Signs of the Holy Land

More than 900 high-resolution jpg images of signs related to archaeology, biblical events, biblical people: tribes, judges, kings, prophets, apostles; biblical places: cities, mountains, temple, bodies of water, valleys; biblical verses, curious, danger, errors, hiking, historical interest, historical people, Jerusalem, modern Israel, nature, prohibitions, rabbis, religious, and shops.

All images are high-resolution (1600 x 1200 or higher) jpg files, ideal for projecting in a classroom, viewing on a monitor or printing. Each DVD includes pre-made PowerPoint presentations for each category.

More than 900 high-resolution pictures of:

Biblical Events
Biblical People: Tribes
Biblical People: Judges
Biblical People: Kings
Biblical People: Prophets
Biblical People: Apostles
Biblical Places: Cities
Biblical Places: Mountains
Biblical Places: Temple
Biblical Places: Bodies of Water
Biblical Verses
Historical Interest
Historical People
Modern Israel
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Index of Photographs on this DVD

Archaeological Dig, Do Not Enter, sign at Bet Guvrin, tb022807517

Clermont Ganneau street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404724

Conrad Schick street sign in Jerusalem, tb010907365

Eliezer Sukenik street sign in Jerusalem, df072404955

Kadmoniot, Antiquities, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906984

Lookout and archaeology ruins sign at Tel Azekah, tb081204227

Louis Vincent street sign in Jerusalem, df072404957

Paul Emile Botta street sign in Jerusalem, tb010312697

Please excavation area sign in Smyrna, tb041405472

William Albright street sign in Jerusalem, df072404954

Yigael Yadin street sign in Herzliyya, tb090506928

Biblical Events (15)

Bonei HaHoma, Builders of the Wall, street sign in Jewish Quarter, tb010312445

Exit, exodus, sign at Philippi, tb031206060

Exit, exodus, sign in Athens, tb050803499

Exodus corned beef in Medeba, df070507103

Galeed, Monument, road sign in Jewish Quarter, tb010312593

Good Samaritan Restaurant sign on Mount Gerizim, tb043007222

Haye Olam, Eternal Life, street sign in Jewish Quarter, tb010312566

Jericho Temptation Restaurant sign, sw021605002

Men carrying grapes sign at Neot Kedumim, Numbers 13,23, tb102605506

Muddy Soil sign at En Gedi spa, tb030206521

Open pits sign near Dead Sea, cf Gen 14, tb011703001

Red Heifer Steakhouse sign in Jerusalem, df072404981

Shavei Zion, Returners to Zion, street sign in Mevasseret, Isa 35,10, tb090906965

Temptation Restaurant sign in Jericho, dm021505023

The place where Pilate arrested and scourged Jesus, sign on Via Dolorosa, tb011612921


Barak street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404799

Deborah the Prophetess street sign in Jerusalem, tb081004135

Ehud street sign in Jerusalem, df072404993

Gideon street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404789

Gideon street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404790

Gideon street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404791

Jair street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404801

Jephthah street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404802

Othniel street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404803

Samson street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404797


Amaziah street sign in Jerusalem, tb040605724

Asa street sign in Jerusalem, tb040605747

David and Goliath Lookout sign at Azekah, tb092805444

Hezekiah the King street sign in Jerusalem, tb040605723

Joram street sign in Jerusalem, tb040605713

King David Court sign in Jerusalem, tb010312706

King David Residence sign in Jerusalem, tb010312710

King David street sign in Jerusalem, df072404972

King David street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404728

King Davidís Museum sign in Jerusalem, tb091306293

King Davidís tomb objects collection sign in Jerusalem, tb070807990

King Davidís Tomb sign in Jerusalem, tb070807991

King Davidís Tomb sign in Jerusalem, tb082305466

King Hezekiah street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404775

King Saul street sign in Beth Shean, tb011512700

King Solomon street sign in Jerusalem, df072404979

King Solomon street sign in Jerusalem, tb010312723

King Solomon street sign in Jerusalem, tb010312731

King Solomon street sign near Petah Tikva, tb062407373

Kings of Israel street sign in Jerusalem, tb091902015

Museum of King David sign in Jerusalem, tb091306294

Tower of David Museum sign, tb011612791

Tower of David sign in Jerusalem, tb022705295

Tower of David Souvenir sign in Old City, tb011612796

Village of Saul Mental Health Center sign in Jerusalem, tb111206967

Zedekiah street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404811

New Testament

Chapel of the Primacy of St Peter, sign at Tabgha, tb011412598

Church of St Peter in Gallicantu sign in Jerusalem, tb091702002

Lydia city sign near Philippi, tb031106945

Paul photo studio sign in Rabat, Malta, tb112005729

St Barnabas, Salamis sign, tb030305014

St Mark street sign in Christian Quarter, tb010312341

St Paulís Haven coffee shop sign in Paphos, tb030505355

St Paulís Jewellery sign in Rabat, Malta, tb112005624

St Peter in Gallicantu sign in Jerusalem, tb082305468

Tomb of Lazarus sign in Bethany, tb051106189

Tomb of Lazarus sign in Larnaca, tb030205716

Virgin Mary street sign in Bethlehem, tb010107291

Old Testament

Abigail street sign in Jerusalem, df072404999

Abishai street sign in Jerusalem, tb040605750

Absalom Pillar sign in Jerusalem, tb051908137

Amminadab street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404842

Asahel street sign in Jerusalem, df072404000

Ascent of Abraham sign near Khirbet HaRoah, tb042007488

Barzillai street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404826

Bathsheba street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404841

Bezalel street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404743

Coresh, Cyrus, street sign in Jerusalem, tb010312725

Coresh, Cyrus, street sign in Jerusalem, tb010312730

Hephzibah sign in Harod Valley, tb032505043

Ithamar street sign in Bene Berak, tb062807399

Jael street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404798

Jesse street sign in Jerusalem, df072404995

Jesse street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404839

Joab street sign in Bene Berak, tb062807398

Joab street sign in Jerusalem, df062807048

Joshua son of Nun street sign in Jerusalem, tb040605745

Joshua son of Nun street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404783

Lots Wife sign near Dead Sea, jmd030405001

Nahshon street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404843

Naomi street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404832

Naomi street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404834

Obed street sign in Jerusalem, df072404997

Queen Esther street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404795

Tomb of Jesse and Ruth, cave of Othniel, signs in Hebron, tb092204939

Zerubbabel street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404805

Zeruiah street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404833


Elijah the Prophet street sign in Yeroham, tb042007428

Ezekiel street sign in Jerusalem, tb091902057

HaMevasser street sign in Jerusalem, Elijah the Prophet bringer of good news, tb040605830

House of Samuel sign in Jerusalem, tb010312696

Iddo the Prophet street sign in Jerusalem, tb081004126

Iddo the Prophet street sign in Jerusalem, tb081004127

Nathan the Prophet street sign in Jerusalem, tb091902048

Samuel the Prophet street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404721

Street of the Prophets street sign in Jerusalem, tb081004128

Street of the Prophets street sign in Jerusalem, tb091902011

Tomb of Samuel the prophet sign, dm020805007


Asher street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404786

Dan street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404810

Ephraim street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404788

Ephraim street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404809

Issachar street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404808

Issachar street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404814

Judah and Bethlehem street signs in Jerusalem, tb072404817

Judah street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404815

Levi street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404813

Manasseh street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404792

Naphtali street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404785

Reuben street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404793

Reuben street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404794

Simeon street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404807

Simeon street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906020

Tribes of Israel street sign in Jerusalem, tb081004129

Zebulun street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404812

Cities (74)

Adam Bridge sign, tb032505869

Alexandria-Troas sign, tb041605155

Anata, biblical Anathoth, sign, tb030206574

Ancient Corinth sign, tb031706964

Archaeological site of Philippi sign, tb031106948

Ashdod sign, sw022305001

Assos sign, tb041605137

Athens, Thessalonica, Apostle Paulís Altar sign in Berea, tb031406530

Beersheba, Hebron sign, tb030407771

Bet El and Ramallah sign, tb113006672

Beth Shean and Jericho sign, tb020506937

Beth Shean National Park sign, tb011512703

Beth Shean National Park welcome sign, tb011512704

Bethel Road sign in Jewish Quarter, tb010312388

Bethlehem and Ramallah signs, tb091902051

Bethlehem Awaits You sign, tb010107289

Bethlehem of Galilee sign, tb110106521

Bethlehem street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404796

Bethlehem street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404806

Bethsaida and Jordan River signs, tb032905916

Bus stop sign with Tiberias, Tel Aviv, Nazareth, tb022107151

Caesarea welcome sign, tb040603001

City of David sign, tb051908123

City of David sign, tb091702003

City of David sign, tb123011036

City of David, Silwan, Mount Zion sign, tb010312671

Colossae sign, eh010311744

Corinth, Athens, sign, rs032903476

Dan sign, tb011206372

Derbe sign, tb041105400

Eilat and Masada signs, tb010810124

Ephrathah street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404821

Gaza street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404752

Gerasa welcome sign, tb052908562

Gilgal sign near Jericho, tb022207338

Hebron street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404818

Hezekiahís Tunnel, Pool of Siloam sign in Jerusalem, tb022705704

Jaffa, Joppa, street sign in Jerusalem, tb091502002

Jericho Gate sign, tb113006523

Jericho oldest city in world sign, tb091504778

Jericho sign, tb052205958

Jericho welcome sign, tb091504888

Jerusalem and Eilat signs, tb010505502

Jerusalem municipal seal, cd080901601

Jerusalem, Eilat, and Masada signs, tb010810126

Jerusalem, Jericho, and Beth Shean signs, tb021107679

Jezreel street sign in Jerusalem, cd090225601

Kiriath Arba, Jerusalem, Machpelah, Carmel, Maon signs, tb030407790

Kiriath Jearim, Abu Gosh, Jerusalem signs, tb072404847

Konya, biblical Iconium, sign, tb041105531

Lachish sign and tell, sw022305003

Laodicea sign, tb041305205

Lystra sign, tb041105517

Magdala Center sign, tb011212439

Magdala sign on boat, tb102704508

Mahanaim sign, tb032905923

Megiddo sign, tb032507583

Nablus Shechem street sign, tb031605704

Ptolemais restaurant sign, tb100905711

Sardis welcome sign, tb041405644

Sepphoris street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404745

Shiloh welcome sign, tb041106374

Smyrna, Izmir, sign, tb041505683

Tabor street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906982

Tarshish street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906990

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem sign, tb072504850

Tel Azekah sign, tb081204226

Tel Hebron, Abrahamís Spring, sign, tb092204937

Tell Kedesh sign, tb032905034

Thessalonica sign, tb031106966

Tiberias and Beth Shean signs, tb022107161

Tiberias and En Gev signs, tb032805741

Tiberias and Qatzrin signs, tb032805742

Tiberias street sign in Jerusalem, df072404985

Mountains (16)

Ararat street sign in Armenian Quarter, tb010312364

Arbel street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906983

Carmel street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906981

Gilboa street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906976

Harel, Mountain of God, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906003

Harey Edom, Mountains of Edom, sign, tb052505132

Hermon and Banias signs, tb032905260

Hermon street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906973

Judean Mountains National Park sign, tb011007402

Meron street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906977

Mount Azmon street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906978

Mount Canaan street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906979

Mount Gerizim sign, tb043007223

Mount Gerizim, Berakha, Samaritans, sign, tb041106474

Mount Zion sign in Jerusalem, tb091702004

Zion Mountain sign in Jerusalem, tb091306296

Seas, Rivers, and Springs (20)

300 meters below sea level sign near Jericho, tb032505841

Dead Sea and Beth Shean sign, tb032505842

Dead Sea area map sign, tb010810127

Dead Sea bathing instructions sign, tb030206545

Dead Sea, Qumran, Scroll Caves sign from before 1967, tb021107674

Ein Gedi street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404824

Ein Rogel street sign in Jerusalem, df072404996

Ein Rogel street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404837

En Gedi sign, tb010810125

En Gedi spa sign, tb030206572

En Gedi Spring sign, dm021905012

Euphrates River, Nahar Prat street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906951

Gihon street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404840

Jordan River baptismal place sign, tb032705468

Jordan River sign, tb032905910

Lowest Place in World sign at Lido, Dead Sea, tb021107677

Red Sea, Yam Suph, street sign in Jerusalem, df072404937

Sea level sign near Jericho, tb091504770

Sea level sign near Jericho, tb091504771

The Jordan street sign in Tiberias, tb032705575

Sites (28)

Agora, to the market, sign in Mitylene, tb061206306

Ancient agora, sign in Samos Pythagorio, tb061606278

Ascent of Scorpions, Maale Aqrabbim sign, tb042207898

Bema, judgment seat, sign in Corinth, tb031706105

Bethesda, sign at St Anneís Church, tb011612832

Cave of Apocalypse sign on Patmos, tb061706610

Chios sign, tb061406688

Chios welcome sign, tb061406572

Garden of Gethsemane sign, tb051601002

Garden Tomb sign, tb010907366

Garden Tomb sign, tb010907367

Holy Sepulcher sign, tb010312287

Israelite Tower sign in Jerusalem, tb090405867

Jordan River Baptismal place, sign at Yardenit, tb011512651

Mei Nephtoah, Waters of Nephtoah, sign in Jerusalem, tb070907051

Ophir street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906998

Paradise sign at Dan, tb011206371

Patmos Paradise sign, tb061706620

Patmos rock where John baptized sign, tb061706636

Patmos welcome sign, tb061706646

Pools of Bethesda, Birthplace of Virgin Mary, sign in Jerusalem, tb011612831

Pools of Bethesda, St Anne Basilica, sign, tb011612830

Prison of Christ sign on Via Dolorosa, tb011612976

Prison of Christ sign on Via Dolorosa, tb011612977

Rachelís Tomb sign, tb092105333

Rephidim street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404720

Synagogue sign at Capernaum, tb011412576

Syrian Orthodox Church, St Markís Convent, traditional house of Mark and Upper Room sign, tb010312375

Temple (15)

Bet HaShoeva street sign in Jewish Quarter, tb010312590

Court of the Sanctuary sign at Arad, tb010512823

Cultic site, sign at Dan, tb011312509

HaBikurim, Firstfruits, street sign in Jewish Quarter, tb010312443

HaHatsotsrot, Trumpets, street sign in Jewish Quarter, tb010312594

HaMeshorerim, Musicians, street sign in Jewish Quarter, tb010312557

HaMeziltayim, Cymbals, street sign in Jewish Quarter, tb010312444

HaOmer, Sheaf, street sign in Jewish Quarter, tb010312441

HaTamid, Daily Offering, street sign in Jewish Quarter, tb010312453

HaUgav, Flute, street sign in Jewish Quarter, tb010312440

Holy of Holies sign at Arad, tb010512826

Israelite Temple sign at Arad, tb010512821

Maamdot Israel, standing of Israel for temple sacrifices, street sign in Jewish Quarter, tb010312575

Mishmerot HaKehuna, 24 Courses of Priests in Temple, street sign, tb010312596

Sacrificial altar sign at Arad, tb010512822

Valleys and Wilderness (16)

Arabah sign, tb042107619

Bet Ha-Aravah street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404828

Elah street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906010

Kidron Valley sign, tb090305802

Machtesh Gadol, Large Machtesh sign, tb042007440

Machtesh Qatan, Small Machtesh, Ascent of Aqrabbim, signs, tb042207870

Machtesh Ramon sign, df010403001

Machtesh Ramon sign, tb042107620

Nahal Zin street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404718

Paran street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404716

Sinai Desert street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404715

Wadi Darga sign, tb021107646

Wadi Kharig sign, tb032406530

Wadi Maghara sign, tb032506815

Wadi Paran sign, tb042107606

Wilderness of Sinai street sign in Jerusalem, df072404934

1 Sam 17,8-9 sign at Azekah, tb081204231

Acts 17 in Greek, sign at Mars Hill, Athens, tb031806307

Acts 17 in Greek, sign at Mars Hill, Athens, tb031806308

Acts 17 in Greek, sign at Mars Hill, Athens, tb031806309

Christodoulou, servant of Christ, sign in Rhodes, cf Rom 1,1 tb061806694

Cleanse me with hyssop, Psalm 51 sign at Neot Kedumim, tb011012344

Create in me a pure heart, Psalm 51 sign at Eliyahu HaNavi Synagogue, Jerusalem, tb083104536

Cretan Sweets shop at Heraklion airport, Titus 1,12, tb041504377

Crucifixion sign, John 19,16-18, at Garden Tomb, dm020105002

Ephesians 2 sign in Christian Quarter, Arabic, tb010312271

Ephesians 2 sign in Christian Quarter, English, tb010312269

He Is Not Here, For He is Risen sign at Garden Tomb, dm020105014

Isaiah 2,4 sign at Neot Kedumim, tb011012384

Isaiah 53 sign in Christian Quarter, Arabic, tb010312275

Isaiah 53 sign in Christian Quarter, tb010312274

Isaiah 65 sign at Neot Kedumim, tb011012372

Jesus baptism text in Mark 1, Hawaii Pidgin sign at Yardenit, tb033107266

Jesus Christ, Son of God, Romans 1, sign at Garden Tomb, tb050507250

Jesus Christ, Son of God, Romans 1,4, sign at Garden Tomb, tb051703101

Joel 2,13, Rend your hearts and turn to God sign, dm020605004

John 19 crucifixion passage in Holy Sepulcher, tb010312301

John 19 sign on Via Dolorosa, tb011612919

John 19 sign on Via Dolorosa, tb011612922

Maryís Magnificat sign at Ein Kerem Church of Visitation, tb031004838

Matthew 5,16 sign in Christian Quarter, tb010312278

Pray for Peace of Jerusalem, Psalm 122 sign, tb021004408

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, Psalm 122, sign at Christ Church Jerusalem, tb011612803

Prayer of Zechariah at Ein Kerem Church of John the Baptist, tb031004087

Psalm 120 sign at Neot Kedumim, tb011012349

Psalm 122, Our feet are standing in the gates of Jerusalem sign in Jewish Quarter, tb083104501

Psalm 126 sign at Neot Kedumim, tb011012366

Psalm 137, If I Forget You O Jerusalem sign near Davidís tomb, tb070807995

Psalm 27 sign in Christian Quarter, English, tb010312257

Psalm Room sign, tb070807992

Ruth 3 sign at Neot Kedumim, tb011012367

Shema Israel, Deut 6,4 bumper sticker, tb051908133

Song of Songs 7,12 Let us go out to the open field sign at Neot Kedumim, tb102605507

Sycamores in the Shephelah, sign at Neot Kedumim, tb011012359

Ten Commandments sign on Mount Zion, tb010312633

A Long The Way sign at Hierapolis, tb041305063

Belongingness sign at Sebastiyeh, tb070507858

Bungy jumping into Corinth Canal sign, tb031706902

Casablanca sign near Suez, tb010605510

City toilet sign in Jerusalem, cd090913069

Dallas Restaurant sign at Aspendos, tb041005376

Dress modestly sign with immodest magazines at Patmos monastery, tb061706593

Dungeon sign in Famagusta, tb030305516

Ferryboat sign near Canakkale, tb041605307

Go in Peace, Bon Voyage, signs at Yardenit, tb011512661

Grenade sign at Haibar, tb052403901

Hagia Sophia sign, 15 million lira, no student price, tb041705315

Healing mud-bath sign near Philippi, tb031106947

Join the Resistance, Fall in Love, graffiti in Jerusalem, tb040605709

Keep the Area Tidy sign at Saqqara, tb010705905

Marlboro Country sign in Hebron, tb122906184

Men bathroom sign in Greek at Greek Orthodox church in Capernaum, tb032805746

Men, andron, restroom sign in Athens, tb031806311

Net Cafe for Girls only in Minya sign, tb010805147

No soiling sign at Samothrace Fonias River, tb031006373

Nuclear Free Zone sign on Samos, tb061506934

Pay 1 quadrillian dinar to climb to Monastery, sign at Petra, dg031901001

Prices for photography sign at Meidum, tb010705005

Riders of Israel sign, rw032205003

Sorry for Disturbance sign at Saqqara, tb010705904

Toilet sign at Medinet Habu, mk041305001

Toilet sign at St Anneís Church, tb011612909

Toilet sign at St Anneís Church, tb011612910

Two mens bathrooms signs at convent on Hill of Offense, Jerusalem, tb091306360

Upside down sign at Turjeman Post, tb081004117

WC sign at Capernaum, tb011412592

We are all human beings sign, tb081004185

Women restroom sign in Athens, tb031806310

Abyss ahead sign near Gamla, tb032705287

Abyss sign in Nahal Zin, tb102899001

Attention it may collapse sign in Smyrna, tb041405490

Barrier ahead sign in Jewish Quarter, tb010312598

Beware of camels near road sign near Sede Boqer, tb042007458

Camel crossing sign in Negev, df010303016

Car falling in water sign at Nafplio, tb050903

Caution potholes on path sign in Jerusalem, tb022304554

Caution, Road, sign at Haibar, tb010712038

Danger cliff edge, sign at Hippos, tb011312523

Danger Firing Range sign east of Derekh Alon, tb020503011

Danger minefield sign at Hippos, tb110406667

Danger minefield sign near Aijalon, tb110302001

Danger minefield sign toppled south of Machtesh Ramon, tb010403002

Danger Mines sign near Kursi, tb032805619

Danger mines sign, cd020606895

Danger Mines, sign at Hippos, with cows grazing, tb011312562

Danger of Death sign on electric pole in Jerusalem, tb091506618

Danger of Death sign on electric pole in Jerusalem, tb091506619

Danger of drowning sign near Capernaum, mf102602101

Danger stay away from the trenches sign in Sardis, tb041405580

Danger, cliff edge, sign in Nahal Zin, tb010512839

Danger, cliff edge, sign in Nahal Zin, tb010512845

Danger, do not enter reservoir, sign at Neot Kedumim, tb011012362

Danger, Please Stop Here sign in Kamiros, Rhodes, tb061806899

Dead Sea sudden dropoff sign, tb052503

Deep Holes sign at Dor, tb090506870

Do not leave belongings in vehicle sign at En Gedi spa, tb030206573

Escape Route sign at En Gedi, tb010812261

Fire danger sign at Pergamum, tb041505737

Firing area, entrance forbidden sign on Mount Gilboa, tb031603001

Man and child sign in Golan Heights, tb032605063

Man falling sign in Ephesus, mf010199001

Mortal Danger sign at Nahal Iyon, tb032607772

Mortal Danger sign at Nahal Iyon, tb032607773

No Passage Danger, Visitorís Route signs at Troy, tb041605272

No passage with arrow sign in Nahal Zin, tb102899002

Pedestrians, old people, sign near Amathus, tb030605729

Skull and crossbones sign at Arad, tb110702008

Slippery Road sign near Bethsaida, tb032805863

Slippery Road sign on Mount Gilboa, tb032505950

Slow Dangerous Curves sign near Mount Carmel, tb050403151

Slow, Old Men on the Road sign in Jerusalem, df072404931

Trail warning sign in Galilee, tbs103189904

Wadi closed due to danger of flooding, sign at Qumran, tb010812310

Walls without rail, watch children, sign in Lindos, Rhodes, tb061806724

Watch out for rolling stones sign at Herodium, tb052105018

Acadey of Hebrew Language sign at Hebrew University, tb111206951

Acient Diolkos sign near Corinth, tb031706937

Bathing is Forbihted sign at En Gev, tb040104260

Bewar of Loose Rocks sign at Machtesh Ramon, tb110802001

Burea of Lawyers sign in Dahab, tb032606949

Cloackroom sign in Athens, tb031806301

Cnaanaite city sign at Arad, tb022604644

Danger of slippery sign in City of David, tb112503933

Entrance is char geable sign at Philadelphia, tb041505654

Holly Church sign in Ialysos, Rhodes, tb061806915

Holy Christian Pilgrimage sign on bus, tb122604495

Iíam going to McDonalds sign in Halicarnassus, tb062106076

Keep Clear the Ancienty City sign at Perga, tb062506521

No photos of marriage sign at Muhraqa, tb011006352

Passengers are severiously not allowed sign in Chios, tb061406571

Security Pitt sign at Achzib, tb100905753

Stairs are slippery, with our apologize, sign in City of David, tb110705630

Swimmung prohibited sign at Nof Ginosar, tb011412621

Visitorsare kindly requested to stay behinde this line, sign in Blue Mosque, Istanbul, tb041705400

You Are Hear sign at Ein Harod, tb032604170

Aqrabbim Ascent sign, tb010712166

Bible Trail sign on Mount Gilboa, tb011212431

Black trail marker near Azekah, tb081204230

En Gedi Spring sign, tb022005644

Hava waterholes, Mizpe Ramon sign, tb042107650

Hidden Waterfall, Bene Hamoshavim ascent sign near En Gedi, tb022005616

Hiking sign near Azekah, tb081204228

Hiking trail signs in Nahal Tseelim, tb031504940

Israel National Trail marker at Machtesh Ramon, tb110702007

Israel National Trail marker near Azekah, tb081204229

Leopards sign in Nahal Bokek Reserve, tb030106452

Nahal Yehudiyeh sign, tb040703001

Noah ascent sign in Machtesh Ramon, tb042107649

Unusual trail marker on Mount Carmel, tb050403601

Wadi Elot hiking trail sign, df0103030001

Wadi Qilt trails sign, tb020503013

Walking Trail sign at Bet Guvrin, tb022807516

Warning Difficult Hike sign at En Gedi, tb021906300

Acropolis sign, rs032803399

Blood of the Maccabees street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906955

Bokek Stronghold sign, tb030106495

Castle sign in Mithymna, Lesbos, tb061306388

Hippodrome sign near Gerasa, tb052908583

Masada National Park sign, tb010812257

Paleopolis city sign on Cyprus, tb031006408

Phoenicia Glass Work sign in Yeroham, tb042007430

Roman baths sign at Samos Pythagorio, tb061606243

Samaritan Newspaper sign on Mount Gerizim, tb043007062

Sanctuary of Great Gods sign on Samothrace, tb031006236

Sanctuary of Great Gods sign on Samothrace, tb031006239

Scroll Caves sign from before 1967, tb021107675

Siq sign in Petra, tb053008733

Sofer family, scribe, sign in Merom, tb032807933

Soreg, Temple Balustrade, street sign in Jerusalem, tb090605874

Via Egnatia sign at Philippi, tb031106767

Winged beetles outside Hebrew University Givat Ram, tb111206939

Abraham Lincoln street sign in Jerusalem, df072404970

Alexander Jannaeus street sign in Jerusalem, tb010312724

Alexander Jannaeus street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404734

Allenby Bridge sign, tb020506936

Aristobulus street sign in Jerusalem, tb100102002

Bar Kochba street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404713

Ben Sira street sign in Jerusalem, df072404977

Benjamin Disraeli street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404767

Benjamin of Tudela street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404749

Churchill street sign on Mount Scopus, tb042707025

David Alroyi street sign, false messiah in 12th century, tb040605722

Einstein Institute of Mathematics, sign at Hebrew University, tb111206959

Eliezer of Modiin street sign in Jerusalem, tb040605743

Frederic Chopin street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404762

George Washington street sign in Jerusalem, df072404971

Heinrich Heine street sign by Montefiore windmill in Jerusalem, tb040605789

Isaac A Cremieux street sign in Jerusalem, French lawyer and statesman, tb040605774

John Kennedy street in Rhodes, tb061906205

John Paul II street sign in Bethlehem, tb010107294

King Faisal street sign in Muslim Quarter, tb011612916

Lloyd George street sign in Jerusalem, tb040605773

Martin Luther School sign in Christian Quarter, tb083104543

Mattathias street sign, father of Maccabee family, tb072404804

Mendele Mocher Sefarim street sign in Jerusalem, Mendele the Bookseller, tb040605846

Omar Ibn el-Khattab square sign in Jerusalem, tb090605921

Pope Paul VI street sign in Bethlehem, tb010107293

Queen Helene street sign in Jerusalem, tb091902012

Queen Helene street sign in Jerusalem, tb091902013

Queen Shlomzion, Salome Alexandra, street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404735

Ragheb Nashashibi street sign in Jerusalem, mayor of Jerusalem 1920-34, df072404945

Saladin street sign in Jerusalem, tb042705889

Simon Dubnov and Zvi Graets street signs in Jerusalem, tb072404765

Socrates street sign in Nicosia, Cyprus, tb030405071

St Francis street sign in Old City Jerusalem, tb010312272

St Georgeís street sign in Jerusalem, tb081004168

St Helena Road sign in Christian Quarter, tb010312285

Sultan Suleiman street sign in Jerusalem, tb042705890

Al Zakah Committee of Jerusalem sign, tb091306262

Al-Quds University sign, tb090705014

American Colony Hotel sign in Jerusalem, tb072404727

American Road sign in Jerusalem, cd070523011

Antonia Fortress, 1st station, sign on Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem, tb010310602

Armenian Tavern sign in Jerusalem, tb091306291

Austrian Hospice sign in Muslim Quarter, tb011612985

Bar Mitzvah, building in Jewish Quarter, tb091306086

Bible Museum and Israel Museum signs in Jerusalem, tb040605706

Bible Society shop in Christian Quarter, tb091306281

Bikur Holim, Visiting the Sick, street sign in Armenian Quarter, tb010312363

Border Police sign near Temple Mount, tb091306272

Burnt House sign in Jerusalem, tb071207105

Casa Nova street sign in Christian Quarter, tb010312258

Chamber of the Holocaust sign in Jerusalem, tb082305464

Christ Church entrance sign in Old City, tb011612797

Christian Quarter street sign, tb010312279

Citadel Hostel sign in Old City, tb010312359

Damascus Gate, Shechem Gate sign in Jerusalem, tb072404726

Damascus Gate, Via Dolorosa, Suq sign in Jerusalem, tb092902874

De La Salle High School sign in Jerusalem, tb010310719

Dome of the Rock Rest House sign, tb011612928

Donít buy here graffiti on Old City shop, tb091306273

HaBerekha, the Pool, street sign in Jerusalem, tb010312675

Hebrew Union College and Skirball Museum signs in Jerusalem, tb010312709

Hebrew Union College sign in Jerusalem, tb010312712

Hebrew University Botanical Garden sign, tb042707006

Herodís Gate Ascent sign in Muslim Quarter, tb011612917

In Honor of the Glory of Kingship that Fills the City of David, sign in Jerusalem, tb051907768

Israel Museum sign in Jerusalem, tb040605707

Issa is the Name, Basketball is the Game, sign in Old City, tb010310723

Jaffa Gate Hostel sign in Jerusalem, tb022705294

Jaffa Gate sign in Old City, tb011612036

Jaffa street sign in Jerusalem, tb091502001

Jerusalem Archaeological Park sign, tb090705022

Jerusalem Inn sign, tb100102009

Jerusalem municipal seal, df090501802

Jerusalem municipal sign, tb040605710

Jerusalem seal on concrete lampstand, tb091502003

Jerusalem Welcome Center Chabad sign in Jewish Quarter, tb010312389

Jewish Cemeteries in Jerusalem sign, tb051908124

Jewish Quarter sign, tb091102001

Jewish Quarter signs, tb083104515

Jewish Quarter street sign in Jerusalem, tb083104542

Jewish Quarter, Mamilla, Jaffa Gate signs, df072404966

Karaites street sign in Jerusalem, tb051906315

Latin Patriarchate street sign, tb010310724

Lev HaIvri street sign in Jerusalem, book by Rabbi Schlesinger, tb072404768

Lions Gate street sign in Muslim Quarter, tb011612914

Mahane Yehuda Market sign in Jerusalem, tb091502005

Map of the Armenian Genocide sign in Jerusalem, tb022705297

Mea Shearim modest dress sign in Jerusalem, tb081004136

Mea Shearim modest dress sign in Jerusalem, tb081004147

Mea Shearim street sign in Jerusalem, tb081004157

Mea Shearim, Bet Yisrael signs in Jerusalem, df072404960

Misgav Ladach street sign in Jerusalem, tb091102003

Mishkenot Shaananim sign in Jerusalem, tb040605792

Moscow Square sign in Russian Compound, Jerusalem, tb111106810

Mt Scopus, Atarot, Ramallah sign in Jerusalem, tb072404733

Muristan street sign in Jerusalem, tb022705422

Museums street sign in Jerusalem, tb111206966

Nahalat Shiva sign in Jerusalem, tb100102011

New Gate sign in Old City, tb010312749

Ophel Walls sign, tb010112123

Presidentís House, Bet HaNasi sign in Jerusalem, tb072404758

Ramparts Walk sign in Old City, tb011612037

Ramparts Walk sign near Old City, tb011612038

Russian Compound closed sign of British Mandate in Jerusalem, tb100102016

Russian Compound symbol in Jerusalem, tb100102018

Shalom Aleichem street sign in Jerusalem, df072404974

Shrine of the Book entrance sign in Jerusalem, tb091506512

Studio for Armenian Pottery sign in Old City, tb010312618

Sultanís Pool sign in Jerusalem, tb010312673

Suq El-Bazaar street sign in Jerusalem, tb092902802

Temple Mount entrance forbidden by rabbis sign, tb122604453

Third Wall street sign in Jerusalem, df072404962

Third Wall street sign in Jerusalem, tb081004123

Third Wall street sign in Jerusalem, tb081004124

Tiferet Israel street sign in Jerusalem, tb051906320

Tiferet Israel street sign in Jewish Quarter, tb010312559

Tourist sites in Old City sign, tb010312280

United Nations OCHA sign in Jerusalem, tb081004167

Western Wall and City of David signs, tb091702005

Western Wall sign, tb091702007

Western Wall street sign, tb091102004

YMCA East Jerusalem sign, df072404951

Zion Gate sign in Old City, tb010312621

Ahad HaíAm street sign in Jerusalem, advocate of spiritual Zionism, tb072404731

Ammunition Hill sign in Jerusalem, tb072404723

Avraham Ticho street sign in Jerusalem, tb100102003

Battei Mahaseh sign in Jewish Quarter, tb010312589

Bring Oslo to Justice graffiti in Jordan Rift, tb032505883

Chaim Bar Lev street sign in Jerusalem, df072404948

Commander street sign in Jerusalem, in honor of Micah Peeks, killed in 1967 war, tb072404836

David Marcus street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404764

Eli Cohen street sign in Jerusalem, tb040605714

Eliezer Ben Yehuda monument, Hebrew U, Givat Ram, tb111206953

Emile Zola street sign in Jerusalem, tb040605769

Engineering Corps street sign in Jerusalem, df072404953

English hikers attacked sign in Nahal Paran, tb042007547

Gershon Agron street sign in Jerusalem, journalist and mayor of Jerusalem, df072404980

Ghandiís Road, Rehavam Zeevi, sign in Jerusalem, tb032505843

Golda Meir street sign in Herzliyya, tb090506929

Gush Katif welcome sign, tb040305330

HaAyin Het street sign in Jerusalem, the 78 killed in convoy to Hadassah in 1948, tb081004190

Haganah street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404714

HaLamed He street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404772

Ha-Palmach street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404770

Hovevei Zion, Lovers of Zion, street sign in Jerusalem, 19th c movement in Eastern Europe, tb072404769

IDF logo sign in eastern Samaria, tb031405170

Israel Giladi street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404823

Jews are not Zionists sign in Jerusalem, tb081004141

Joseph Bar-Nisan street sign in Jerusalem, organizer of Irgun, tb040605719

Joseph Trumpeldor street sign in Jerusalem, tb081304794

Kahane was right, Arabs should be killed, graffiti in Bene Berak, tb062807409

Keren HaYesod street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404729

Keren Kayemet LeIsrael street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404738

Kol HaKavod LeIDF, Congratulations to the IDF, graffiti in Jerusalem, tb072404754

Koveshei Katamon, Conquerors of Katamon, street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404771

Leave Gaza bumper sticker in Jerusalem, tb072404763

Leib Yaffe street sign in Jerusalem, Zionist leader killed in 1948, tb072404831

Lohame HaRova BeTashah, Fighters of the Quarter in 1948, street sign in Jewish Quarter, tb010312560

Maíapilim, Pioneers, street sign in Mevasseret, illegal immigrants into Mandatory Palestine, tb090906958

Mehalkei HaMayim, Water Distributors, street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404773

Menahem Begin Blvd, Jerusalem, Tiberias, signs, tb011512699

Menahem Ussishkin street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404737

Mitla Pass street sign in Jerusalem, df072404935

Mivza Qadesh street sign, nickname for Sinai Campaign in 1956, df072404991

Mordechai Narkis street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404739

Mota Mordechai Gur sign at St Stephens Gate in Jerusalem, tb010310642

Museum on the Seam sign in Jerusalem, Turjeman post, tb081004118

No Arabs, no attacks, bumper sticker in Hebron, tb092204942

November 29 street sign in Jerusalem, date of UN Partition vote, tb040605720

One Last Day Museum, Karaite Synagogue, signs in Jerusalem, tb051906316

Orde Wingate square sign in Jerusalem, tb072404753

Pal-Yam street sign in Jerusalem, navy of Haganah, df072404927

Paratroopers street sign in Jerusalem, tb081004189

Partition wall shall fall sign in Bethany, tb051106136

Peace dove with target in Bethlehem, cd071222101

Pierre-Eugene Gilbert Square sign in Jerusalem, tb010312704

Protest tent against home eviction in Silwan sign, tb123011035

Siegfried Moses street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404829

Six Days and Paran street signs in Jerusalem, df072404933

Six Days street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404717

Six Days street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906961

Tank road sign in Golan Heights, tb032905921

Tel Aviv and Ramallah signs, tb122006011

The President street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404760

The President street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404761

Tsahal, IDF, Square sign in Jerusalem, tb010312732

UN Unwanted Nobodies bumper sticker in Hebron, tb092204941

War of Independence Memorial sign in Jerusalem, tb090405855

We will return key, sign in Jericho, cd100218101

Welcome to Israel sign at Ben Gurion airport, at011804001

Welcome to Israel sign at Ben Gurion airport, cd100091103

Yasser Arafat street sign in Bethlehem, tb092204901

Yehuda Alkalai street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404766

Yehuda Barashi square sign in Jerusalem, tb072404774

Yigael Yadin and Golda Meir street signs in Herzliyya, tb090506927

Yitzhak Kariv, mayor of Jerusalem, street sign in Jerusalem, tb010312720

Yitzhak Kariv, mayor of Jerusalem, street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404844

Zeev Jabotinsky street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404730

Zeev Jabotinsky street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404757

Ahlama, Amethyst, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906989

Arazim, Cedars, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906009

Armon, Chestnut, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906964

Avnei Chen, Precious Stones, square sign in Mevasseret, tb090906002

Bareket, Emerald, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906993

Brosh, Cypress, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906018

Duhifat, Hoopoe, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906970

Duvdevan, Cherry, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906967

Egoz, Walnut, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906963

Habdolah, Crystal, square sign in Mevasseret, tb090906991

HaDror, Swallow, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906968

HaHazav, Stonecutter, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906036

Haruvit, Carob, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906034

HaShikma, Sycamore, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906024

HaSnunit, Swallow, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906969

Havatzelet, Lily, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906033

HaZamir, Nightingale, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906971

Horesh, Forest, square sign in Mevasseret, tb090906005

Hoshen, Breastplate, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906985

Irus, Iris, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906959

Kalanit, Anemone, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906008

Leshem, Jacinth, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906953

Margalit, Gemstone, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906992

Marganit, Dandelion, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906956

Narkis, Narcissus, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906016

Nopech, Garnet, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906987

Odem, Ruby, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906949

Opal street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906996

Oren, Pine, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906035

Pnina, Pearl, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906999

Pri Megadim, Choice Fruits, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906017

Ptida, Topaz, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906986

Shevo, Agate, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906988

Shoham, Onyx, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906952

Shoshana, Lily, Rose, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906023

Tidhar, Ash, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906015

Vered, Rose, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906031

Yashpe, Jasper, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906995

Yasmin, Jasmine, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906945

Zait Ranan, Fresh Olive, street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906029

Artistic treasure, activities prohibited sign in Rome, tb012001877

Ascent is not allowed sign at Delphi, tb031606614

Bathing prohibited for pregnant women sign at Hammat Gader, tb011406594

Be a man, clean up after your dog, sign in Jerusalem, tb072104709

Building Entry Forbidden sign in Jerusalem, md021105001

Church of Nativity rules sign in Bethlehem, rw020805001

Closed due to the storm sign at Rosh HaNiqra, mf102902001

Custody of the Holy Land, Private Holy Place, No Swimming sign at Tabgha, tb011412604

Do Not Enter Excavation Area sign at Troy, tb041605269

Do not litter sign near Ein Kerem, tb020305190

Do not pick wild flowers sign in Galilee, bh032605003

Do not sit on stairs sign in Jewish Quarter, tb010312555

Do not undress sign at Monastery of St John in Wilderness, tb020305183

Drinking water prohibited sign near Tel Kabri, tb100905727

Driving in lake forbidden sign at Salt Lake, Cyprus, tb030605851

Forbidden to enter to protect monument sign at Corinth, tb031706122

Forbidden to litter sign in Old City, tb091306283

Forbidden to Photography in Saturdays sign in Jerusalem, tab012804002

Forbidden to throw garbage sign in Jerusalem, tb100906824

Forbidden to walk on blocks sign in Hierapolis, tb041305916

Forbidden Zone sign at Hierapolis, tb041305043

Forbidden Zone sign in Istanbul, tb041705436

Going down to the water is forbidden, sign at Yardenit, tb011512638

No arms sign at Muhraqa, tb011006353

No bikes sign in Halicarnassus, tb062106983

No camels and horses sign in Dahab, tb032606946

No caps for men sign at Muhraqa, tb011006354

No climbing sign at Caesarea Philippi, tb032905216

No dogs sign in Halicarnassus, tb062106984

No Entry sign at Hierapolis, tb041305861

No honking sign in Jerusalem, rw031505002

No honking, no entry signs in Jerusalem, tb010312750

No hunting sign near Tel Issachar, tb033007205

No parking, increased fine, sign in Jerusalem, tb010312713

No person sign at Yardenit, tb011512647

No person sign in Jerusalem, tb051703102

No photos of marriage in church area at Muhraqa, tb011006352

No photos of people, sign in Athens, tb031806353

No shorts and underwear sign in Ein Kerem, tb031004875

No shorts, sleeveless blouses, miniskirts in church, sign at Muhraqa, tb011006356

No smoking in church area sign at Muhraqa, tb011006355

No snapling sign in Nahal Zin, tb102899003

No soccer on grass sign at Ein Harod, mf102402001

No turn sign on Mount Gilboa, tb011212433

No walking on water sign at Caesarea Philippi, tb102502501

Nude sunbathing prohibited sign at St Paulís Bay, tb112005473

Please do not sit down sign in Blue Mosque in Istanbul, tb041705411

Please donít be noisy sign at Meteora, tb031506569

Please donít climb up the walls sign at Ephesus, tb041405251

Please donít climb walls sign at Alexandria Troas, tb041605154

Prohibited activities sign at Muhraqa, tb011006357

Prohibited activities sign in Larnaca, Cyprus, tb030205781

Prohibited items sign at Nof Ginosar, mf102602102

Prohibited to remain after dark sign in eastern Samaria, tb031405169

Prohibited to throw confetti, rice, at church sign in Malta, tb112005536

Prohibitions sign at Greek Orthodox Capernaum, tb032805743

Rules sign at Nahal Zin, mf110802475

Sewage water, drinking prohibited, sign at Ein Bokek, tb030106497

Smoking not permitted, 10 million TL fine, sign in Adana, tb122800825

Stranger not allowed in sign in Jerusalem, tb090705017

Strictly forbidden to take pottery or stone sign at Delphi, tb031606599

Swimming Forbidden sign at En Gev, bh032705004

Transportation signs in Old City, rw021105003

Baal Or-Sameah street sign in Jerusalem, commentary on Mishneh Torah, df072404956

Ben-Maimon HaRambam street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404746

Cafe Hillel sign in Jerusalem, tb040605753

Ein Yaaqov street sign in Jerusalem, tb081004143

Even Sappir street sign in Jerusalem, book by Rabbi Jacob Halevi Sapir, tb072404740

Ha-Ari street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404759

HaRav Kook street sign in Jerusalem, tb100102007

Hillel street sign in Jerusalem, tb072704791

Ibn Ezra street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404736

Malki street sign in Jerusalem, 18th c rabbi, tb040605840

Obadiah of Bartinura street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404756

Raban Yohanan Ben Zakkai street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404784

Rabbi Akiva street sign in Jerusalem, tb072704792

Rabbi Isaac Badhav ascent sign in Jerusalem, tb040605831

Rabbi Yehudah HaLevi Ascent in Jewish Quarter, tb010312544

Rabbi Yitzhak Hamuz Ha-Kohen square sign in Jerusalem, tb072404744

Rabbi Zeira street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404778

Rabbiís Room for Guidance and Counseling sign in Jerusalem, tb082305463

Rambahís tomb and Rambamís tomb, sign in Tiberias, tb022107068

Rambam street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906026

Rashba street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404747

Rashi street sign in Yeroham, tb042207829

Rav Joseph Chaim street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906944

Rav Meir Yehuda Getz street sign near Western Wall, tb091102002

Rav Yitzhak Nissim street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906966

Resh Laqish street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404781

Saadya Gaon street sign in Jerusalem, tb072404748

Saadya Gaon street sign in Mevasseret, tb090906027

Yehuda Getz ascent sign in Jewish Quarter, tb083104500

Yoel Moshe Solomon street sign in Jerusalem, tb100102025

Egypt and southern beach signs in Eilat, tb052505135

For all the children who play here sign in Mevasseret, tb090906957

Friendship Housing sign in Bethany, tb051106151

Go in Peace sign in Ashkelon, dgg052405101

Golan Heights street sign in Jerusalem, df072404936

HaTikva street sign in Jerusalem, tb040605821

Heightened Surveillance sign near Jordan border, tb032505877

I Love War sign, rw031505012

Lebanese border sign, tb032807960

May Peace Prevail on Earth sign in Jerusalem, tb040605772

May Peace Prevail on Earth, sign at Yardenit, tb011512636

Mileage sign with distances at En Gedi, tb010810128

Nature reserve symbol at Haibar, tb052605199

Net protects from ibex sign in Negev, tb010503019

Old Northern Road sign near Lebanon border, tb032807961

Reserved Area, sign at Yardenit, tb011512650

Safat, Zefat, street sign in Jerusalem, df072404983

Save the Children sign in Ramallah, tb051407568

Slow sign at Dan, tb011312516

Speed limit sign at Neot Kedumim, tb011012397

The Center sign in Armenian Quarter, tb010312353

Windmill street sign, tb040605796

Windsurfing sign at Sea of Galilee, tb032805862

World Peace Center sign in Jerusalem, tb082305458

Ahavat Shalom Synagogue sign in Jerusalem, tb010312729

Al-Yacoubi Mosque sign in Old City, tb011612794

Al-Yaqubi Mosque sign in Old City, tb010312354

Arab Catholic scouts sign in Jerusalem, tb081004186

Arab Catholic Scouts sign in Old City, tb010312270

Armenian Catholic Patriarchate sign in Jerusalem, tb122006044

Avinu Malkenu, Our Father Our King prayer bumper sticker, df072404939

Bar Ilan St closed for Shabbat sign in Jerusalem, tb072404722

Bircas HaTorah Yeshiva sign in Armenian Quarter, tb010312366

Breslov Yeshiva sign in Jerusalem, tb091902003

Cemetery, entrance to priests forbidden, sign near Sepphoris, tb102904917

Christ Church sign in Jerusalem, tb022705296

Christian Information Center sign in Jerusalem, tb122604477

Dominus Flevit sign in Jerusalem, tb051601001

Dormition Abbey sign in Jerusalem, tb051501001

Emmanuel Messianic Bookshop sign in Jerusalem, tb022705302

Entrance to Temple Mount forbidden sign, tb010112090

Ethiopian Monastery street sign in Old City, tb011612807

Four Sephardi Synagogues sign in Jewish Quarter, tb083104518

Franciscan Custody, St John of Wilderness Monastery sign, tb020305169

Greek Catholic Benevolent Society Infant Welfare Centre sign in Armenian Quarter, tb010312360

Habad Road sign in Jewish Quarter, tb010312380

HaKaraim Road sign in Jewish Quarter, tb010312425

HaMekubalim, Kabbalists, street sign in Jewish Quarter, tb010312565

He is Allah, He is not begotten, sign in Nazareth, tb123009060

Holy Monastery, no shorts, sleeveless, pantaloons sign, tb031506572

Holy Sites Authority sign, md021105002

House of Messiah sign in Jerusalem, cd091210158

Islam only true religion, sign in Nazareth for Popeís visit, cd111110123

Jerusalem Church sign, tb100906825

Karaite Synagogue sign in Jewish Quarter, tb010312422

Kosher certificate sign, cd102309101

Maronite Convent Street in Old City sign, tb010312351

Men and women separate prayer areas sign at Davidís tomb, tb070807989

Messiah, Lubavitcher rabbi Schneerson, sign in Jerusalem, tb072704789

Modest dress sign in Mea Shearim, Jerusalem, tb081004137

Modest dress sign in Mea Shearim, Jerusalem, tb091902033

Modest dress sign in Mea Shearim, Jerusalem, tb091902034

Modest dress sign in Mea Shearim, Jerusalem, tb091902035

Modest dress sign in Mea Shearim, Jerusalem, tb091902036

Modesty sign in Mea Shearim, cd070925001

Monastery unauthorized entry forbidden sign in Armenian Quarter, tb030706640

Mosque of Omar sign in Jerusalem, tb081004172

Mosque of Omar sign, tb010312284

Museum of Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem sign, tb010907371

No entrance on Shabbat and Holidays sign in Jerusalem, df072404941

No smoking inside monastery, appropriate clothing, sign in St Lukeís Monastery, tb031606811

Nuns Ascent sign in Muslim Quarter, tb011612820

Requested to be decently dressed sign at St Agatha Catacombs, Malta, tb112005534

Respect the Holiness of the Place sign at Meteora, tb031506568

Rosary Sisters sign in Jerusalem, tb010310725

Saint Anne, White Fathers, Greek-Catholic Seminary sign, tb011612829

Segregated swimming beach sign in Gush Katif, tb040305573

Shabbat gates sign at tombs in Hebron, tb092204001

Sin in the camp warning sign, cd091026045

St Peterís Monastery, Benedictine Nuns, sign in Mdina, Malta, tb112005724

St Saviorís Monastery sign in Christian Quarter, tb010312259

Stairs to Monastery sign near St Catherines, Sinai, tb062205235

Stations of the Cross sign, Ialysos, Rhodes, tb061806910

Syriac Convent street sign in Armenian Quarter, tb010312381

Syriac Orthodox Club and Syriac Convent Road signs in Armenian Quarter, tb010312371

Treasures of the Temple sign in Jerusalem, tb090705020

Turn off mobile phones in mosque sign in Larnaca, Cyprus, tb030205742

Via Dolorosa, Valley street sign, tb011612984

Welcome sign at Tabgha, tb011412603

Womenís Torah Institute sign in Jerusalem, tb051508009

Write to the King Messiah and see miracles, Lubavitcher rabbi Schneerson, sign in Jerusalem, tb072704790

Write to the Messiah and see miracles and wonders, Lubavitcher rabbi Schneerson, sign in Jerusalem, tb040605744

Yeshiva of priests sign in Jewish Quarter, tb090405858

Yeshiva Porat Yoseph sign in Jerusalem, tb051908098

Yeshiva sign in Mea Shearim, Jerusalem, tb081004164

Young Christian Workers sign in Jerusalem, tb081004188

Aegean Institute of Law of Sea sign on Rhodes, tb061806951

Ahava and Tefillin just do it signs in Jewish Quarter, tb022705395

Ahava Center sign, tb022705372

Air conditioner sign in Jewish Quarter, tb051906319

Alabama the Heart of Dixie sign in Old City, tb090405868

Alcohol shopping center sign in Cos, tb062006772

Ali Baba Internet cafe in Old City, tb071304534

Ali Baba Souvenir sign in Christian Quarter, at012004002

Alleluia shop in Bethlehem, tb102603482

Barakat Antiquities sign in Old City, tb022705423

Beer Belly sign in Rabat, Malta, tb112005731

Bethany Souvenir Stores sign in Bethany, tb051106137

Biblical Antiquities shop, Zak, sign, tb010312283

Bodrum Halicarnassus sign, tb062106033

Bookshop Best of All sign in Istanbul, tb041705429

Crib of Nativity sign in Bethlehem, dm020805002

Cut Skin shop sign in Samos Pythagorio, tb061606280

Department of Mosaics Restoration sign in Rhodes, tb061806954

Exit, Souvenirs, signs at Yardenit, tb011512633

Gadget Store sign in Mitylene, tb061206256

Good Phone store sign in Jerusalem, tb113006752

Gyros store sign in Alexandroupolis, tb030906120

Hassle Free Sales Agent sign in Canakkale, Turkey, tb041605306

Havruta Everything Jewish sign in Jerusalem, tb010312715

Hebrew Ulpan sign in Jerusalem, tb010312717

Herods Shopping Promenade sign in Eilat, sw030405001

Iceberg delivery sign in Chios, tb061406553

Jerusalem Shopping Center, Step Back in Time sign, tb011612929

John Deere factory at Negba, tb122203391

Kiosk and WC signs at Yardenit, tb011512660

Lions Gate Bazaar sign in Muslim Quarter, tb011612915

Lord of the Pizza sign in Chios, tb061506809

Mac David sign in Eilat, sw030405002

Money changer in Jerusalem, cd090216901

Old City Bazaar sign in Jerusalem, tb090405851

Old Icons Antiques, sign in Muslim Quarter, tb011612930

Palestinian tractor, CAT, sign in Hebron, tb122906178

Panorama Cafe Restaurant sign on Lesbos, tb061306390

Peddlers Market sign in Jerusalem, df072404963

Restaurant sign near Jaffa Gate, tb011610604

Spaghettim restaurant sign in Jerusalem, tb072704793

Sunburnt arms sign in Lindos, Rhodes, tb061806815

Supersol supermarket sign in Jerusalem, tb072404732

Tefillin just do it sign in Jewish Quarter, tb022705383

Temptation Center sign in Jericho, tb052205961

The Quarter Cafe restaurant sign in Jewish Quarter, tb010312556

Thirsty Whale Snack Bar sign in Rabat Malta, tb112005730

Turkish Delight Fabric Shop sign in Antalya, tb040905983