Photographers for the Photo Companion to the Bible

The Photo Companion to the Bible would not be possible with the contributions from dozens of excellent photographers. We are grateful to each one of them for licensing their images for use in this resource. Each photograph is identified by a code in the explanatory notes, the prefix of which is the author’s initials. The following provides the names for these initials.


adrA.D. Riddle
aldAshley Doyle
amdAuston Dutton
asAlexander Schick
atAndrei Tsvirinko
bwbBecky Weolongo Booto
cdCraig Dunning
clChristian Locatell
cmChris McKinny
dadDavid Dorsey
dbDavid Bivin
dfDaniel Frese
dgDaniel Gebhardt
dmDavid Miller
dpDavid Padfield
ehEnery Hsu
fjFerrell Jenkins
gpGary Pratico
gsGloria Suess
jcJoshua Clutterham
jdJodi Dyck
jjJim Joyner
kgKim Guess
kpKyle Pope
lbdLauren Lee
lmLibor Marek
mfMatthew Floreen
mjbMark Bolen
mmMindy McKinny
mwMark Wilson
pkPaul Kellogg
rsRachel Floreen
sbStephen Bramer
shsSteven Sanchez
sjStephen Jones
swStephen Wreesman
tbTodd Bolen
tbsTodd Bolen
tpTom Powers
wkWilliam Krewson
wsBill Schlegel


Each photograph has a unique image identification code. Some of these include the date the photograph was taken. For photos prefixed with “tb”, the first six digits correspond to the date (month, day, year). For example, tb011512678 indicates that the photo was taken on January 15, 2012. The last three digits provide a unique photo number. Many other photos in our collection, taken by other photographers, follow this same system.

Photos prefixed with “adr” and “db” give the year, month, and day. For example, adr1805229100 was taken on May 22, 2018, and db6707031710 was taken on July 3, 1967.

Photographs that begin with “tbs” have a different numbering system in which the last four digits provide the year and month. For example, tbs43309009 was taken in September 1990.