031106658

Philippi from acropolis, tb031106658

Philippi game scratched on stone, tb011201239

Philippi game squares on threshold, tb031106738

Philippi gymnasium from north, tb031106880

Philippi Hellenistic walls and Neapolis gate, tb031106673

Philippi Hellenistic walls on eastern side, tb031206057

Philippi heroon next to Octagon Church of Paul, tb031206023

Philippi heroon steps, tb031106917

Philippi heroon, tb031106747

Philippi imperial temple in northeastern corner of forum, tb031206016

Philippi inscription at Baptistery of St Lydia chapel, tb011201242

Philippi inscription at museum, tb011201243

Philippi inscription with Python, tb031206012

Philippi Ionic capital and pillar base, tb031106904

Philippi large inscription in forum, tb011201244

Philippi Octagon Church of Paul apse, tb031106890

Philippi Octagon Church of Paul baptismal font, tb031106891

Philippi Octagon Church of Paul baptismal font, tb031206027

Philippi Octagon Church of Paul mosaic inscription, Christ, tb031206020

Philippi Octagon Church of Paul mosaic inscription, Paul, tb031206021

Philippi Octagon Church of Paul mosaic inscription, tb031206017

Philippi Octagon Church of Paul, tb031106889

Philippi palestra from north, tb031106874

Philippi palestra from south, tb031106869

Philippi paved street on eastern side of forum, tb031106816

Philippi pipes connecting in wall near bathhouse, tb031206029

Philippi plain of Brutus and Cassius’ defeat, tb011201218

Philippi plain of Brutus and Cassius’ defeat, tb031106691

Philippi public latrine from above, tb031106850

Philippi public latrine seats, tb031106852

Philippi public latrine, tb031106849

Philippi public latrine, tb031106858

Philippi Roman bath caldarium pillars, tb031106893

Philippi Sanctuary of Silvanus votive inscriptions, tb031106926

Philippi sarcophagi in museum yard, tb031106635

Philippi statue in forum, tb011201250

Philippi temple in northwestern corner of forum, tb031106770

Philippi theater and view south towards Neapolis, tb031106675

Philippi theater from east, tb031106931

Philippi theater from west, tb031106930

Philippi Three Niches Sanctuary, tb031106925

Philippi traditional prison of Paul, tb011201214

Philippi traditional area of Lydia’s baptism, tb031106707

Philippi traditional prison of Paul exterior, tb031106918

Philippi traditional prison of Paul interior, tb011201215

Philippi valley to east of acropolis, tb011201255

Philippi Via Egnatia next to forum from east, tb031106763

Philippi Via Egnatia next to forum from east, tb031106768

Philippi Via Egnatia next to forum from east, tb031106897

Philippi view south from acropolis, tb031106723

Philippi view south towards Neapolis, tb031106724

Antirio area from west, tb051003194

Antirio castle, tb051003193

Arcadia Dimitsana from north, tb051003033

Arcadia Kallithea from south, tb051003093

Arcadia Karitena from south, tb051003069

Arcadia Karitena from southeast, tb051003062

Arcadia Lousios River valley, tb051003031

Arcadia Lousios River, tb051003029

Arcadia Lousios River, tb051003030

Arcadia mountains panorama, tb050903700

Arcadia Stemnitsa from south, tb051003053

Arcadia, home of Pan and nymphs, tb051003001

Bassae temple of Apollo Epicurious front, tb051003080

Bassae temple of Apollo Epicurious, tb051003075

Bells at Monastery Patapiou with Corinth gulf, tb050803047

Bells at Monastery Patapiou with gulf, tb050803047

Boars in mud near Mount Olympus, tb051203105

Boars in mud near Mount Olympus, tb051203106

Boars near Mount Olympus, tb051203104

Buyers and sellers in Arahova, tb051403002

Buying fruit in Arahova, tb051403004

Central Greece mountains near Ioannina, tb051103161

Central Greece mountains near Ioannina, tb051103163

Central Greece mountains near Ioannina, tb051103174

Farm on north side of Mount Olympus, tb051203107

Farm on north side of Mount Olympus, tb051203110

Ferries at Rio with Mount Panachaiko, tb051003180

Greek Orthodox shrine by roadside, tb051003048

Healing spring at Agia Paraskevi in Vale of Tempe, tb031506549

Healing spring at Agia Paraskevi in Vale of Tempe, tb031506551

Island in Lake Pamvotis, tb051103177

Lake Pamvotis and Ioannina from north, tb051103176

Monastery Patapiou chapel, tb050803186

Monastery Patapiou rooftops, tb050803187

Mount Panachaiko, tb051003178

Mount Parnassos with snow, tb051303022

Nafplio island castle with boat, tb050903097

Selling fruits and vegetables in Arahova, tb051403001

Sheep grazing in Arcadia, tb051003010

Sheep grazing in Arcadia, tb051003020

Shepherd and sheep at Nicopolis, tb051103013

Shrine at Monastery Patapiou, tb050803189

Spathes Late Bronze cist tomb, tb051203113

Spathes Late Bronze cist tomb, tb051203126

Spathes Late Bronze cist tombs from above, tb051203122

St Luke’s Monastery interior, 11th c, tb031606816

St Luke’s Monastery, 10th and 11th c chapels, tb031606818

St Luke’s Monastery, kitchen, tb031606821

St Luke’s Monastery, Luke above entrance, tb031606810

Tree blossoms near Dimitsana, tb051003037

Vale of Tempe Pineos River, tb031506545

Vitina shop, tb050903238

Thessalonica Arch of Galerius, brick and marble, wk022802279

Thessalonica Arch of Galerius, west side detail, wk022802281

Thessalonica Byzantine northeastern city wall tower, tb031306100

Thessalonica Byzantine northern city wall, tb031306109

Thessalonica Church of St Demetrios crypt, tb031306349

Thessalonica Church of St Demetrios interior, tb011301285

Thessalonica Church of St Demetrios Roman baths, tb031306351

Thessalonica Church of St Demetrios Roman baths, tb031306362

Thessalonica Church of St Demetrios Roman baths, tb031306363

Thessalonica Church of St Demetrios Roman street, tb031306350

Thessalonica Church of St Demetrios, tb031306340

Thessalonica forum cryptoporticus arches, tb011301289

Thessalonica forum cryptoporticus arches, tb031306152

Thessalonica forum eastern and southern stoa, tb031306144

Thessalonica forum eastern end, tb031306145

Thessalonica forum eastern stoa, tb031306124

Thessalonica forum eastern stoa, tb031306136

Thessalonica forum model in museum, tb011301287

Thessalonica forum supporting arches, tb031306119

Thessalonica forum with odeum, tb011301291

Thessalonica forum with odeum, tb031306122

Thessalonica from north with Byzantine eastern city wall, tb031306095

Thessalonica from north, tb031306091

Thessalonica from north, tb031306092

Thessalonica Great Gate, northeast corner, tb031306102

Thessalonica odeum, tb031306140

Thessalonica odeum, tb031306149

Thessalonica Rotunda, mausoleum of Galerius, wk022802293

Nafplio from north, tb050903112

Tiryns bathroom, single slab, tb050903119

Tiryns colonnaded court, tb050903116

Tiryns fortifications from southwest, tb050903138

Tiryns outer fortifications 25 feet thick, tb050903101

Tiryns outer fortifications and outer gateway, tb050903111

Tiryns outer fortifications Cyclopean stones, tb050903108

Tiryns outer fortifications reconstruction work, tb050903103

Tiryns outer fortifications, outer gateway, tb050903111

Tiryns outer fortifications, tb050903128

Tiryns palace courtyard from west, tb050903122

Tiryns royal palace from front, tb050903130

Tiryns royal palace from rear, tb050903126

Tiryns royal palace porch, tb050903118

Tiryns sacrificial altar in court, tb050903117

Tiryns western fortifications and Nafplio, tb050903115

Via Egnatia from above, tb031106981

Via Egnatia from above, tb031106989

Via Egnatia from Neapolis, tb011301193

Via Egnatia with view to Neapolis, tb031106597

Via Egnatia, tb031106586

Via Egnatia, tb031106967

Via Egnatia, tb031106976