Trees, Plants, and Flowers of the Holy Land

More than 1,500 high-resolution jpg images of almond, carob, date palm, fig, olive, pomegranate, sycamore-fig, vine, wheat, barley, flax, garlic, sorghum, hyssop, caper, fennel, mallow, rosemary, citron, oak, cactus, myrtle, terebinth, acacia, cedar of Lebanon, papyrus, reeds, white broom, atad, holy milk thistle, thorny burnet, acanthus, anemone, cyclamen, black iris, crocus, lily, lupin, corn poppies, narcissus, sage, squill, tulip, and mandrake.

All images are high-resolution (1600 x 1200 or higher) jpg files, ideal for projecting in a classroom, viewing on a monitor or printing. Also included on each DVD are pre-made PowerPoint presentations for each category (with photograph annotations), an image index, and a site index.

More than 1,500 high-resolution pictures of:

Fruit Trees
Date Palm
Field Crops
In addition, photographs are included of wild herbs, forest trees and shrubs, plants by rivers and marshes, plants of the wilderness, thorns and thistles, drugs and spices, incense and perfume, and flowers of the field.

ISBN: 978-1-938-32416-1
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Index of Photographs on this DVD
01 Fruit Trees (329)

Almond and olive trees near Qatne, tb021705544

Almond blossom near Aijalon, tb012503801

Almond blossom with bee near Aijalon, tb012503803

Almond blossom with bee near Aijalon, tb012503805

Almond blossoms in Judean hills, tb011007406

Almond blossoms, Azekah, tb021804912

Almond blossoms, Bet Guvrin, tb022807471

Almond blossoms, Bet Guvrin, tb022807473

Almond blossoms, Bet Guvrin, tb022807481

Almond blossoms, Bet Guvrin, tb022807482

Almond blossoms, Bet Guvrin, tb022807483

Almond blossoms, Bet Guvrin, tb022807486

Almond blossoms, Bet Guvrin, tb022807489

Almond blossoms, Bet Guvrin, tb022807494

Almond blossoms, Bet Guvrin, tb022807497

Almond flower near Aijalon, tb012503815

Almond nuts, Neot Kedumim, gs060088b15

Almond tree blossoms near Aijalon, tb012503626

Almond tree blossoms near Aijalon, tb012503821

Almond tree blossoms near Aijalon, tb012503826

Almond tree near Ein Kerem, tb020305192

Almond tree near Mount Gerizim, tb050106423

Almond tree near Moza, tb030803804

Almond tree near Nahal Yarmuk, tb022107064

Almond tree near Tell Aijalon, tb071306426

Almond tree on Lachish, tb021804919

Almond tree with blossoms in Elah Valley, tb010412780

Almond tree with first blossoms near Aijalon, tb012503836

Almond tree with nuts and blossoms near Aijalon, tb012503838

Almond tree, Bet Guvrin, tb022807465

Almond tree, Lachish, tb021804931

Almond tree, Shiloh, tb010110501

Almond tree, Shiloh, tb021407757

Almond tree, Shiloh, tb031807234

Almond trees in bloom near Ein Kerem, tb020305162

Almond trees in Moza, tb030803806

Almond trees near Michmash, tb092706202

Almond trees, Bet Guvrin, tb022807466

Almonds on tree at harvest time, tb101202803

Almonds on tree near Aijalon, tb101202804

Almonds on tree near Aijalon, tb101202805

Almonds on tree near Tell Aijalon, tb071306427

Almonds on tree near Tell Aijalon, tb071306429

Almonds on tree near Tell Aijalon, tb071306440

Almonds on tree near Tell Aijalon, tb071306441

Almonds on tree near Zorah, tb060204813

Almonds on tree, Neot Kedumim, tb102605446

Almonds, Wadi Shagg, tb062005843

Almonds, Wadi Shagg, tb062005844

Ripe almond on tree, Moza Illit, gs080194084

Black Mulberry

Mulberry fruit, Moza Illit, gs040194573

Mulberry tree, Moza Illit, gs040194572

Mulberry tree, Wadi Shagg, tb061905798

Mulberry tree, Wadi Shagg, tb061905799

Mulberry tree, Wadi Shagg, tb061905803


Carob pods on tree, Canada Park, tb091405111

Carob pods on tree, Hazor, tb032704219

Carob pods, Maresha, gs030194231

Carob pods, Mount Carmel, tb050403702

Carob pods, Moza Illit, gs070194232

Carob tree, Azekah, tb081204225

Carob tree, Canada Park, tb091405108

Carob tree, Khirbet Midras, adr080714144

Carob tree, Kursi, tb032805703

Carob tree, Maresha, gs030194230

Carob tree, Samos Pythagorio, tb061606237

Carob tree, Samos Pythagorio, tb061606238

Carob tree, Samos Pythagorio, tb061606239

Date Palm

Date palm tree, Neot Kedumim, tb011012322

Date palm tree, Tel Shimron, tb110106539

Date palm tree, Tel Shimron, tb110106540

Date palm trees just planted near Dead Sea, tb011703803

Date palm trees near Dead Sea, tb011703808

Date palm trees near Dead Sea, tb011703809

Date palm trees, Jericho, tb091504826

Date palm trees, Jericho, tb091504872

Date palm, Ramat HaNadiv, tb090506785

Date palm, Ramat HaNadiv, tb090506786

Date palms, Neot Kedumim, tb112103253

Dates and date honey display, Moza Illit, gs080094c32

Dates display, Moza Illit, gs090094c33

Dates drying on rock, Sinai mountains, tb062005869

Dates on palm, Tabgha, tb102602856

Dates on tree, Neot Kedumim, tb091403170

Dates on tree, Neot Kedumim, tb091403177

Dates on tree, Neot Kedumim, tb091403181

Dates on tree, Neot Kedumim, tb091403182

Dates on tree, Neot Kedumim, tb091403185

Male date palm, Neot Kedumim, gs060193711

Palm tree dates, tb090902812

Pool with date palms, Neot Kedumim, tb112103295

Young dates, Neot Kedumim, gs060094c35


Basket of good figs, Jeremiah 24, tb092506016

Baskets of good and bad figs, Jeremiah 24, tb092506004

Baskets of good and bad figs, Jeremiah 24, tb092506030

Baskets of good and bad figs, Jeremiah 24, tb092506048

Early fig buds, Zichron Yaacov, gs040097c40

Early figs in Shephelah, tb052008344

Early figs, Umm al-Hedamus, tb060403147

Early leaves and figs on tree, Yad HaShmonah, tb0325005782

Early leaves and figs on tree, Yad HaShmonah, tb0325005783

Early leaves and figs on tree, Yad HaShmonah, tb0325005785

Early leaves and figs on tree, Yad HaShmonah, tb0325005786

Early leaves and figs on tree, Yad HaShmonah, tb0325005791

Fig on tree near Aijalon, tb101202807

Fig on tree near Aijalon, tb101202808

Fig on tree, Yad HaShmonah, tb0325005781

Fig tree along Biyar aqueduct, tb112406304

Fig tree growing from cave, Beth Shemesh, tb051804671

Fig tree growing from cave, Beth Shemesh, tb051804678

Fig tree near Aijalon Valley, tb092406757

Fig tree near Aijalon Valley, tb092406767

Fig tree near Aijalon Valley, tb092406774

Fig tree on Zorah, tb060204798

Fig tree with fruit partially eaten, tb090902807

Fig tree with grapevine, tb060204819

Fig tree with new figs, tb032605090

Fig tree with new figs, tb032605093

Fig tree without leaves in winter, Bet Guvrin, tb022807503

Fig tree without leaves, Neot Kedumim, tb011012336

Fig tree without leaves, Socoh, tb021707807

Fig tree, Caesarea Philippi, tb032905234

Fig tree, Hazor, tb032704211

Fig tree, Hazor, tb032704216

Fig tree, Ramat HaNadiv, tb090506775

Fig tree, Tell Samaria, tb070507706

Fig tree, Umm al-Hedamus, tb060403141

Fig trees with and without leaves near Aijalon Valley, tb092406759

Fig, young fruit, Zichron Yaacov, gs040097b91

Figs display, Moza Illit, gs080094c37

Figs in tree near Aijalon Valley, tb092406752

Figs on tree in Beitin, tb051407573

Figs on tree in Beitin, tb051407574

Figs on tree in Yemin Moshe, tb040605833

Figs on tree in Yemin Moshe, tb040605835

Figs on tree in Yemin Moshe, tb040605837

Figs on tree near Aijalon Valley, tb092406773

Figs on tree on Har HaRuah, tb090206635

Figs on tree on Har HaRuah, tb090206655

Figs on tree, Pergamum, tb041505994

Figs on tree, Pergamum, tb041505995

Figs on tree, Zorah, tb060204790

Figs on tree, Zorah, tb060204792

Figs, Neot Kedumim, tb091403077

Figs, Neot Kedumim, tb091403081

Vine and fig tree near Aijalon Valley, tb092406787


Grafted olive branch, rc010194037

Grafted olive branch, rc010194039

Grafted olive branch, rc010194040

Green olives, Moza Illit, gs080094c28

Old olive trees, Gortyn, Crete, tb041204585

Olive buds on tree, Beth Shean, tb040104523

Olive grove near Bethlehem, tb111106875

Olive grove near Bethlehem, tb111106877

Olive grove near Bethlehem, tb111106888

Olive grove near Bethlehem, tb111106892

Olive grove recently chopped down in Judean wilderness, tb113006673

Olive oil and lamps, Moza Illit, gs080094c26

Olive orchards being harvested west of Khirbet Qana, tb110306577

Olive tree and ladder at harvest near Nazareth, tb102904909

Olive tree blossoms, tb051207309

Olive tree burnt out with new shoots, tb041204403

Olive tree burnt out with new shoots, tb041204404

Olive tree in Aijalon Valley, tb110302821

Olive tree newly planted along ridge route in Ephraim, tb051207302

Olive tree stump, Neot Kedumim, tb091403127

Olive tree stump, Neot Kedumim, tb091403212

Olive tree sucker, rc010194035

Olive tree supported by rocks in Ephraim, tb051207294

Olive tree supported by rocks in Ephraim, tb051207295

Olive tree with beginning olives, tb040104525

Olive tree with branch recently cut, tb110206615

Olive tree with new shoots, tb011010367

Olive tree with new shoots, tb011010369

Olive tree, Ein Harod, tb102402828

Olive tree, Neot Kedumim, tb091403245

Olive tree, Tell Samaria, tb050106536

Olive tree, Tell Samaria, tb070507743

Olive trees along ridge route in Ephraim, tb051207296

Olive trees along ridge route in Ephraim, tb051207304

Olive trees in Lower Galilee, tb110306604

Olive trees newly planted along ridge route in Ephraim, tb051207301

Olive trees on terraces in Benjamin hill country, cd100122601

Olive trees, Mount Merom, tb032807935

Olive wood pile, Beit Jimal, tb062807450

Olive wood pile, Beit Jimal, tb062807451

Olives closeup, tb112103241

Olives on tree in Aijalon Valley, tb110302822

Olives on tree in Aijalon Valley, tb110302823

Olives on tree in Judean hills, tb011007408

Olives on tree in Judean hills, tb011007411

Olives on tree, Ein Harod, tb102402829

Olives on tree, Haas Promenade, tb100202829

Olives on tree, tb112103239

Olives ready for harvest on tree, tb110106420

Olives turning color, tb091403140

Olives turning color, tb091403141

Olives, tb091403116


Pistachio tree, Neot Kedumim, tb091403029

Pistachio tree, Neot Kedumim, tb091403038


Open ripe pomegranate fruit, Jerusalem, gs110090c48

Pomegranate blossom, Haas Promenade, tb051907766

Pomegranate blossoms, Abila, tb060503082

Pomegranate blossoms, Haas Promenade, tb051907764

Pomegranate calyx, Maoz Zion, gs050094c45

Pomegranate display, Moza Illit, gs090094c42

Pomegranate flowers, Caesarea Philippi, tb052504968

Pomegranate flowers, tb060103808

Pomegranate flowers, tb091403192

Pomegranate near Sepphoris, tb052200803

Pomegranate on tree, Lachish, df100902002

Pomegranate on tree, Tell Samaria, tb070507855

Pomegranate tree with rotting pomegranates, tb011007415

Pomegranate tree, Lachish, tb100902885

Pomegranate tree, Neot Kedumim, tb091403100

Pomegranate tree, Sepphoris, tb110106512

Pomegranate, Lachish, tb100902879

Pomegranates on Old City street, tb092103334

Pomegranates on tree, Lachish, df100902004

Pomegranates, Garden Tomb, tb100202859

Pomegranate tree, Gath, tb050504670

Pomegranate tree, Gath, tb050504672

Young pomegranate fruit, closeup, Maoz Zion, gs070094c46


Sycamore-fig tree fruit, Neot Kedumim, tb101302839

Sycamore-fig tree fruit, Neot Kedumim, tb101302889

Sycamore-fig tree near Eltekeh, Tell es-Shelaf, tb062807421

Sycamore-fig tree with fruit, Neot Kedumim, tb101302840

Sycamore-fig tree, Achzib, tb100905757

Sycamore-fig tree, Achzib, tb100905758

Sycamore-fig tree, Ashkelon, tb091402855

Sycamore-fig tree, Jericho, tb052205964

Sycamore-fig tree, Jericho, tb052205965

Sycamore-fig tree, Neot Kedumim, gs060094c41

Sycamore-fig tree, Neot Kedumim, tb011012354

Sycamore-fig tree, Neot Kedumim, tb112103237

Sycamore-fig tree, tb091403264

Sycamore-fig tree, Tell es-Safi, Gath, tb060806005

Sycamore-fig trees, Neot Kedumim, tb101302841


Grape arbor from above in Armenian Quarter, tb102903671

Grape arbor on house in Hebron, tb092204963

Grape arbor on house in Hebron, tb092204964

Grape arbor, Neot Kedumim, tb091403159

Grape blossoms, Moza Illit, gs040094c22

Grape buds on vine near Zorah, tb060204817

Grape vines with new leaves in Lower Galilee, tb032904188

Grapes after harvest, tb092506925

Grapes growing on vine, Lachish, tb052207822

Grapes growing on vine, Lachish, tb052207824

Grapes left on vine after harvest, Neve Ilan, tb101806064

Grapes left on vine after harvest, tb101806045

Grapes left on vine after harvest, tb101806046

Grapes left on vine after harvest, tb101806047

Grapes left on vine after harvest, tb101806049

Grapes left on vine after harvest, tb101806050

Grapes left on vine after harvest, tb101806057

Grapes on vine in fig tree near Aijalon Valley, tb092406786

Grapes on vine in Medeba, tb061304286

Grapes on vine near Aijalon Valley, tb092406784

Grapes on vine near Aijalon Valley, tb092406791

Grapes on vine near Dor, tb090506901

Grapes on vine near Dor, tb090506904

Grapes on vine near Dor, tb090506907

Grapes on vine near Dor, tb090506909

Grapes on vine near Dor, tb090506913

Grapes on vine near Dor, tb090506915

Grapes on vine near Dor, tb090506917

Grapes on vine near Hulda, tb070606247

Grapes on vine near Hulda, tb070606250

Grapes on vine near Hulda, tb070606251

Grapes on vine near Hulda, tb070606257

Grapes on vine near Hulda, tb070606260

Grapes on vine near Hulda, tb070606267

Grapes on vine near Hulda, tb070606271

Grapes on vine near Hulda, tb070606273

Grapes on vine near Hulda, tb070606274

Grapes on vine, Beit Jimal, tb062807453

Grapes on vine, Beit Jimal, tb062807455

Grapes on vine, Beit Jimal, tb062807457

Grapes on vine, Wadi Biyar, tb112406349

Grapes on vine, Wadi Biyar, tb112406352

Grapes remaining on vine, Wadi Biyar, tb112406346

Grapes remaining on vine, Wadi Biyar, tb112406347

Grapes remaining on vine, Wadi Biyar, tb112406368

Grapes shriveled on vine, tb081805428

Grapes with wine and raisins display, gs090094c18

Grapes, bad, on vine near Hulda, tb070606265

Grapes, good and bad, on vine near Hulda, tb070606263

Grapes, Moza Illit, gs040194006

Grapevine propped on rock, near Bethlehem, tb022407371

Grapevine propped on rock, near Bethlehem, tb022407372

Grapevine propped on rock, near Bethlehem, tb022407374

Grapevine propped on rock, near Bethlehem, tb022407375

Grapevine propped on rock, near Bethlehem, tb022407376

Grapevine very large in Armenian Quarter, tb030706637

Grapevine with new leaves, tb011010361

Grapevine with new leaves, tb011010362

Grapevine, Beit Jimal, tb062807459

Grapevine, Wadi Shagg, tb062005846

Grapevine, Yad HaShmonah, tb061803477

Grapevines after harvest, tb101806065

Grapevines after harvest, tb101806067

Grapevines after harvest, tb112103285

Grapevines near Hulda, tb070606256

Grapevines on ground near Biyar aqueduct, tb112406252

Grapevines propped on rock, near Bethlehem, tb022407377

Grapevines with few leaves, tb011010363

Grapevines without leaves near Adullam, tb021707856

Grapevines, Lachish, tb100902841

Grapevines, Lachish, tb100902842

Grapevines, Lachish, tb100902843

Grapevines, Lachish, tb100902845

Grapevines, Lachish, tb100902848

Grapevines, Lachish, tb100902854

Vines pruned, ready to be burned, tb112406367

Vineyard in Judean hills with snow, tb122906100

Vineyard in Judean hills with snow, tb122906111

Vineyard with grapes, Wadi Biyar, tb112406357

Vineyard, Wadi Biyar, tb112406378

Vineyard, Wadi Biyar, tb112406380

Vineyards, Wadi Biyar, tb112406321

Vineyards, Wadi Biyar, tb112406327

Vineyards, Wadi Biyar, tb112406333

Young grape cluster on vine, Yad HaShmonah, tb060103813

Young grape clusters on vine, Yad HaShmonah, tb060103814

Young grapes on vine, Yad HaShmonah, tb060103816


Walnut bark and nuts, Moza Illit, gs010193459

Walnut blossoms, Moza Illit, gs040194458

Walnut tree, Moza Illit, gs110194457

Walnut tree, Neot Kedumim, tb112103287


Barley field in harvest, Zafririm, gs050194423

Barley field near Kiriath Gat, tb052203317

Barley field near Kiriath Gat, tb052203323

Barley field near Tell el-Hesi, tb050504661

Barley field near Tell el-Hesi, tb050504662

Barley in field near Kiriath Gat, tb052203320

Barley in field near Kiriath Gat, tb052203328

Barley ready for harvest, Neot Kedumim, gs060093c09

Wild barley in desert, gs030197003

Wild barley, Moza Illit, gs040094c11

Wild barley, Neot Kedumim, gs030197422

Black Mustard

Black mustard, cd040315102

Black mustard, cd040317001

Black mustard, cd040317002

Broad Bean

Purple broad bean, Golan, gs030191994

Common Millet

Common millet, Maoz Zion, gs090194692

Common Rue

Common rue, Ramat HaNadiv, gs040197800

Common rue, Ramat HaNadiv, gs040197801


Coriander, Golan, cd100122101


Cotton in Jezreel Valley near Megiddo, cd051010002

Cotton in Jezreel Valley near Megiddo, cd051010008

Cotton in Jezreel Valley near Megiddo, cd051010009

Cotton plants in Sorek Valley, tb060804434

Cotton plants in Sorek Valley, tb060804435

Cotton, cd020928001


Flax, Ramat HaNadiv, gs040197517

Flax, Ramat HaNadiv, gs040197518

Flax, Ramat HaNadiv, gs040197521

Hairy flax, Elah Valley, tb030407704

Hairy flax, Megiddo, gs030093b121

Hairy flax, Mount Gilboa, tb032505994

Hairy flax, Nahal Yehudiyeh, tb040703818

Hairy flax, Nahal Yehudiyeh, tb040703819

Hairy flax, Sea of Galilee, gs000091519

Toadflax, Moza Illit, gs040194515


Black garlic, Gamla, gs040193067

Black garlic, Gamla, gs040193068

Black garlic, Gamla, gs050197069

Fresh garlic, cd090427001

Garlic, Netanya, gs020197062

Naples garlic, Banias Falls, gs030091b10

Naples garlic, Mount Gilboa, tb040200841

Naples garlic, Nahal El Al, tb032605079

Naples garlic, Nahal Iyon, tb040400816

Naples garlic, Nahal Iyon, tb040400870

Oriental garlic, Jezreel, gs040191070


Leek, Mahane Yehuda, cd080902101


Marjoram, Azekah, gs060090b126

Marjoram, Hippos, gs040193545

Marjoram, Neot Kedumim, gs050097b127

Marjoram, Neot Kedumim, gs050197546

Marjoram, Neot Kedumim, gs050197676


Wild Oat, En Gev, gs030193156

Wild oats, gs040091c17


Allium carmeli, Neot Kedumim, gs060193060

Allium carmeli, Neot Kedumim, gs060193061

Allium neapolitanum, gs000000066

Allium neapolitanum, gs000091064

Allium neapolitanum, Neot Kedumim, gs030100065

Allium orientale, gs000091071

Allium orientale, gs000091072

Allium rothii zucc, Machtesh Ramon, gs040197a19

Allium rothii zucc, Machtesh Ramon, gs040197a21

Allium shubertii, Magshimim, gs050197073

Allium trifoliatum, Mevasseret Zion, gs030197074

Allium trifoliatum, Mevasseret Zion, gs030197075

Onion chives, Mahane Yehuda, cd080902001


Sorghum, Capernaum, gs030093b219

Sorghum, Maoz Zion, gs090194890

Sorghum, Maoz Zion, gs090194891


Watermelons, Gezer, cd090720002

Watermelons, Gezer, cd090720003


Barley and wheat with breads display, gs090094c08

Durum wheat, Zafririm, gs050194944

Mixed wheat and tares, En Gev, gs030193158

Ripening wheat, En Gev, gs040191943

Seven Species display, gs090094c03

Wheat and tares near Arbel, tb033005858

Wheat field at harvest time by Bet Guvrin, tb050701101

Wheat field near Bet Guvrin, tb050701102

Wheat near Mount Tabor, tb041003818

Wheat near Mount Tabor, tb041003821

Wheat near Mount Tabor, tb041003823

Wheat near Mount Tabor, tb041003831

Wheat near Mount Tabor, tb041003833

Wheat near Mount Tabor, tb041003835

Wheat newly planted, Neot Kedumim, tb011012369

Wheat with poppies, Magshimim, gs050097c13

Wheat with tares, En Gev, gs000091c14

Wheatfield and path near Mount Tabor, tb041003837

Wheatfield and thorns near Mount Tabor, tb041003838

Wheatfield near Arbel, tb033005857

Wheatfield near Gath, tb022807577

Wheatfield near Gezer, tb020707472

Wheatfield near Megiddo, tb033007250

Wheatfield near Mount Tabor, tb041003839

Wheatfield near Nahal Perat, tb020804189

Wheatfield near Tel Burna, possible Libnah, tb011606860

Wheatfield newly planted, tb011010376

Wheatfield newly planted, tb011010381

Wheatfield newly sprouting near Maresha, tb010303863

Wheatfield, Arbel, tb033005859

Wheatfield, Elah Valley, tb010412781

Wheatfield, Mount Gilboa, tb033007230

Wheatfield, Mount Gilboa, tb033007232

Wheatfield, Tell er-Rumeith, Ramoth Gilead, tb060503024

Wheatfield, Tell er-Rumeith, Ramoth Gilead, tb060503022

Yad HaShmonah wheatfield, tb020103820

Caper bush

Caper bush, Tell Samaria, tb070507696

Caper bush, Tell Samaria, tb070507697

Caper bush, Tell Samaria, tb070507698

Caper bush, Yad HaShmonah, tb060103802

Caper bush, Yad HaShmonah, tb060103804

Caper fruit, Moza Illit, gs070194201

Caper, Red Canyon, gs040000b046

Dwarf Chicory

Chicory, Capernaum, gs040100241

Chicory, Capernaum, gs040100242

Dwarf chicory, Neot Kedumim, gs060093b52

Dwarf chicory, Tabgha, gs050190243


Fennel, Beth Shean, cd090318003

Fennel, Beth Shean, cd090318004

Fennel, Nahal El Al, tb032605190

Fennel, Nahal Gilbon, tb032905291

Fennel, Nahal Gilbon, tb032905292

Garden Rocket

Garden rocket, Hod HaSharon, cd040315001


Bristly hollyhock, Gamla, gs050197055

Bristly hollyhock, Gamla, tb032705417

Bristly hollyhock, Mount Hermon, gs050197054

Hollyhock, Yad HaShmonah, tb060103501

Hollyhocks, Gamla, gs040191056

Stemless hollyhock, alcea acaulis, Maresha, gs030194052

Stemless hollyhock, Maresha, gs030194053

Wild hollyhock, Zichron Yaacov, gs050097b07


Hyssop in bloom, Moza Illit, gs060194677

Hyssop, kg031401106

Hyssop, Mount Gilboa, tb040200809

Hyssop, Moza Illit, gs040194674

Hyssop, Moza Illit, gs040194675

Hyssop, Neot Kedumim, tb011012325

Hyssop, Neot Kedumim, tb011012327

Roman hyssop, Neot Kedumim, gs100194828

Tea hyssop, Jerusalem, gs040191564

Tea Hyssop, Neot Kedumim, gs110094b134


Common mallow, Huleh basin, tb040400814

Common mallow, Tel Jezreel, gs030193550

Dotted mallow, Tel Dan, gs050090b116

Lavatera punctata, Tel Dan, gs050190488

Mallow, cd090304002

Mallow, cd090502003

Mallow, Mount Zion, gs050090b128

Queen mallow, Ein Harod, gs040091b117

Queen mallow, Huleh Valley, gs050197490

Queen mallow, Ramat HaNadiv, gs040197491


Charlock, Capernaum, gs030093b216

Plantain, Mount Hermon, gs050097b173

Thyme, Moza Illit, gs070194924

White horehound, Jerusalem, gs050093b131

Wild thyme, Moza Illit, gs070194925


Rosemary in bloom with bee, cd090430001

Rosemary in bloom, Jerusalem, cd090502005

Rosemary in bloom, Jerusalem, cd090502007

Rosemary, Avdat, gs000090789

Rosemary, Avdat, gs000090790


Summer savory, Ramat HaNadiv, gs040197829

Whorled savory, Neot Kedumim, gs030094b198

Whorled savory, Neot Kedumim, gs030194827


Woundwort, Arbel, gs020097b220

Woundwort, Ramat HaNadiv, gs040197899


Acacia near Nahal Bokek, tb030106486

Acacia near Nahal Tseelim, tb120703016

Acacia raddiana with long thorns, Serabit el-Khadim, tb032406617

Acacia raddiana, Serabit el-Khadim, tb032406616

Acacia thorn bush, Dominus Flevit, tb100103785

Acacia, Eilat, gs030197037

Acacia, En Gedi, gs050194036

Acacia, En Gedi, tb100106527

Acacia, Haibar, tb010712019

Acacia, Judean wilderness, tb021107523

Acacia, Nahal Mishmar, tb120703101

Acacia, sharp thorns, Ein Hudra, Sinai, tb062205388

Acacia, Tabgha, gs050190033

Acacia, Tabgha, gs050190034

Acacia, Timna Valley, tb010612875

Acacia, Wilderness of Sin, tb032506824

Acacia, Wilderness of Sin, tb032506826

Aleppo Pine

Aleppo pine, Ein Harod, gs110189719

Aleppo pine, Mevasseret Zion, gs020000b169

Aleppo pines, Neot Kedumim, tb091403011

Allepo pine, Moza Illit, gs080194720

Apple of Sodom

Apple of Sodom, cd060727001

Apple of Sodom, cd060727003

Apple of Sodom, cd060727004

Apple of Sodom, cd060727005

Apple of Sodom, Dead Sea beach, gs050194186

Apple of Sodom, Dead Sea beach, gs050194187

Apple of Sodom, Masada, gs000091185

Apple of Sodom, Masada, gs000091b41


Cactus flower, Bet Guvrin, tb052203004

Cactus flower, df062807014

Cactus flower, Jerusalem, gs060190644

Cactus flower, Yad HaShmonah, tb060103011

Cactus flower, Zorah, tb060204814

Cactus fruit, Gath, tb100902892

Cactus fruit, Gath, tb100902896

Cactus fruit, Lachish, df100902801

Cactus fruit, Lachish, tb092805454

Cactus near Tel Aijalon, tb071306444

Cactus near Tel Aijalon, tb071306446

Cactus near Zorah, tb060204806

Cactus near Zorah, tb060204807

Cactus near Zorah, tb060204809

Cactus with flowers, df062807015

Cactus with fruit, df100702801

Cactus with fruit, Hammat Tiberias, tb040300801

Cactus with fruit, Lachish, tb092805451

Cactus with fruit, Ramat HaNadiv, tb090506689

Cactus with fruit, Ramat HaNadiv, tb090506691

Cactus with sabra near Aijalon Valley, tb092406761

Cactus with sabra, Har HaRuah, tb090206642

Cactus, Bet Guvrin, tb052203003

Cactus, Gath, tb060906098

Cactus, Lachish, tb092805453

Cactus, Tel Aijalon, tb012503841

Cactus, Tel Aijalon, tb012503842


Cedar of Lebanon, Jerusalem, tb051908138

Cedar of Lebanon, Neot Kedumim, gs030097b49

Cedar of Lebanon, Neot Kedumim, tb011012315

Cedar of Lebanon, Neot Kedumim, tb011012342

Cedar of Lebanon, Neot Kedumim, tb011012364

Cedar of Lebanon, Neot Kedumim, tb101302806

Cedar of Lebanon, Neot Kedumim, tb102605445

Cedar of Lebanon, Neot Kedumim, tb112103297


Citron flower, Neot Kedumim, gs050197255

Citron tree, Neot Kedumim, tb112103321

Citron, Neot Kedumim, kg031401103

Citron, Neot Kedumim, tb112103311

Citron, Neot Kedumim, tb112103316

Citron, tb091403223

Citron, tb091403227

Citron, tb112103315

Citrons, tb100800807


Judas tree with dried seedpods, tb112103289

Judas tree with white blossoms, Lebanese border, gs040193235

Judas tree, gs000091234

Judas tree, gs040191233


Laurestinus, viburnum tinus, Jerusalem, gs050193989


Myrtle branch and palm frond, tb102605463

Myrtle branch, Neot Kedumim, tb102605462

Myrtle branches, Neot Kedumim, tb091403205

Myrtle branches, Neot Kedumim, tb091403210

Myrtle branches, Neot Kedumim, tb091403211

Myrtle, Neot Kedumim, gs010194576

Myrtle, Neot Kedumim, gs010194577

Myrtle, Neot Kedumim, gs060089b136

Myrtle, Neot Kedumim, gs100194578

Myrtle, Neot Kedumim, tb011012355

Myrtle, Neot Kedumim, tb011012356

Myrtle, Neot Kedumim, tb011012357

Myrtle, Neot Kedumim, tb011012361

Myrtle, Neot Kedumim, tb091403202

Myrtle, Neot Kedumim, tb112103262

Myrtle, Neot Kedumim, tb112103265


Cypress oak acorn, Hebrew University Jerusalem, cd090913003

Kermes oak, acorns, Tel Dan, gs110190754

Kermes oak, Dan, gs110189755

Mount Tabor oak acorn, Hebrew University Jerusalem, cd090913002

Oak, Elah Valley, gs110190750

Oak, Elah Valley, gs110190751

Oak, Horvat Seadim, tb070907036

Oak, Mount Carmel, tb040100837

Oak, Mount Hermon, gs050197757

Oak, Nahal Akhbara, tb032807906

Oak, Neot Kedumim, gs030094b178

Oaks of Bashan, tb041103713

Tabor oak, Horeshat Tal, tb032905171

Tabor oak, Horeshat Tal, tb032905175

Tabor oak, Horeshat Tal, tb032905182

Tabor oak, Ramat HaNadiv, tb090506738


Arbutus, strawberry tree, Neot Kedumim, tb112103288

Bead tree, Bether, tb010107282

Bead tree, Bether, tb010107283

Bead tree, Kinneret, gs040191560

Bead tree, Plain of Bethsaida, gs040191559

Beads, Moza Illit, gs110194563

Manzanita tree, Mount Scopus, df111702801

Strawberry tree, Neot Kedumim, gs060194115

Teil tree, Mount Merom, gs040093b170


Storax, Moza Illit, gs100094b222

Storax, Moza Illit, gs100194906

Storax, Neot Kedumim, gs030194905

Storax, Neot Kedumim, gs050097b221

Storax, Neot Kedumim, gs100194908

Styrax officinalis, Tel Dan, gs040189907


Sumach, Neot Kedumim, gs050097b184

Sumach, Neot Kedumim, tb102605450

Sumach, Neot Kedumim, tb102605452

Sumach, Neot Kedumim, tb102605453


Tamarisk tree, Beersheba, tb062400501

Tamarisk tree, Neot Kedumim, tb011012331

Tamarisk tree, Neot Kedumim, tb011012333

Tamarisk tree, Neot Kedumim, tb011012335

Tamarisk, Binyamina, gs030197913

Tamarisk, Binyamina, gs030197914


Elah, terebinth, tree, Elah Valley, tb060906179

Elah, terebinth, tree, Elah Valley, tb060906181

Elah, terebinth, tree, Elah Valley, tb060906184

Terebinth tree, Jerusalem, cd070608001

Terebinth tree, Jerusalem, cd070608002

Terebinth tree, Jerusalem, cd070608003

Terebinth, Nahal Elot, tb010303570

Common willow, Neot Kedumim, gs100194803

Euphrates poplar tree, Neot Kedumim, tb091403197

Nerium oleander, Jerusalem, gs050193586

Oleander, Jerusalem, gs000090587

Oriental plane, Dan, gs030193726

Papyrus, Hammat Gader, gs020190298

Papyrus, Huleh Basin, tb040400205

Reeds, Ein Fawwar, Wadi Qilt, tb031405139

Reeds, Gibbethon, tb070506236

Reeds, Neot Kedumim, tb011012365

Willow tree, Neot Kedumim, tb091403200

Willow, Neot Kedumim, gs050197802

Willow, safsafa, tree in Sinai mountains, tb061905797

Anabasis articulatis, gs040191085

Lavender, Yeroham, gs040197a44

Shaggy sparrow-wort, Thymelaea hirsuta, Samsonís rope, Neot Kedumim, gs100188921

Shrubby orache, atriplex halimus, Nahal David, gs050194162

White broom flower, Caesarea, gs040191777

White broom with flowers, Caesarea, gs030091b182

White broom with flowers, Nahal Tseelim, tb031504967

White broom with flowers, Nahal Tseelim, tb031504971

White broom, Nahal Tseelim, tb120703020

White broom, Neot Kedumim, tb011012347

White broom, Neot Kedumim, tb011012348

White broom, Neot Kedumim, tb101302857

White broom, Neot Kedumim, tb102605458

White broom, retama raetam, Neot Kedumim, gs010194776

White broom, Sinai desert near Ein Hudra, tb062205365

White hammada, south of Machtesh Ramon, tb010403905

White hammada, south of Machtesh Ramon, tb010403906

Atad, Christ Thorn

Atad, ziziphus spina-christi, Christ thorn, Ein Hatzeva, tb010712163

Atad, ziziphus spina-christi, Christ thorn, Neot Kedumim, gs100094b240

Atad, ziziphus spina-christi, Christ thorn, Neot Kedumim, gs100194a13

Atad, ziziphus spina-christi, Christ thorn, Neot Kedumim, gs100194a14

Atad, ziziphus spina-christi, Christ thorn, Neot Kedumim, gs100194a15

Atad, ziziphus spina-christi, Christ thorn, Neot Kedumim, gs100194a16

Atad, ziziphus spina-christi, Christ thorn, Neot Kedumim, tb011012352

Atad, ziziphus spina-christi, Christ thorn, Neot Kedumim, tb091403054

Atad, ziziphus spina-christi, Christ thorn, Neot Kedumim, tb101302803

Atad, ziziphus spina-christi, Christ thorn, Neot Kedumim, tb102605433

Atad, ziziphus spina-christi, Christ thorn, Neot Kedumim, tb102605434

Atad, ziziphus spina-christi, Christ thorn, Poriya, gs100000b239

Atad, ziziphus spina-christi, Christ thorn, Arbel, gs020097b238

Christ thorn, Paliurus spina christi, En Gev, gs040191689


Bramble, Artza, gs060194793

Bramble, Artza, gs060194794

Bramble, Neot Kedumim, tb091403166

Bramble, Neot Kedumim, tb091403167


Darnel, Gamla, gs040193524

Globe Thistle

Globe thistle, Arbel, gs050190317

Globe thistle, Beth Shemesh, tb062300101

Globe thistle, Capernaum, gs030093b79

Globe thistle, Neot Kedumim, gs050089b80

Globe thistle, Neot Kedumim, gs100188316

Globe thistle, northern Galilee, gs000088318

Golden Thistle

Spotted golden thistle, Mevasseret, gs040100840

Spotted golden thistle, Mevasseret, gs040100841

Spotted golden thistle, tb112103290

Gray Nightshade

Hairy nightshade, Moza Illit, gs040194887

Silverleaf nightshade, Beersheba, gs040000b217

Silverleaf nightshade, Nahal Taninim, gs050197883

Solanum incanum, En Gedi, gs000091885

Solanum luteum, En Gev, gs110190886

Holy Thistle

Holy milk thistle, Arbel, gs020097b215

Holy milk thistle, Capernaum, gs030193873

Holy milk thistle, En Gev, gs030093b211

Holy milk thistle, Jerusalem, gs050093b213

Holy milk thistle, Lachish, gs030088b210

Holy milk thistle, Mazor mausoleum, tb040100808

Holy milk thistle, Mazor mausoleum, tb040100809

Holy milk thistle, Moza Illit, gs040094b212

Holy milk thistle, Moza, gs110094b214


Musk dead nettle, Banias, gs030193475

Musk dead nettle, Moza Illit, gs030194474

Musk dead nettle, Nimrodís Castle, gs030091b114


Arrhenatherum kotchyi, Sea of Galilee, gs040193114

Arundo donax, Sea of Galilee, gs040193131

Briza maxima, Mount Zion, gs040191175

Echinops polyceras, Desert Research Institute, gs040197320

Grass in dunes north of Netanya, cd030115002

Grass in dunes north of Netanya, cd030115004

Grass in dunes north of Netanya, cd030115008

Holoschoemus vulgaris, Gamla, gs040093b106

Lolium rigidum, Gamla, gs040193523

Pennisetum asperifolium, Caesarea, gs050190702

Poa bulbosa, Mount Hermon, gs050197728

Thorn bush, Zorah, tb060204783

Thorn bush, Zorah, tb060204785

Aegilops ovata

Aegilops ovata, Desert Research Institute, gs040197048

Aegilops ovata, Desert Research Institute, gs040197049

Alopecurus utriculatus

Alopecurus utriculatis, Ein Harod, gs040191076

Alopecurus utriculatus, Antipatris, gs030093b11

Bromus madritensis

Bromus madritensis, Desert Research Institute, gs040197176

Carduus argentatus

Carduus argentatus, Arbel, gs030193207

Carduus argentatus, Beersheba, gs040197205

Carthamus glaucus

Carthamus glaucus, Arbel, gs050190209

Carthamus glaucus, Kibbutz Almagor, gs050190210

Carthamus glaucus, Yeroham, gs040197211


Centaurea eryngoides, Zafririm, gs050194221

Centaurea, Beersheba, gs040197217

Centaurea, Beersheba, gs040197218

Centaurea, Neot Kedumim, gs050197215


Iberian centaury, Antipatris, gs000090b51

Procumbent centaury, Caesarea aqueduct, gs040193222

Procumbent centaury, Caesarea aqueduct, gs040193223

Common thistle

Common thistle, Neot Kedumim, gs060093b202

Common thistle, Neot Kedumim, gs060093b203

Common thistle, Neot Kedumim, gs110094b204

Cotton thistle

Cotton thistle, Abila, tb060503037

Cotton thistle, Abila, tb060503039

Cotton thistle, Megiddo, gs050090b148

Cotton thistle, Megiddo, gs050090b149

Cotton thistle, Tel Beth Shemesh, gs040194617

Cyprus cane

Common reed Cyprus cane, En Gedi, gs040191132

Cyprus cane, En Gedi, gs040191130

Cyprus cane, Jericho, gs070191b25

Dactylis glomerata

Dactylis glomerata, Gamla, gs040193301

Dactylis glomerata, Gamla, gs040193302

Distaff thistle

Distaff thistle in seed, Neot Kedumim, gs100194153

Distaff thistle near Tomb of Maccabees, tb100702808

Distaff thistle, Moza Illit, gs090094b30

Distaff thistle, Moza Illit, gs100194152

Field eryngo

Field eryngo, Mount Carmel, gs050190350

Field eryngo, Mount Carmel, gs050190351

Juncus acutus

Juncus acutus, En Gev, gs110190463

Juncus acutus, En Gev, gs110190464

Lamarkia aurea

Lamarkia aurea, Jerusalem, gs040191467

Lamarkia aurea, Jerusalem, gs040191468


Onopordum carduiforme, Gamla, gs040193620

Onopordum carduiforme, Golan, gs040188619

Onopordum, Gamla, gs050197618

Paspalum paspaloides

Paspalum paspaloides, Moza Illit, gs040194700

Paspalum paspaloides, Moza Illit, gs040194701

Plantago lanceolata

Plantago lanceolata, Aphek, gs030193724

Plantago lanceolata, Aphek, gs030193725

Quaking grass

Large quaking grass, Mount Zion, gs040091b40

Sonchus oleraceus

Sonchus oleraceus, En Gev, gs030193888

Sonchus oleraceus, Mevasseret Zion, gs030100889

Tumble thistle

Tumble thistle, Gamla, gs040093b100

Tumble thistle, Sharon, gs030089b101

Tumble thistle, Zichron Yaacov, gs040197403

Wild artichoke

Wild artichoke, Maoz Zion, gs060194293

Wild artichoke, Maoz Zion, gs060194294

Wild artichoke, Maoz Zion, gs070194295

Spanish Thistle

Spanish golden thistle, Neot Kedumim, gs060194838

Spanish golden thistle, Neot Kedumim, gs060194839

Spiny Zilla

Zilla spinosa, Shaharut Negev, gs040100a11

Zilla spinosa, Shaharut Negev, gs040100a12

Syrian Acanthus

Acanthus, Bearís Breeches, Hazor, gs030189040

Acanthus, Bearís Breeches, Nahal El Al, tb032605191

Acanthus, Bearís Breeches, Nahal Iyon, tb032704253

Acanthus, Bearís Breeches, Nahal Iyon, tb040400813

Acanthus, Bearís Breeches, Omrit, tb032905148

Acanthus, Bearís Breeches, Omrit, tb032905159

Acanthus, Bearís Breeches, Omrit, tb032905162

Syrian Scabious

Common scabious, Nahal Yehudiyeh, tb040703811

Syrian Thistle

Syrian thistle, Arbel, gs020197592

Syrian thistle, Gamla, gs040093b142

Syrian thistle, Maresha, gs040094b141

Syrian thistle, Mount Carmel, tb050403714

Syrian thistle, Mount Carmel, tb050403715

Syrian thistle, Shiloh, tb041106445

Thorny Burnet

Thorny burnet, cd090207001

Thorny burnet, cd090404002

Thorny burnet, Maíale Michmas, gs040191824

Thorny burnet, Maíale Michmas, gs040191825

Thorny burnet, Mount Gilboa, tb040200858

Thorny burnet, northern Judean wilderness, tb031405158

Thorny burnet, northern Judean wilderness, tb031405383

Thorny burnet, sarcopoterium spinosum, northern Galilee, gs040188823

Tournefortís Gundelia

Tournefortís gundelia, Jerusalem, cd100401001

Tournefortís gundelia, Jerusalem, cd100401005

Tournefortís gundelia, Jerusalem, cd100405001


Aaronsohnia, Qumran, gs030197031

Aaronsohnia, Yeroham, gs040197032

Faktorovskyís aaronsohnia near Qumran, tb030401808

Achyranthes aspera

Achyranthes aspera, Sea of Galilee, gs040193041

Achyranthes aspera, Sea of Galilee, gs040193042

Adonis-Pheasant eyes

Adonis, Magshamim, gs050197044

Pheasant eyes, Jerusalem, gs040191045

Pheasant eyes, Jerusalem, gs040191046

Pheasant eyes, Magshimim, gs050097b04

Summer adonis, Arbel, gs020097b03


Ainsworthia trachycarpa, Arbel, gs030193050

Ainsworthia, Nahal Yehudiyeh, tb040703801

Ainsworthia, Nahal Yehudiyeh, tb040703802

Ainsworthia, Nahal Yehudiyeh, tb040703803

Ainsworthia, Upper Jordan, gs040088b05

Crown flower, Tabgha, gs030193118

Alkanet, Dyers

Alkanet, Gamla, gs050197091

Alkanet, Mevasseret Zion, gs030197093

Alkanna strigosa, Neot Kedumim, tb011012338

Alkanna strigosa, Neot Kedumim, tb011012339

Alkanna strigosa, Neot Kedumim, tb011012340

Dyerís alkanet, Bet Guvrin, gs020193059

Dyerís alkanet, Gamla, gs040191057

Dyerís alkanet, Ramat HaNadiv, gs020197058

Ammi, Toothpick

Ammi magus, gs000091077

Ammi visnaga, Neot Kedumim, gs060194078


Anchusa aegyptieca, gs000000A30

Anchusa aggregata, gs000091095

Anchusa aggregata, gs000091096


Anemone, df022002801

Anemone, tb040100802

Anemones near Sea of Galilee, tb022107105

Anemones near Sea of Galilee, tb022107106

Anemones, Mount Gilboa, tb031603801

Crown anemone, gs999103

Crown anemone, Mevasseret Zion, gs040000b19

Crown anemone, Mount Gilboa, tb031603803

Crown anemone, Nahal Meshushim pool, tb040903806

Crown anemones and crown daisies in Golan Heights, tb032605068

Red anemone, Lachish, tb021804922

Red anemone, Tell Beth Shemesh, tb021804896

Red anemone, Tell Beth Shemesh, tb021804897

Red anemone, Tell Beth Shemesh, tb021804906

Red anemones near Moza, tb030803826

Red anemones, Tell Beth Shemesh, tb021804894


Arum palaestinum, Arbel, gs030193129

Arum spotted, Ramat HaNadiv, gs040197123

Arum, Gath, tb060906054

Arum, Sepphoris, tb052200801

Green arum, Moza Illit, gs020094b23

Green arum, Sea of Galilee northern shore, gs040191b22

Green arum, Tel Dan, gs030193125

Palestine arum, Arbel, gs020197126

Palestine arum, gs000091128

Palestine arum, Lachish, gs040191b24


Asparagus aphyllus, Moza Illit, gs070094b26

Asteriscus graveolens

Asteriscus graveolens, Shakarut, gs040100141

Asteriscus graveolens, Shakarut, gs040100142


Ballota undulata, Elah Road, gs060190160

Ballota undulata, Gamla, gs050197161

Ballota, Arbel, gs050190159

Common Ballota, Hippos, gs040093b32

Behen Centaury

Behen centaury, Neot Kedumim, gs030000b50

Behen centaury, Neot Kedumim, gs030194219

Behen centaury, Neot Kedumim, gs030194220


Berberidaceae seed pods, Maresha, gs040100498

Berberidaceae seed pods, Maresha, gs040100499


Bindweed, convolvulus arvensis, Caesarea, gs050190267

Bindweed, convolvulus dorycnium, Neot Kedumim, gs060193270

Bindweed, convolvulus dorycnium, Neot Kedumim, gs060193272

Bindweed, convolvulus dorycnium, Neot Kedumim, gs070189269

Bindweed, convolvulus dorycnium, Neot Kedumim, gs070189273

Bindweed, convolvulus, Caesarea, gs040193276

Bindweed, convolvulus, Mount Carmel, gs020197274

Bindweed, convolvulus, Mount Carmel, gs020197275

Bushy bindweed, Hazor, gs050090b65

Field bindweed, Galilee, gs040000b63

Mallow-leaved bindweed, Galilee, gs040000b62

Silky bindweed, Capernaum, gs030193278

Birdís foot trefoil

Birdís foot trefoil, Herodium, gs010190533

Birdís foot trefoil, Herodium, gs010190534


Biscutella, Mount Zion, gs030093b37

Bishopís weed

Bishopís weed, ridolfia segetum, Sorek-Elah Valleys, gs060190783

Bishopís weed, Gamla, gs040093b187

Bishopís weed, Mount Gilboa, tb040200801

Bishopís weed, Mount Gilboa, tb040200802

Bishopís weed, Mount Gilboa, tb040200803

Bishopís weed, Neot Kedumim, gs050197784

Bituminaria bituminosa

Bituminaria bituminosa, Gamla, gs040191A23

Bituminaria bituminosa, Gamla, gs040191A25

Bituminaria bituminosa, Golani Junction, gs050197a24

Bituminaria bituminosa, Nahal Yehudiyeh, tb040703806

Bongardia chryso

Bongardia chryso, Shiloh, gs030193172

Bongardia chryso, Shiloh, gs030193173


Spanish broom, Jerusalem, gs040188893

Spiny broom, Nahal Iyon, tb040400863


Broomrape, orobanche, Ramallah, gs000091684

Desert broomrape, Dead Sea northwestern shore, gs040197244

Desert broomrape, Dead Sea, gs040197245

Mutelís broomrape, Gamla, gs050197683


Anchusa strigosa, Megiddo, gs030193097

Anchusa, Mount Hermon, gs050197099

Bugloss, Neot Kedumim, gs030094b16

Common bugloss, Gamla, gs040193092


Borage, Quneitra, gs050090b81

Bugloss, Gamla, gs050197321

Bugloss, Golan, gs050197322

Bugloss, gs000091323

Bugloss, Jezreel, gs030093b83

Bugloss, Moza Illit, gs040094b82

Bugloss, northern Judean wilderness, tb031405099

Bugloss, northern Judean wilderness, tb031405164

Echium glomeratum, Gamla, gs040191325

Echium glomeratum, Gamla, gs040191326

Echium judaeum, Banias falls, gs040189345

Judean bugloss, Mount Gilboa, tb031603806

Judean bugloss, Nahal Yehudiyeh, tb041103712

Judean bugloss, Qumran, tb030401810


Bupleurum nodiflorum, Neot Kedumim, gs050197180

Bupleurum nodiflorum, Neot Kedumim, gs050197181

Bupleurum rotundifolium, Hareís ear, Magshimim, gs050197178

Bupleurum rotundifolium, Hareís ear, Magshimim, gs050197179


Crowfoot buttercup, Mount Hermon, gs050097b181

Multi-colored ranunculus, Mevasseret Zion, gs040197763

Turban buttercup, double petals, with Maltese cross, tb040100838

Turban buttercup, Mevasseret Zion, gs040000b180

Turban buttercup, Mount Carmel, tb040100839

Turban buttercup, Moza Illit, gs040094b179

Turban buttercup, multi-petal, Mount Carmel, tb040100840

Turban buttercup, Nahal Meshushim, tb040903812

Turban buttercup, Nahal Meshushim, tb040903813

Turban buttercup, Nahal Meshushim, tb040903814

Turban buttercup, Nahal Meshushim, tb040903815

Turban buttercup, Tel Jezreel, gs030193760

Turban buttercup, wilderness near En Gedi, tb021603889

Yellow turban buttercup, Mevasseret Zion, gs040197764

Yellow turban buttercup, Mevasseret Zion, gs040197765


Calendula arvensis, Ketef Hinnom, gs010190184

Calendula arvensis, Mount Carmel, gs030193182

Calendula, gs000000183


Calystegia sepium, Nahal Taninim, gs050197191

Camphor weed

Camphor weed, gs000091b104

Camphor weed, gs000091b105


Bladder campion, Baram, gs040193870

Campion, En Gev, gs030193867

Egyptian campion, gs000091868

Egyptian campion, Mount Gilboa, tb040200806

Egyptian campion, Moza Illit, gs020194865

Silene succulenta, Caesarea, gs040193869

Capsella bursa

Capsella bursa pastoris, Mount Zion, gs000091204


Daucus carrota, Caesarea, gs050190306

Daucus carrota, Caesarea, gs050190307

Wild carrot, Aphek, gs050090b73

Wild carrot, dried head, Galilee, gs040091b74

Wild carrot, Tel Dan, gs050190308

Catananche lutea

Catananche lutea with trifolium repens, Arbel, gs030193212

Cerinthe palaestina

Cerinthe palaestina, Galilee, gs000091236

Cerinthe palaestina, Galilee, gs000091238


Chamomile in rock, Mount Gilboa, tb031603802

Chamomile mayweed, gs000091107

Chamomile, anthemis tinctoria, Beersheba Road, gs040100108

Chamomile, Gamla, gs050097b21

Chamomile, Nahal Meshushim, tb040903801

Chamomile, Sepphoris, gs040188105

Chian bugle-Ajuga chia

Chian bugle, Arbel, gs03018051

Chian bugle, Mount Carmel, gs030093b06


Chrysanthemum, echium daisies, bugloss, gs000088d15


Clematis cirrhosa, Shiloh, gs010190256

Clematis cirrhosa, Shiloh, gs010190258

Clover-Trifolium, Trefoil

Clover, Jerusalem, gs000090934

Pitch trefoil, Tel Dan, gs050090b176

Purple clover near Hippos, tb040803805

Purple clover near Mount Tabor, tb041003810

Purple clover, Bethsaida, gs030188936

Purple clover, Mount Gilboa, tb040200843

Purple clover, Sea of Galilee, gs000091937

Star clover, Mevasseret Zion, gs030000b224

Star clover, Mevasseret Zion, gs040000b225

Star clover, Ramat HaNadiv, gs040197940

Trifolium stell, Nazareth, gs030193939

Trifolium, Jerusalem, gs000090933

Trifolium, Megiddo, gs030193931

Trifolium, Mevasseret Zion, gs030197935


Comfrey, Mount Merom, gs040191911

Comfrey, symphytum palaestinum, Mount Hermon, gs050197909

Comfrey, symphytum palaestinum, Mount Hermon, gs050197910

Coriandrum sativum

Coriandrum sativum, Maoz Zion, gs040194279


Cranesbill, En Gev, gs030093b95


Crepis sancta, hawksbeard, Mount Zion, gs030193284

Cretan lettuce

Cretan lettuce, Jerusalem, gs050193460

Cretan lettuce, Jerusalem, gs060193462


Colchicum decaisnei, Arbel, gs110189259

Colchicum decaisnei, Tel Jezreel, gs110190260

Colchicum stevenii, Neot Kedumim, gs110194263

First rain colchicum, Moza Illit, gs110194261

First-rain colchicum, Moza Illit, gs110094b60

Winter crocus in Odem Forest, tb121702823

Winter crocus in Odem Forest, tb121702824

Winter crocus, Mount Carmel, gs110189285

Winter crocus, Moza Illit, gs120093b66

Winter crocus, Moza Illit, gs120194286


Corn crowfoot, Ein Harod, gs040191766

Corn crowfoot, Ramat Magshimim, gs050197767

Jerusalem crowfoot, Shiloh, gs030193768

Persian crowfoot, Bet Guvrin, gs040191758


Crupina crupinastrum, northern Galilee, gs040193299

Crupina crupinastrum, northern Galilee, gs040193300


Bellevalia cyclamen, squill, gs020090d20

Cyclamen hill, tb040100803

Cyclamen near Moza, tb030803808

Cyclamen, Mount Carmel, tb040100804

Cyclamen, Yad HaShmonah, tb022501802

Persian cyclamen, Moza Illit, gs030194288

Persian cyclamen, Nazareth, gs040191289

Pink cyclamen, Hazor, tb032704209

Pink cyclamen, Mevasseret Zion, gs020000b71

Pink cyclamen, Mevasseret Zion, gs040097b70

Purple cyclamen, Yad HaShmonah, tb022605252

White cyclamen, Har HaRuach, gs040000b69

White cyclamen, Mevasseret Zion, gs030100290


Common scabiosa, Gamla, gs040088b200

Crown daisy and purple clover, Hippos, tb040903808

Crown daisy and purple clover, Mount Gilboa, tb032505924

Crown daisy, Ashkelon, gs050189240

Crown daisy, Gamla, gs040191237

Scabiosa prolifera, Nazareth, gs040191830

Scabiosa prolifera, Nazareth, gs040191831

Scabiosa, Arbel, 030089b199

Southern daisy, Neot Kedumim, gs120093b036


Dandelion, Mevasseret Zion, gs030100919

Thick-rooted dandelion, Jerusalem, gs040191915

Desert spike

Desert spike, Beersheba, gs040197334

Desert spike, Jezreel, gs030093b85

Desert spike, Jezreel, gs030193335

Desert spike, Jezreel, gs030193336

Desert spike, Kedesh, tb032905041

Desert spike, Nahal Iyon, tb032704261

Desert spike, Nahal Iyon, tb040400815


Dianthus strictus, Ekron, gs070189312

Dianthus strictus, Maresha, gs060090b77

Dianthus strictus, Mount Carmel, gs050190309

Dianthus strictus, Mount Carmel, gs050190310

Dianthus, Nimrodís Fortress, gs110090b75

Dianthus, Nimrodís Fortress, gs110190b76

Diplotaxis erucoides

Diplotaxis erucoides, south of Machtesh Ramon, tb010403835

Enarthocarpus strangulatus

Enarthrocarpas strangulatus, Tel Arad, gs030197327

Enarthrocarpus strangulatus, df010303101


Erodium moschatum near Baram, tb040400820


Eruca sativa, Beth Shean, gs030193347


Erucaria hispanica, Jezreel, gs030189349


Fibigia clypeata, Mount Hermon, gs050197363


Figwort, Arbel, gs020197847

Figwort, Gamla, gs050197848

Figwort, Megiddo, gs030193845

Great figwort, Ramat Magshamim, gs050097b206

Red-stemmed figwort, scrophularia rubricaulis, Tel Jezreel, gs030193846


Desert fleabane, Neve Zohar, gs030197742

Fleabane, Shakarut, gs040000b177


Foeniculum piperitum, Moza Illit, gs080194373

Friarís Cowl

Friarís cowl, Aphek, gs020190116

Friarís cowl, Aphek, gs020190117


Fumitory, Nahal Taninim, gs050097b92

Fumitory, Nahal Taninim, gs050097b93

Ramping fumitory, Mount Hermon, gs050197377

Ramping fumitory, Tabgha, gs020190378


Gagea chlorantha, Moza Illit, gs010193381

Gagea commutata, Solomonís Pools, gs010190382

Gagea commutata, Solomonís Pools, gs010190383

Gagea, Aphek, gs040091b94

Gagea, Moza Illit, gs000094384


Geranium and morning glory, Yad HaShmonah, tb060103005

Geranium malacoides, Mevasseret Zion, gs2000386

Geranium molle, gs000000387

Geranium robertianum, gs000000391

Geranium robertianum, gs000000392

Geranium tuberosum, Mevasseret Zion, gs030197389

Geranium tuberosum, Shiloh, gs030393390


Geropogon hybridus, Gamla, gs040188393


Gladiolus italicus, Mevasseret Zion, gs040100397


Spring groundsel, Arbel, gs020197860

Spring groundsel, Mevasseret Zion, gs020000b207

Spring groundsel, Mount Zion, gs030091b208


Gymnarrhena micrantha, Desert Research Institute, gs040197404


Heliotrope, Aphek, gs050090b103

Heliotropium europaeum, Aphek, gs050190417

Heliotropium europaeum, Maresha, gs060190418

Heliotropium, Mevasseret Zion, gs040100415

Heliotropium, Mevasseret Zion, gs040100416


False heart-lipped helleborine, Neot Kedumim, gs030194863

Helleborine, Binyamina, gs030197862

Long leaved helleborine, Moza Illit, gs040194226


Helminthotheca echoides, Aphek, gs050190420


Henbit, Mount Hermon, gs050197472

Henbit, Mount Hermon, gs050197473


Honeysuckle, Mount Zion, gs050093b122

Houndís tongue

Blue houndís tongue, cynoglossum creticum, Baram, gs040193296

Blue houndís tongue, cynoglossum creticum, Binyamina, gs030197297

Houndís tongue, gs000091b72


White hedge-nettle, prasium majus, Mount Gilboa, tb040200842


Hypecoum, Shiloh, gs030093b108

Hypecoum, Solomonís Pools, gs010190428


Afternoon iris, HaBonim, gs020197406

Afternoon iris, Jerusalem, gs040191452

Afternoon iris, Mount Carmel, tb040100801

Afternoon iris, Nahal Iyon, tb040400804

Afternoon iris, Ramat HaNadiv, gs020197448

Afternoon iris, Yad HaShmonah, gs030097b102

Black iris, Mount Gilboa, tb032505004

Black iris, Mount Gilboa, tb032505023

Black iris, Mount Gilboa, tb032505962

Black iris, Mount Gilboa, tb032505967

Black irises, db031007550

Black irises, Mount Gilboa, tb032505003

Black irises, Mount Gilboa, tb032505009

Black irises, Mount Gilboa, tb032505018

Black irises, Mount Gilboa, tb032505963

Dark iris, Beersheba, gs040097b110

Dark iris, Beersheba, gs040197441

Dark purple iris, Netanya, gs020097b109

Hayneiís iris, Mount Gilboa, tb040200810

Hayneiís iris, Mount Gilboa, tb040200811

Hayneiís iris, Mount Gilboa, tb040200814

Hayneiís iris, Mount Gilboa, tb040200815

Hayneiís iris, Mount Gilboa, tb040200816

Iris, Yad HaShmonah, tb041600801

Iris, Yeroham, gs040197450

Israeli iris, Tel Beth Shemesh, gs020193443

Land of Israel iris, Shephelah, gs020091b111

Purple irises, df051002804

Purple irises, df051002805

Vartan iris, Megiddo, gs110091b113

Yellow flag, iris pseudacorus, Huleh Valley, gs050097b112

Yellow flag, iris pseudacorus, Huleh Valley, gs050197445

Yellow flag, iris pseudacorus, Huleh Valley, gs050197446

Yeroham iris, Yeroham, gs040197439


Ixiolirion, Yeroham, gs040197453

Ixiolirion, Yeroham, gs040197454

Jacobís Rod

Asphodelus microcarpus, Lachish, gs020193138

Jacobís rod, asphodelus luteus, Borot Lotz, gs040097b27

Jacobís rod, asphodelus luteus, Borot Lotz, gs040197b28

Tall asphodel, Ein Samiya, tb020503886

Yellow Jacobís rod, Arbel, gs000091137

Yellow Jacobís rod, Mount Carmel, gs020197135


Lathyrus blepharicarpus, Aphek, gs030193479

Lathyrus gorgonei, Chorazin, gs030193480


Launaea angustifolia, Gamla, gs040191484

Launaea nudicaulis, Neve Zohar, gs030197485


Lavandula stoechas, Mount Carmel caves, gs020197492

Lebanon candle

Lebanon candle, Mount Hermon, gs050197337

Lebanon granesbill

Lebanon granesbill, Mount Hermon, gs050197385


Leontice leontopetalum, Lachish, gs020193501


Coastal leopoldia, Beersheba, gs040097b118

Coastal leopoldia, Beersheba, gs040197506

Leopoldia bicolor, Neot Kedumim, gs030194507

Leopoldia longipes, Yeroham, gs040197505

Lesser elacampane

Lesser elacampane, Western Wall, gs110189430

Lesser elecampane, Neot Kedumim, tb112103269


Lilaceae, Mevasseret Zion, gs020100380


Field sword lily, Mevasseret Zion, gs040000b96

Field sword lily, Mount Carmel, gs020197395

Field sword lily, Yemen Moshe, gs030093b97

Madonna lily, Maoz Zion, gs050094b119

Madonna lily, Maoz Zion, gs050194508

Madonna lily, Maoz Zion, gs050194509

Madonna lily, Maoz Zion, gs050194510

Sea lily, Caesarea, gs090090b164

Sea lily, Caesarea, gs090190690


Limonium thouinii, Qumran, gs030197514

Lionís leaf

Lionís leaf, Sede Boker, gs030197500


Loosestrife, Golan, gs050197543

Loosestrife, Golan, gs050197544


Lotus collinus, Mevasseret Zion, gs040197532

Lotus, Caesarea, gs040189535

Lotus, Caesarea, gs040189536

Lotus, gs000000537


Love-in-a-mist fennel flower, Gamla, gs050197590

Love-in-a-mist, Ramat HaNadiv, gs040097b140


Blue lupin, Socoh, tb021707790

Lupin, Arbel, gs020097b125

Lupin, Arbel, gs030193541

Lupin, Arbel, gs030193542

Lupin, Mount Carmel, tb040100818

Lupin, Mount Carmel, tb040100819

Lupin, Neot Kedumim, gs030097b123

Narrow-leaved lupin, Galilee, gs050000b124


Malcolmia, Aphek, gs020190547

Maltese cross

Maltese cross ricotia, anemone, gs020090d19

Maltese cross, Arbel, gs020197781

Maltese cross, Mount Carmel, tb040100820

Maltese cross, Nahal Yehudiyeh, tb040703846

Maltese cross, Nimrodís Fortress, tb032607794

Maltese cross, Nimrodís Fortress, tb032607797

Maltese cross, Nimrodís Fortress, tb032607800


Malva nicacensis, gs000000a27

Malva nicaecensis, gs000000a26

Malva sylvestris, Yeroham, gs040197548


Pretty maresia, maresia pulchella, Caesarea, gs030000b130

Pretty maresia, maresia pulchella, Shiloh, gs020190555


Mayweed, Neot Kedumim, gs030000b20


Medicago polymorpha seed pods, Mevasseret Zion, gs040100558


Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum, Dead Sea, gs040197561

Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum, Dead Sea, gs040197562


Mey, Arbel, gs000091b39


Micromeria nervosa, Moza Illit, gs040194566


Yellow mignonette, Sepphoris, gs040188773

Yellow wild mignonette, Maresha, gs030194774

Molucca balm

Smooth molucca balm, Arbel, gs110189569


Molucella laevis, Arbel, gs110189568


Moricandia, Borot Lotz, tb010403864

Moricandia, south of Machtesh Ramon, tb010403865

Moricandia, south of Machtesh Ramon, tb010403866


Common mullein, Jerusalem, gs060193978

Common mullein, Jerusalem, gs060193979

Common mullein, Sorek-Elah Road, gs060190977

Mullein, Golan, gs050197975

Mullein, Golan, gs050197976

Mullein, Neot Kedumim, gs070089b235

Mullein, verbascum, Maresha, gs050194973

Mullein, verbascum, Maresha, gs050194974


Muscari, Moza Illit, gs020194574

Muscari, Moza Illit, gs020194575


Buckler mustard, biscutella didyma, Jerusalem, gs040191170

Buckler mustard, biscutella didyma, Jerusalem, gs040191171

Field mustard, Gamla, gs050197879

Field mustard, sinapis arvensis, Aphek, gs030193881

Mustard, Moza Illit, gs020094b78

Mustard, Moza Illit, gs020194882


Narcissus among thorns, Neot Kedumim, tbs74309303

Narcissus, Lachish, tb122304074

Narcissus, Lachish, tb122304077

Narcissus, Lachish, tb122304083

Narcissus, Moza Illit, gs010094b137


Navelwort, Arbel, gs030193962

Navelwort, Bet Guvrin, gs040188960

Navelwort, white umbilicus intermedius, Moza Illit, gs040194961

Nepeta curviflora

Nepeta curviflora, gs000000582

Nepeta curviflora, gs000000583


Oenanthe prolifera, Binyamina, ga030197598

Oenanthe prolifera, Binyamina, gs030197597


Onobrychis caput-galli, Sepphoris, gs040191608


Onosma gigantea, Mount Merom, gs040193621


Ophrys fuciflora, Ramat HaNadiv, gs040197629

Ophrys lutea, Azekah, gs020193635

Ophrys, Hazor, gs000091622

Ophrys, Hazor, gs000091623


Anatolian orchid, Mevasseret Zion, gs030197660

Anatolian orchid, Mount Merom, gs040193657

Bee orchid, Baram, gs040193638

Bee orchid, Hazor, gs030193637

Bee orchid, Moza Illit, gs030194632

Bee orchid, Neot Kedumim, gs030194641

Bee orchid, Ramat HaNadiv, gs040097b150

Butterfly orchid, Mevasseret Zion, gs030097b156

Butterfly orchid, orchis papilionacea, Mevasseret Zion, gs030100656

Galilee orchid, Mevasseret Zion, gs040097b154

Holy orchid, Tiberias, gs040191658

Holy orchid, Tiberias, gs040191659

Loose-flowered orchid, Binyamina, gs040097b155

Loose-flowered orchid, Binyamina, gs040197647

Loose-flowered orchid, Binyamina, gs040197648

Orchid, Mevasseret Zion, gs040197673

Orchid, Neot Kedumim, gs030100651

Orchid, Samaria-Sebaste, gs030193652

Orchids, Mevasseret Zion, gs040197668

Pink butterfly orchid, Neot Kedumim, gs030194655

Pink Galilee orchid, Mevasseret Zion, gs030197663

Three-toothed orchid, Mevasseret Zion, gs040097b157

Three-toothed orchid, Mevasseret Zion, gs040100671

Three-toothed orchid, Mevasseret Zion, gs040100672

Three-toothed orchid, Ramat HaNadiv, gs040197669

Three-toothed orchid, Zichron Yaakov, gs040097b158

White and pink Galilee orchid, Mevasseret Zion, gs030197665

White Galilee orchid, Mevasseret Zion, gs030197664

White Galilee orchid, Mevasseret Zion, gs030197666

White Galilee orchid, Mevasseret Zion, gs030197667

Oriental viperís grass

Oriental viperís grass in Arcadia, Greece tb051003801

Oriental viperís grass in Arcadia, Greece tb051003802

Oriental viperís grass in Arcadia, Greece, tb051003804

Oriental viperís grass, Moza Illit, gs040094b205

Oriental viperís grass, Moza Illit, gs040194843


Oxalis, Jerusalem, gs020190685

Oxalis, Jerusalem, gs020190686


Oxeye, Nahal Taninim, gs050197688

Prickly Oxeye, Megiddo, gs050090b163


Pallenis spinosa, Gamla, gs040193687

Passion fruit

Passion fruit flower, tb090902817

Passion fruit flower, tb090902820

Persian fritillary

Persian fritillary, Hazor, gs000090370

Persian fritillary, Hazor, gs020190371

Phyla nodiflora

Phyla nodiflora, Sede Boker, gs030197714


Pink pimpernel, Tabgha, gs050190087

Scarlet pimpernel, gs000091088


Podonosma orientalis, Jerusalem, gs040191730

Podonosma orientalis, Tel Jezreel, gs030193729

Yellow podonosma, gs040191732

Yellow podonosma, Jerusalem, gs040191731


Polygonum equisetiforme, Jerusalem, gs100189733


Corn poppies amid pink and field mustards, tb041103704

Corn poppies, Tiryns, Greece, tb050903802

Corn poppy and chamomile by Nahal Yehudiyeh, tb040703815

Corn poppy, Beth Shearim, tb040603813

Corn poppy, Beth Shemesh, gs040094b165

Corn poppy, Magshimim, gs050197693

Corn poppy, Mount Zion, gs050090b166

Corn poppy, Moza Illit, gs040190695

Corn poppy, Nahal Yehudiyeh, tb040703816

Corn poppy, Ramat Hagshamim, gs050097b168

Corn poppy, Ramat Magshimim, gs050197699

Corn poppy, Umm al Hedamus, tb060403152

Purple poppy, Hazor, tb032704210

Purple-horned poppy, roemeria hybrida, Tel Jezreel, gs030193785

Red-horned poppy, Sede Boker, gs040197401

Red-horned poppy, Sede Boker, gs0401987402

Yellow-horned poppy, Caesarea, gs050190399

Yellow-horned poppy, Caesarea, gs050190400


Evening primrose, Maoz Zion, gs060194599

Evening primrose, Tel Aviv, gs070189600


Pterocephalus plumo, Hippos, gs040193739

Pterocephalus, Moza Illit, gs040194A32

Pterociphalus plumo, Hippos, gs040193738


Bellflower, Moza Illit, gs040094b44

Bellflower, Ramat HaNadiv, gs040097b45

Rampion bellflower, Ramat HaNadiv, gs040197195

Rampion, Gamla, gs050097b43

Rampion, Nimrodís Fortress, gs050190193

Rampion, Nimrodís Fortress, gs050190194

Strigose bellflower, Gamla, gs040191197

Strigose bellflower, Ramat HaNadiv, gs040197196

Red everlasting

Red everlasting, Moza Illit, gs040194413

Red everlasting, Neot Kedumim, gs050197414

Reseda alba

Reseda alba, gs000091775


Restharrow, Hippos, gs040093b146

Restharrow, Jerusalem-Jericho road, gs040191609

Restharrow, Magshamim, gs050097b145

Restharrow, Megiddo, gs050190613

Restharrow, Neot Kedumim, gs050197614

Restharrow, Neot Kedumim, gs110094b144

Restharrow, Shiloh, gs070190610


Dog rose, Quneitra, gs050090b188

Dog rose, Quneitra, gs050190788

Gum cistus, Neot Kedumim, gs050097b58

Gum cistus, Neot Kedumim, gs050197247

Rock rose, cistus creticus Mount Carmel, tb050403704

Rock rose, cistus creticus Mount Carmel, tb050403705

Rock rose, cistus creticus Mount Carmel, tb050403708

Rock rose, cistus creticus Mount Carmel, tb050403710

Rock rose, Mevasseret Zion, gs040000b56

Rock rose, Moza Illit, gs040094b53

Rock rose, Moza Illit, gs040094b54

Rock rose-pips, Moza Illit, gs060094b57

Sageleaf rock rose, cistus salvifolius, Moza Illit, gs040194250

Sun rose, deep pink, Machtesh Ramon, gs040197407

Sun rose, light pink and yellow, Borot Lotz, gs040197410

Sun rose, Machtesh Ramon, gs040197411

Sun rose, Machtesh Ramon, gs040197412

Rostrate raddish

Rostrate raddish, Arbel, gs020197770

Rostrate raddish, df010403801

Rostrate raddish, df010403802

Rostrate raddish, Qumran, tb030401835

Rostrate raddish, tb030401701

Rostrate raddish, Wadi Qilt near Ein Fawwar, tb020503851


Salvia dominica, Jerusalem, gs040191810

Dominca sage, Maresha, gs030194811

Horn-leaved salvia, Mevasseret Zion, gs040100813

Jerusalem sage, Maresha, gs030194815

Jerusalem sage, Mevasseret Zion, gs040097b193

Jerusalem sage, Mevasseret Zion, gs040100814

Jerusalem sage, Mevasseret Zion, gs040100816

Jerusalem sage, mint, Neot Kedumim, gs060193705

Jerusalem sage, mint, Neot Kedumim, gs060193706

Judean sage, Neot Kedumim, gs050097b194

Judean sage, Sepphoris, gs040191817

Palestine sage, Metulla, gs030089b192

Palestine sage, Metulla, gs030089b196

Red-topped sage, Neot Kedumim, gs030194821

Red-topped sage, Tabgha, gs020090b197

Sage brush, Neot Kedumim, tb101302836

Sage brush, Neot Kedumim, tb101302837

Sage, tb112103246

Sage, tb112103248

Sage, Zichron Yaakov, gs050197807

Salvia fruiticosa, Mevasseret Zion, gs040100812

Salvia judaica, Sepphoris, gs040191818

Salvia viridis, Hazor, gs000091822

Salvia, Mount Merom, gs040191808

Salvia, Mount Merom, gs040191809

Salvia, Mount Merom, gs040193804

Salvia, Mount Merom, gs040193805

Salvia, Zichron Yaakov, gs050197806

Three leafed sage, Neot Kedumim, tb112103267

Wrinkle-leaved sage, Eilat, gs030097b195

Wrinkle-leaved sage, Yeroham, gs040197819

Wrinkle-leaved sage, Yeroham, gs040197820


Salsify seedhead, Kursi, tb040700844

Salsify, gs040191930

Salsify, Moza Illit, gs030194929


Scutellaria subvelutina, Neot Kedumim, gs050197849

Seed heads

Flower seeds and pods, Moza Illit, gs040194851

Seed head, Moza Illit, gs060194855

Seed head, Moza Illit, gs060194858

Seed head-teasel, Moza Illit, gs040194854

Sinuat sea lavender

Sinuat sea lavender, Moza Illit, gs060194512

Sisymbrium irio

Sisymbrium irio, Jerusalem-Jericho road, gs040191876


Snapdragon, anterrhinum siculum, Mount Zion, gs050190110

Snapdragon, Nahal Iyon, tb040400868

Wild snapdragon, Jerusalem, gs000091113

Wild snapdragon, Jerusalem, gs050191112

Wild snapdragon, Moza Illit, gs040194111


Pink sorrel, Dead Sea, gs040091b190

Pink sorrel, Dead Sea, gs040197798

Pink sorrel, gs000091799

Pink sorrel, Mezad Mahmal, tb042107651

Pink sorrel, Qumran, tb030401821

Pink sorrel, Qumran, tb030401824


Speedwell, veronica, Mount Hermon, gs050097d05

Syrian speedwell, Samaria-Sebaste, gs030193987

Water speedwell, veronica anagellis-aquatica, Arbel, gs030193982


Aleppo spurge, euphorbia aleppica, Nazareth, gs050190354

Jerusalem spurge, euphorbia hierosolymitana, Lebanon border, gs040193355

Jerusalem spurge, euphorbia hierosolymitana, Lebanon border, gs040193357

Jerusalem spurge, Nahal Iyon, tb040400830

Spurge, euphorbia, gs000000358

Spurge, Galilee, gs040091b89

Spurge, Haifa sea cliff, gs020190359

Spurge, Nahal Iyon, tb040400869

Spurge, Nazareth, gs040091b90


Autumn squill, Moza Illit, gs110195837

Blue squill, Banias Falls, gs040189835

Blue squill, Banias Falls, gs040191836

Common Roman squill, Moza Illit, gs120194165

Common Roman squill, Nazareth, gs020090b34

Desert Roman squill, Jericho, gs000091b33

Hyacinth squill, Nahal Iyon, tb040400828

Roman squill, bellevalia ciliata, Bet Guvrin, gs030194163

Roman squill, bellevalia ciliata, Maresha, gs030194164

Sea squill, urginea maritima, Jerusalem, gs000000963

White sea squill, Jerusalem, gs080089b233

White squill, En Gedi, tb100106523

White squill, En Gedi, tb100106524

Squirting cucumber

Squirting cucumber, Maoz Zion, gs090194314

Squirting cucumber, Old City, Jerusalem, gs090190315


Stachys, Arbel, gs030193895

Stachys, Arbel, gs030193896

Stachys, gs000000898

Star of Bethlehem

Narbonese Star of Bethlehem, ornithogalum narbonense, Gamla, gs040193682

Star of Bethlehem, Jerusalem, gs030091b159

Star of Bethlehem, Moza Illit, gs030094b160

Star of Bethlehem, Moza Illit, gs030194681


Sternbergia clusiana, Jerusalem, gs110189902

Sternbergia clusiana, Jerusalem, gs110190901


Stock, Arad, gs030197557

Three-horned stock, Caesarea, gs020090b132

Three-horned stock, Caesarea, gs020090b133


Stonecrop, Neot Kedumim, gs030194850

Storkís bill

Common storkís-bill, erodium cicutarium, Mevasseret Zion, gs030197340

Common storkís-bill, Moza Illit, gs030094b87

Desert storkís-bill, Desert Research Institute, gs040197344

Desert storkís-bill, Desert Research Institute, gs040197346

Large storkís-bill, Mount Gilboa, tb031603807

Large storkís-bill, Mount Gilboa, tb031603808

Large storkís-bill, Mount Gilboa, tb040200823

Large storkís-bill, Mount Gilboa, tb040200824

Mediterranean storkís-bill, erodium malacoides, Tel Dan, gs040189343

Storkís-bill, Neve Zohar, gs030197341


Sunflower field near Nahal Besor, tb050701836

Sunflower field near Nahal Besor, tb050701839

Sunflower near Nahal Besor, tb050701843

Tassel grape-hyacinth

Tassel grape-hyacinth, Mount Hermon, gs050197504


Tordylium aegyptiacum, Upper Jordan, gs040188928


Trigonella arabica, Arabian fenugreek, Arad, gs030197941


Desert tulip, Borot Lotz, gs040097b232

Desert tulip, Borot Lotz, gs040197956

Mountain tulip, Mevasseret Zion, gs030000b227

Mountain tulip, Mevasseret Zion, gs030000b229

Mountain tulip, Mount Carmel, gs020197952

Mountain tulip, Mount Gilboa, tb040200827

Mountain tulip, Neot Kedumim, gs030194951

Sharon tulip, Neot Kedumim, gs030097b231

Tulip in bud, Mevasseret Zion, gs030100947

Tulip, Mount Hermon, gs050097b230

Tulips in full bloom, Mevasseret Zion, gs040100949

Tulips, Mevasseret Zion, gs030100948

Tulips, Mevasseret Zion, gs040100945


Red valerian, centranthus ruber, Mount Zion, gs050193224

Valerian corn salad, Mount Carmel, gs030193967

Valerian, Haifa, gs020090b234

Valeriana italica, Mount Carmel, gs020197969

Venus comb

Venus comb, Golan, gs030091b201

Venus comb, gs000000833

Venusí looking-glass

Venusí looking-glass, Gamla, gs050197494

Venusí looking-glass, Sepphoris, gs040191495


Vervain, Nahal Taninim, gs050197980


Astragalus kahiricus, Yeroham, gs040100147

Astragalus kahiricus, Yeroham, gs040197148

Holy vetch, astragalus sanctus, Sede Boker, gs030197154

Milk vetch, Arbel, gs000091149

Milk vetch, astragalus callic, Tel Jezreel, gs030193146

Milk vetch, Tel Jezreel, gs030193145

Pink vetchling, Bethsaida, gs000088723

Purple vetch, Moza Illit, gs040094b237

Vetch, Borot Lotz, gs040097b31

Vetch, gs000091143

Vetch, gs000091144

Vetch, Zichron Yaakov, gs040097b236

Vetchling, Judea, gs040091b115


Vicia sativa, Sea of Galilee, gs040193997

Vicia, Capernaum, gs030193990


Vigna bean, Capernaum, gs110189998

Vigna bean, En Gev, gs040191999


Vinca herbacea, lesser periwinkle, Beth Shearim, gs040193A00

Wall rocket

White wall rocket, Neot Kedumim, gs010194313

Water cress

Water cress, Arbel, gs030193584

Willow herb

Willow herb, epilobium tournefortii, Nablus, gs030193331

Winged pea

Winged pea, Aphek, gs030193916

Winged pea, gs000091917


Yucca plant, Ramat HaNadiv, tb090506686

Yucca plant, Ramat HaNadiv, tb090506687


Zygophyllaceae, Negev, gs040100a17

Zygophyllaceae, Negev, gs040100a18

Field at Beth Shemesh, tb021804891

Field at Gezer, tb040607327

Field at Gezer, tb040607331

Field at Kedesh, tb032807970

Field near Mount Tabor, tb041003811

Field near Mount Tabor, tb041003813

Field near Mount Tabor, tb041003814

Field near Sea of Galilee, tb022107125

Field near Sea of Galilee, tb022107128

Field near Sea of Galilee, tb022107130

Field of red poppies, Megiddo, tb032604160

Field on Mount Gilboa, tb033007234

Field on Mount Nitai, tb022107194

Floral paradise, Mevasseret Zion, gs002000d22

Flowers at Hebrew University, tb042707024

Natureís rock garden, Arbel, gs020097d07

Red flowers in northern Judean wilderness, tb031405304

Terraces with olive and almond trees near Qatne, tb021705543

Wildflowers at Debir, Tell Rabud, tb030407787

Wildflowers near Sea of Galilee, tb022107084

Wildflowers on Jarmuth, tb030407648

Wildflowers on Jarmuth, tb030407674

Wildflowers on Jarmuth, tb030407680


Balanites, possible balm of Gilead, Neot Kedumim, tb091403022

Balanites, possible balm of Gilead, Neot Kedumim, tb091403024

Gum terebinth, possible balm of Gilead, Neot Kedumim, tb091403018

Gum terebinth, possible balm of Gilead, Neot Kedumim, tb091403025

Mastic tree, pistacia lenticus, Tel Arad, gs030197721

Mastic tree, possible balm of Gilead, Neot Kedumim, tb091403019

Castor Bean

Castor, Hinnom Valley, gs070189779

Castor, Neot Kedumim, gs050197780

Castor, Sepphoris, gs040093b185

Dyers Madder

Madder, Zichron Yaakov, gs040197791

Madder, Zichron Yaakov, gs040197792


Reticulate henbane, Tel Arad, gs030197426

Yellow henbane, Banias, gs050090b107


Henna tree, Neot Kedumim, tb101302822


Rockrose, white, possible source of ladanum, Neot Kedumim, tb091403033

Rockrose, white, possible source of ladanum, Neot Kedumim, tb091403035


Mandrake plant, Khirokitia, Cyprus, tb030605801

Mandrake plant, Khirokitia, Cyprus, tb030605802

Mandrake plant, Maresha, tb011500501

Mandrake plant, Paphos, Cyprus, tb030505600

Mandrake plant, Paphos, Cyprus, tb030505601

Mandrake plant, Shiloh, tb010110486

Mandrake plant, Shiloh, tb010110490

Mandrake plant, Shiloh, tb010110491

Mandrake, Golan, gs030191553

Mandrakes, Lachish, tb122304079

Mandrakes, Lachish, tb122304080

Rachel and Leah fighting for the mandrake, tb022700806


Myrrh rockrose, Yad HaShmonah, cd0706020003

Myrrh rockrose, Yad HaShmonah, cd070602001