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the Photo Companion to the Bible:

Click on the graphics below to download of each of the 12 volumes of the Photo Companion to the Bible. This page and these links are intended solely for those who have purchased these volumes. Please do not share these links with others. For questions, email Todd Bolen at [email protected].

Joshua - more than 3,100 photos of:

  • Images of sites conquered by Israel, including Jericho, Ai, and Hazor
  • Historic photos of the Jordan River when flooded
  • Extensive illustrations of the tribal inheritances and city lists
  • Artifacts from the historical and cultural context of the Israelites
  • Discussion of questions surrounding the geography of Joshua

Judges - more than 2,800 photos of:

  • Photos illustrating Gideon’s gathering at Ein Harod and Abimelech’s attack on Shechem
  • Images for Ehud in Jericho, Barak at Mount Tabor, and Samson in the Sorek Valley
  • Visual explanations of the Danite migration and the Benjamite civil war
  • Aerial shots demonstrating the book’s geography
  • Artifacts illuminating the culture of the day

Ruth - more than 350 photos of:

  • Journey from Moab
  • Scenes of harvesting and threshing
  • Historic images of Bethlehem
  • City gates
  • Ancient sandals

Esther - more than 700 photos of:

  • Photos of Susa, including the throne room and gate house
  • Contemporary reliefs of the Persian court
  • Models and plans of Susa and its architecture
  • Ancient inscriptions mentioning the Persian kings and queens
  • Artifacts including the golden containers, cosmetic vessels, and jewelry

Psalm 23 - more than 100 photos of:

  • Green pastures and still waters
  • The “valley of the shadow of death”
  • Rods, staffs, tables, enemies
  • Bonus image sets of shepherds and sheep

Daniel - more than 1,000 photos of:

  • Statues, reliefs, and coins of prophesied kings
  • Depictions of ancient gods and beasts
  • Sites and artifacts from Babylonian and Persian empires
  • 190 slides illustrating the detailed events of Daniel 11

Matthew - more than 3,000 photos of:

  • Visit of Magi
  • Flight to Egypt
  • Sermon on the Mount
  • Preaching tours
  • The Olivet Discourse

Mark - more than 2,000 photos of:

  • John the Baptist’s ministry
  • Swine dive in region of Gadara
  • Blind man at Bethsaida
  • Mount of Transfiguration
  • Passion Week

Luke - more than 3,000 photos of:

  • Jesus’s birth in Bethlehem
  • Jesus’s childhood and ministry in Nazareth
  • Calming the storm and walking on the Sea of Galilee
  • Jesus’s journey to Jerusalem
  • The road to Emmaus

John - more than 2,000 photos of:

  • Wedding of Cana
  • Woman at the well in Sychar
  • Miracles at Pools of Bethesda and Siloam
  • Temple Mount cleansing, preaching
  • Raising of Lazarus in Bethany

Acts - more than 4,000 photos of:

  • The apostles’ early ministry in Jerusalem
  • Peter’s journey to Joppa and Caesarea
  • Paul’s three missionary journeys
  • Paul’s shipwreck and final journey to Rome
  • Ancient inscriptions, artifacts, and cultural features

Romans - more than 1,600 photos of:

  • Inscriptions from Jews living in Rome
  • Coins illustrating robbing temples, remarriage, freedom, peace
  • Inscriptions of freedmen and diplomas granting Roman citizenship
  • Reliefs and artifacts depicting war, wrestling, loan agreements, law codes, parts of the body, homes, writing instruments
  • Illustrations of judgment, sin, sacrifices, and death from the Roman world
  • Photos of texts cited by Paul from a Torah scroll and the Great Isaiah Scroll
  • Images of slave chains, slave collars, slave markets, slaves in triumphal procession
  • Potters at work shaping the clay, vessels of honor and dishonor
  • Olive trees with branches broken off and grafted in
  • Inscriptions with names mentioned in chapter 16, including Erastus, Priscilla, Aquila, Mary, Junia, Ampliatus, Urbanus, Stachys, Rufus, Julia, Timothy, Sosipater, and Tertius