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Amphipolis and Apollonia








St Luke's Monastery

Via Egnatia


Alexandroupolis breakwater
Alexandroupolis harbor
Alexandroupolis waterfront
Alexandroupolis waterfront with lighthouse
Alexandroupolis waterfront with monument

Amphipolis and Apollonia
Apollonia from north
Lake near Apollonia
Lion of Amphipolis fragments of base
Lion of Amphipolis, 4th c BC

Athens acropolis from east
Athens acropolis from west
Athens acropolis walls from above
Athens agora bema
Athens agora from above
Athens agora Panathenaic Way
Athens and Parthenon at night from ne
Athens at night from north
Athens dipylon above gates
Athens Erechtheion with Porch of Karyatids
Athens Erechtheion with sacred tree
Athens Hill of Pnyx bema
Athens Hill of Pnyx from acropolis
Athens Hill of Pnyx from east towards Piraeus
Athens Hill of Pnyx with acropolis
Athens Library of Hadrian
Athens Library of Hadrian view to acropolis
Athens Mars Hill ancient staircase
Athens Mars Hill and acropolis from Hill of Pnyx
Athens Mars Hill from acropolis
Athens Mars Hill from east
Athens Mars Hill from southwest
Athens Mars Hill, plaque with Acts 17 in Greek
Athens odeon of Herodes Atticus
Athens Olympic stadium
Athens original steps to acropolis
Athens Parthenon
Athens Parthenon facade
Athens Parthenon pediment
Athens Parthenon roof tiles
Athens Parthenon south side with remaining relief
Athens Roman forum
Athens Sanctuary of Zeus Hypsistos
Athens Stoa of Attalos
Athens Stoa of Attalos inscription
Athens temple of Aesclepius from above
Athens Temple of Hephaestus
Athens temple of Themis from above
Athens Temple of Zeus from acropolis
Athens theater of Dionysus
Athens theater of Dionysus, seat with high back
Athens theater of Dionysus, seat with inscriptions
Athens Tower of the Winds

Berea Acts 17, examining the Scriptures, sign
Berea ancient city wall
Berea ancient Decumanus paving stones
Berea area of ancient agora
Berea Jewish quarter
Berea Jewish synagogue
Berea Jewish synagogue interior
Berea modern evangelical church
Berea mosaic of Paul
Berea mosaic of Paul's call to Macedonia
Berea mosaic of Paul teaching Bereans
Berea mosaic of Paul with mosque
Berea river below Jewish synagogue
Berea traditional synagogue steps
Berea, modern Veria

Cenchrea harbor Byzantine church
Cenchrea harbor from southern pier
Cenchrea harbor panorama
Cenchrea harbor with Sanctuary of Isis

Acrocorinth fortifications with ancient walls
Acrocorinth from north
Acrocorinth inner gate
Acrocorinth medieval fortifications, gates, moat
Acrocorinth with tower
Corinth altar of Temple of Apollo
Corinth area of meat market
Corinth bema and Acrocorinth
Corinth bema with column
Corinth canal from east
Corinth canal from west
Corinth column in front of bema
Corinth column with name of Seneca
Corinth Erastus inscription
Corinth Erastus inscription context
Corinth excavations and Temple of Apollo from se
Corinth excavations and Temple of Apollo from south
Corinth excavations east of Lechaion Road
Corinth excavations panorama
Corinth excavations with Lechaion Road
Corinth excavations with Lechaion Road and Acrocorinth
Corinth forum
Corinth forum and Temple of Apollo
Corinth forum from northeast
Corinth Fountain of Peirene
Corinth Fountain of Upper Peirene
Corinth Fountain of Upper Peirene pediment
Corinth Fountain of Upper Peirene staircase
Corinth fragment with boat and oarsman
Corinth fragments in forum
Corinth Glauke Fountain
Corinth latrines
Corinth Peribolos of Apollo
Corinth possible location of synagogue
Corinth shop on western side of Lechaion Road
Corinth shops on north side of forum
Corinth shops on west side of forum
Corinth Temple of Apollo from east
Corinth Temple of Apollo from west
Corinth theater
Corinth theater panorama
Corinthian columns and capitals at Corinth
Diolkos falling into water
Diolkos south of canal
Isthmia excavations with starting line

Delphi Altar of Chios inscription
Delphi bench for sitting
Delphi column with lead clamp
Delphi Council House
Delphi gymnasium from west
Delphi inscription near Temple of Apollo
Delphi Kings of Argos monument
Delphi mountain behind
Delphi Mycenean remains
Delphi omphalos, center of world
Delphi Pillar of Prusias II
Delphi polygonal and earlier wall
Delphi polygonal wall with inscriptions of freed slaves
Delphi Rock of the Sibyl
Delphi ruins
Delphi ruins from above
Delphi ruins with mountain
Delphi sacred precinct model
Delphi Sacred Way
Delphi Sphinx of the Naxians base
Delphi stadium
Delphi stadium eastern end
Delphi stadium from east
Delphi stadium from starting line
Delphi stadium seats
Delphi stadium tribune
Delphi Temple of Apollo
Delphi Temple of Apollo and inscriptions on steps
Delphi Temple of Apollo and polygonal wall
Delphi Temple of Apollo from above
Delphi Temple of Apollo holy of holies
Delphi Temple of Apollo panorama
Delphi Temple of Apollo ramp
Delphi Temple of Apollo ritual bath
Delphi Temple of Apollo with inscriptions on steps
Delphi Temple of Athena from west
Delphi theater and Temple of Apollo from above
Delphi Treasury of Athenians
Delphi Treasury of the Sicyonians
Delphi Tripod of Plataia
Delphi view to Gulf of Corinth

Dion Byzantine main basilica
Dion Byzantine main basilica baptistery
Dion latrine
Dion main street
Dion military monument on main street
Dion paved street
Dion Roman bathhouse caldarium
Dion Roman theater
Dion Sanctuary of Demeter
Dion Sanctuary of Demeter altar
Dion Sanctuary of Isis
Dion Sanctuary of Isis altar
Dion Sanctuary of Isis footprints
Dion Sanctuary of Isis inscriptions
Dion Sanctuary of Isis pathway
Dion Sanctuary of Isis with Aphrodite statue
Dion Sanctuary of Zeus altar
Dion Sanctuary of Zeus Most High

Eleusis carved steps near telesterion
Eleusis east triumphal arch
Eleusis Greater Propylaia
Eleusis inscription
Eleusis Lesser Propylaia
Eleusis Lesser Propylaia relief with wheat
Eleusis Lesser Propylaia relief with wheat and box
Eleusis mithraeum
Eleusis pediment with Marcus Aurelius
Eleusis plutonion
Eleusis polygonal wall
Eleusis Sacred Way
Eleusis sacrificial altar
Eleusis sanctuary
Eleusis sanctuary wall
Eleusis telesterion
Eleusis telesterion anaktoron
Eleusis telesterion panorama
Eleusis telesterion seats
Eleusis temple of Artemis
Eleusis well of the fair dances

Healing spring at St Demetrius in Tembi
Meteora cable car of Barlaam Monastery
Meteora caves with monk dwellings
Meteora caves with monks dwellings
Meteora landscape
Meteora monastery
Meteora monastery from below
Meteora Monastery of Barlaam
Meteora Monastery of Metamorphosis
Meteora Monastery of Rousanou
Meteora Monastery of St Stephen

Neapolis farmer's market
Neapolis fortifications from west
Neapolis fortress from west
Neapolis from south
Neapolis from southwest
Neapolis from west
Neapolis harbor from northwest
Neapolis harbor from west
Thessalonica sign

Almond tree in blossom at Philippi
Archaeological site of Philippi sign
Architectural fragment on mound west of Philippi
Healing mud-bath sign near Philippi
Hotel Lydia sign
Krenides River, possible place of Lydia
Lydia city sign
Modern baptismal area at Krenides River
Philippi acropolis and area from summit
Philippi acropolis and plain from west
Philippi acropolis from east
Philippi acropolis from Krenides River
Philippi acropolis from south
Philippi acropolis from summit
Philippi acropolis from west
Philippi acropolis panorama
Philippi acropolis view south
Philippi acropolis with Byzantine tower
Philippi acropolis with Greek flag
Philippi architectural fragments near Octagon Church
Philippi baptistery of Octagon church
Philippi Baptistery of St Lydia chapel from above
Philippi baptistery room of Basilica B with doorway
Philippi Basilica A columns
Philippi Basilica A from above
Philippi Basilica A from east
Philippi Basilica A from south
Philippi Basilica A from southeast
Philippi Basilica A from west
Philippi Basilica B and acropolis
Philippi Basilica B columns with capitals
Philippi Basilica B from east
Philippi Basilica B from north
Philippi Basilica B from northeast
Philippi Basilica B narthex from south
Philippi Basilica B western end
Philippi Basilica C from above
Philippi Basilica C from north
Philippi Basilica C from southeast
Philippi bath complex and bishop's residence from n
Philippi bath complex from northwest
Philippi bema from east
Philippi bema from south
Philippi bema from southeast
Philippi bema from west
Philippi bird etched in rock along commercial road
Philippi birds on stone at heroon
Philippi bishop's residence from nw
Philippi buildings on eastern end of forum
Philippi Byzantine tower from acropolis tower
Philippi Byzantine tower interior on acropolis
Philippi Byzantine tower on acropolis
Philippi carving on paving slab in forum
Philippi city library east of forum
Philippi commercial agora and Basilica B from north
Philippi commercial agora from west
Philippi commercial agora shops
Philippi commercial forum and Basilica B from north
Philippi commercial road from east
Philippi commercial road from west
Philippi council room of generals, nw corner of forum
Philippi council room of generals, pediment with sword, shield
Philippi cross etched on rock
Philippi cross inscribed on stone near Basilica A
Philippi diagram history
Philippi Divine Augustus inscription near Basilica B
Philippi excavations and plain from north
Philippi excavations from north
Philippi excavations near Basilica B
Philippi excavations near bath complex
Philippi forum and acropolis from south
Philippi forum and acropolis from southeast
Philippi forum and excavations from north
Philippi forum architectural fragments
Philippi forum eastern end from north
Philippi forum eastern end with temple, library
Philippi forum fountain on northern side
Philippi forum fragments with inscription
Philippi forum from above
Philippi forum from east
Philippi forum from north
Philippi forum from south
Philippi forum from west
Philippi forum northern side
Philippi forum northwest corner
Philippi forum paving stones
Philippi forum shop on southern wall
Philippi forum southern side
Philippi forum southwest corner
Philippi forum southwestern corner
Philippi forum western end
Philippi forum western side with council room
Philippi fragments in museum yard
Philippi from acropolis panorama
Philippi game squares on threshold
Philippi gravestone in museum yard
Philippi gravestones in museum yard
Philippi gymnasium
Philippi gymnasium from north
Philippi Hellenistic walls and Neapolis gate
Philippi Hellenistic walls from west
Philippi Hellenistic walls near Neapolis Gate
Philippi Hellenistic walls on eastern side
Philippi heroon
Philippi heroon next to Octagon church
Philippi heroon steps
Philippi Imperial temple, ne corner of forum
Philippi inscription in museum yard
Philippi inscription near council room
Philippi inscription near council room of generals
Philippi inscription on east end of forum
Philippi inscription on western end of forum
Philippi inscription with Python
Philippi Ionic capital and pillar base
Philippi Krenides River from above
Philippi Lydia painting in St Lydia Chapel
Philippi modern highway through excavations
Philippi mound and acropolis from west
Philippi mound from west
Philippi mound west of acropolis
Philippi new building near St Lydia Baptistery
Philippi new excavations from north
Philippi octagon church and bath complex diagram
Philippi Octagon Church baptismal font
Philippi Octagon church inscription, Christ
Philippi Octagon church inscription, Paul
Philippi Octagon Church of Paul
Philippi Octagon Church of Paul apse
Philippi palestra from north
Philippi palestra from south
Philippi Paul and Lydia stained glass in St Lydia Chapel
Philippi Paul painting in St Lydia Chapel
Philippi paved street on east side of forum
Philippi paving stones on southern side
Philippi pediment of council room of generals
Philippi pipes connecting in wall near bathhouse
Philippi pithoi for grain in bishop's residence
Philippi pithoi for grain in bishop's residence, lid
Philippi pithoi for wine in bishop's residence
Philippi pithoi in museum yard
Philippi plain and mound from mound west of acropolis
Philippi plain of defeat of Brutus and Cassius
Philippi plain to northwest with Krenides River
Philippi plain west of acropolis
Philippi public latrine
Philippi public latrine from above
Philippi public latrine seats
Philippi public latrine with drainage channel
Philippi reconstruction diagrams
Philippi Roman bath caldarium pillars
Philippi Roman bath from north
Philippi Roman bathhouse furnace
Philippi room with doorway near Basilica B
Philippi Sanctuary of Silvanus
Philippi sarcophagus in museum yard
Philippi sheep grazing in plain to west
Philippi shop along commercial agora
Philippi St Lydia's Baptistery chapel and acropolis
Philippi St Lydia's Baptistery chapel interior
Philippi statue on western end of forum
Philippi steps by heroon
Philippi steps made of capitals near octagon church
Philippi stone with inscription in forum
Philippi street near bath complex
Philippi temple at ne corner of forum with columns
Philippi theater and view south towards Neapolis
Philippi theater entrance
Philippi theater from above
Philippi theater from east
Philippi theater from south
Philippi theater from west
Philippi theater passage for animals under stage
Philippi theater stage area with wall for animal cells
Philippi theater with inscriptions on seats
Philippi theater with original seats
Philippi Three Niches Sanctuary
Philippi traditional area of Lydia's baptism
Philippi traditional prison of Paul exterior
Philippi traditional prison of Paul interior
Philippi traditional prison of Paul wall plaster
Philippi Via Egnatia from east
Philippi Via Egnatia from west
Philippi Via Egnatia next to forum from east
Philippi view east from acropolis
Philippi view north from Byzantine tower
Philippi view south from acropolis
Philippi view south towards Neapolis
Philippi with plain of Brutus, Cassius defeat
Quarry north of Philippi acropolis
St Lydia's Baptistery chapel

St Luke's Monastery
Laurel branch at St Luke's Monastery
St Luke's Monastery courtyard
St Luke's Monastery interior, 11th c
St Luke's Monastery, 10th and 11th c chapels
St Luke's Monastery, 11th c
St Luke's Monastery, Jesus icon
St Luke's Monastery, kitchen
St Luke's Monastery, Luke above entrance

Thessalonica Anatolia College sign
Thessalonica Byzantine northern city wall
Thessalonica Church of St Demetrios
Thessalonica Church of St Demetrios crypt
Thessalonica Church of St Demetrios interior
Thessalonica Church of St Demetrios Roman baths
Thessalonica Church of St Demetrios Roman street
Thessalonica forum cryptoporticus
Thessalonica forum eastern and southern stoa
Thessalonica forum eastern side
Thessalonica forum eastern stoa
Thessalonica forum from odeum
Thessalonica forum southern side
Thessalonica forum supporting arches
Thessalonica forum with entrance staircase
Thessalonica forum with odeum
Thessalonica forum, 2nd c AD
Thessalonica forum, eastern stoa
Thessalonica from north
Thessalonica from north with eastern city wall
Thessalonica Great Gate, ne corner
Thessalonica northeastern city wall tower
Thessalonica odeum
Thessalonica odeum entrances
Thessalonica structure on ne side of forum

Vergina tomb of Philip II
Vergina tomb of Philip II entrance

Via Egnatia
Via Egnatia from above
Via Egnatia paving stones
Via Egnatia with view to Neapolis

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