St. Paul's Bay, Malta

St. Paul's Bay from northeast aerial  


The northwest coast of Malta is characterized by alternating bays and headlands. Between the Mellieha Ridge and Wardija Ridge, the Pwales Valley opens onto St. Paulís Bay. The towns of Bugibba and St. Paulís Bay lie along the bayís southern shore. They represent a mix of traditional fishing village alongside newer hotels and apartments.




St. Paulís Island

Luke recounts in Acts 27-28 how Paulís ship was lost at sea for two weeks during winter storms. Eventually, the ship ran aground on the island of Malta and was dashed to pieces by the surf, but all of the occupants survived and made it to shore. St. Paulís Island, an uninhabited, rocky islet at the entrance to St. Paulís Bay, is thought to be the site where the ship wrecked. Acts 27:41 states the ship ran aground on a piece of land ďwith sea on both sides.Ē This could refer to a sandbank, a reef, a headland jutting into the water, or some other similar feature.

  St. Paul's Island from south


St. Paul's Bay from northeast  


Acts 27:39-41 (ESV) ďNow when it was day, they did not recognize the land, but they noticed a bay with a beach, on which they planned if possible to run the ship ashore. So they cast off the anchors and left them in the sea, at the same time loosening the ropes that tied the rudders. Then hoisting the foresail to the wind they made for the beach. But striking a reef [place between two seas], they ran the vessel aground. The bow stuck and remained immovable, and the stern was being broken up by the surf.Ē


St. Paulís Shipwreck Church

Within the town of St. Paulís Bay, St. Paulís Shipwreck Church is located along the waterís edge. The church is also known as St. Paulís Bonfire Church and commemorates the traditional site where the shipwreck survivors, including Paul, swam ashore and a bonfire was built for them. The church was constructed in the 14th century, but was rebuilt after a bomb destroyed the original building during World War II.

  St. Paul's Shipwreck Church


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