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Vol 18, #5 - November 29, 2019

This is a quick notice to let you know that we have just released three new spectacular volumes and they are sale this weekend for $99 for all.

Our three new volumes in the Photo Companion to the Bible series are Joshua, Judges, and Romans. Each volume is loaded with outstanding photographs and helpful explanatory notes.

To get this introductory deal, click here. You can download the free chapters (in PowerPoint) with these links: Joshua 2Judges 4, and Romans 12.

  • Joshua: 3,100 slides; reg. $99; on sale: $69
  • Judges: 2,800 slides; reg. $99; on sale: $69
  • Romans: 1,600 slides; reg. $69; on sale: $49

I can personally testify that those in my church class loved the Joshua and Judges collections, as the team built them as I taught through these books week by week over the past couple of years. Everything I used—all the photos and all of the explanatory comments—are included, and much, much more. Everyone will benefit, from the serious Bible student to the grad school professor.

This weekend, for our launch special, we are offering all three volumes for $99. Free download. Free shipping (in US). Free lifetime updates. Generous usage permissions. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Todd Bolen
Professor of Biblical Studies, The Master’s University

Photo Companion to Joshua


  • Images of sites conquered by Israel, including Jericho, Ai, and Hazor
  • Historic photos of the Jordan River when flooded
  • Extensive illustrations of the tribal inheritances and city lists
  • Artifacts from the historical and cultural context of the Israelites
  • Discussion of questions surrounding the geography of Joshua
  • Free PowerPoint download of Joshua 2


“What a treasure-trove of material is to be found in the Photo Companion to the Bible: Joshua. The 24 files here take the reader/viewer chapter by chapter through the book of Joshua, with beautiful photos for almost every phrase in the book that lends itself to some identification, whether by showing an ancient artifact, multiple views of archaeological sites corresponding to the ancient cities, stunning aerial views of the landscape, helpful maps identifying places, and more. Especially helpful are the photos showing the rugged terrain throughout most of Israel (ancient Canaan), which makes the journeys and battles described in Joshua come alive. I heartily recommend this series to anyone wanting a ‘visual assist’ as they read the Bible!”

—David M. Howard, Jr., Professor of Old Testament, Bethlehem College and Seminary; author of Joshua in the New American Commentary series

Photo Companion to Judges


  • Photos illustrating Gideon’s gathering at Ein Harod and Abimelech’s attack on Shechem
  • Images for Ehud in Jericho, Barak at Mount Tabor, and Samson in the Sorek Valley
  • Visual explanations of the Danite migration and the Benjamite civil war
  • Aerial shots demonstrating the book’s geography
  • Artifacts illuminating the culture of the day
  • Free PowerPoint download of Judges 4


“The Photo Companion to Judges offers thousands of images that explicate the text. Organized by chapter and easy to navigate, it is an iconographic commentary that is chock full of new and brilliant insights based on the latest archaeological and geographical research. No other product on Judges can enhance teaching as much as this unique resource.”

—Kenneth C. Way, Associate Professor of Old Testament and Semitics at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University; author of Judges and Ruth in the Teach the Text Commentary Series

Photo Companion to Romans


  • Inscriptions from Jews living in Rome
  • Extensive illustrations of the tribal inheritances and city lists
  • Coins illustrating robbing temples, remarriage, freedom, peace
  • Inscriptions of freedmen and diplomas granting Roman citizenship
  • Reliefs and artifacts depicting war, wrestling, loan agreements, law codes, parts of the body, homes, writing instruments
  • Illustrations of judgment, sin, sacrifices, and death from the Roman world
  • Images of slave chains, slave collars, slave markets, slaves in triumphal procession
  • Potters at work shaping the clay, vessels of honor and dishonor
  • Olive trees with branches broken off and grafted in
  • Inscriptions with names mentioned in chapter 16, including Erastus, Priscilla, Aquila, Mary, Junia, Ampliatus, Urbanus, Stachys, Rufus, Julia, Timothy, Sosipater, and Tertius
  • Free PowerPoint download of Romans 12


“Teachers are (or should be!) finding ways to present Biblical material to students in memorable ways. Accompanying the study of the Bible with visual material is a great way to engage students. The photos and illustrations brought together in this collection should go a long way to making a class on Romans more interesting. I plan to use the resource when I teach Romans from now on.”

—Douglas Moo, Wessner Chair of Biblical Studies, Wheaton College; author of The Letter to the Romans in the New International Commentary on the New Testament series

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