Photo Companion to the Bible:


The Photo Companion to the Bible is a unique digital resource that illustrates the biblical text with modern and historic photographs of ancient sites, museum artifacts, and cultural scenes. This PowerPoint-based collection goes verse-by-verse through the Book of Ruth, providing beautiful photographs, descriptive text, and explanatory notes to enhance Bible study and teaching.


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Ruth - the 4 chapters of the Book of Ruth are illustrated by more than 350 slides. Highlights include:

  • Journey from Moab
  • Scenes of harvesting and threshing
  • Historic images of Bethlehem
  • City gates
  • Ancient sandals




How does it work? For each Bible chapter, we have created a PowerPoint slideshow. Each slide has a verse quotation, verse reference, photograph, photograph description, and an explanatory note.

What kinds of photographs are included? Everything we could take ourselves or could get our hands on that would help to illustrate Ruth! We have complete coverage of every known geographical location, strengthened by historic images as well as our latest photos, including many new aerial images of Bethlehem. We have numerous photos of museum artifacts as well as illustrations from contemporary tomb reliefs in Egypt.


How can I use this collection? You can view sections to correspond with your own Bible reading, you can display it on a screen for your Bible study group, and you can pick and choose what you want to include with your sermon or lecture.


Can I edit or change the collection? Yes! Everything is completely edit-able in PowerPoint, so you can choose what you want and tweak it as much as you like. You can change the captions, delete the labels, and add your own markings. Our goal is that this collection will serve you and your needs, so we have intentionally made it entirely customizable.


How many photos are in the collection? Chapter 1 has more than 135 slides. Chapter 2 has more than 100 slides. Chapter 3 has more than 60 slides. Chapter 4 has more than 75 slides. Altogether the collection includes more than 350 slides.

Will you be creating volumes for other books of the Bible? We hope so. Our next two planned volumes are Exodus and Acts.