Also known as Kh. Seilun, Seilun, Shillo, Shilo

Shiloh from east

The portable shrine that Moses built in the wilderness was stationed at Shiloh from the time of the Conquest until the city’s apparent destruction by the Philistines in 1104 BC.

Psalm 78:60 (NIV) “He abandoned the tabernacle of Shiloh, the tent he had set up among men.”

Summit of Shiloh

Excavations at the site have found significant remains from the Middle Bronze, Late Bronze and Iron I.

In the time before the Israelites, the city was strongly fortified with a massive wall and glacis.  After the Israelites settled here, the site was unfortified; Iron Age residences were found built into the earlier fortifications.

Location of Tabernacle

Israel Finkelstein believes that the tabernacle was on the summit of the tell, but Asher Kaufman argues that there is not enough room given the tabernacle dimensions.

Wilson identified a “sort of level court” in 1873, 400 feet long and 77 feet wide, much bigger than any other level spot on the summit.  “There is no other level space sufficiently large to receive a tent of the dimensions of the Tabernacle.”

Houses from Time of Samuel

The best preserved Iron Age structures were those built in Area C into the Middle Bronze glacis. The pottery found in these buildings is the richest discovered in any early Israelite site. The Danish expedition found 10 whole vessels; the Israeli expedition found 30 additional vessels and large pieces of many more. The most significant part of this collection are the collar rim store jars which characterize early Israelite settlements in the Hill Country.

Samaria and the Center

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