Temple Mount Collapse?

Temple Mount with bulge scaffolding

Southern Wall of Temple Mount

Recently Israeli archaeologists have warned of the imminent collapse of the southern wall of the Temple Mount.  It should be noted that the portion in danger of collapse is actually a relatively small part of the 313-meter long wall.


Repairing the Wall

The wall has been weakened because of Muslim construction of a mosque in the underground area of the Temple Mount usually called "Solomon's Stables."  The removal of material and supports from the inside has created a visible protrusion in the wall.

Temple Mount bulge scaffolding


Temple Mount bulge from east

The Bulge

The bulge is clearly visible from the southeastern corner of the Temple Mount.  Most of the bulge is hidden behind the scaffolding, but the wall's curvature can be seen in the center of this photograph, just to the right of the scaffolding.



This image shows the bulge even more clearly.  The protrusion begins just a little below the midpoint of the picture and goes up to nearly the top edge of the image.  Some suggest that the only way to prevent the wall from collapse is to tear it down in a controlled manner and to rebuild it.

Temple Mount bulge close-up


Temple Mount bulge from west

View from West

You can pick out the base of the bulge where the shadow starts at the bottom.  The shadow corresponds with the bulge for a short distance before the scaffolding obscures it.



This is the same photo as above, just closer in so the bulge is more obvious.  You can see the tombs on the Mt. of Olives in the background and the outward slant of the wall.

Temple Mount bulge close-up from west


Temple Mount bulge under restoration

New Stones

Under a deal worked out between Israel and the Waqf (Muslim religious authority in charge of Temple Mount), a Jordanian team began repairs on the wall.  In this photo, the replacement stones are easy to pick out.




A New Bulge

After repairs were underway on the southern wall, a new bulge in the eastern wall was detected in early 2004.  The photograph at right shows the location of the two protrusions (A is the earlier bulge on the southern wall; B is the more recent bulge on the eastern wall).  Both of them are located adjacent to the new mosque built underground in the area traditionally known as "Solomon's Stables."


Eastern Wall

The photo at left shows the area of the bulge on the eastern wall from the south (the southeastern corner is visible).  Scaffolding has been erected to begin repairs of the wall.    As before, debate over the cause of the problem is heated.  See this for Temple Mount developments.


Repair Finished

After a number of years, work was completed on the stone replacement on the southern bulge.  The new stonework is easily visible from a distance.


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