Frequently Asked Questions about Upgrading

Why should I upgrade?

We provide about a dozen reasons to upgrade to the latest edition of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands here.



How do I provide proof that I own the previous edition?

While we have records of all online orders made through BiblePlaces.com since the year 2001, some have purchased the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands through retail outlets, at conferences, and through other online vendors. To make things easy, proof of previous purchase is not required. We are trusting that our customers who want to use images for studying and teaching the Bible will only purchase the discounted Upgrade editions if they qualify. If you have specific questions about whether you qualify, email us with the details of the resources you own.



What if I own some but not all 10 volumes of the previous edition? Can I still get a discount?

Yes. Email us with the details of the resources you own to receive a credit for your purchase.



Is the upgrade edition different from the full edition?

The only difference is the price. While we have issued “Supplemental” discs in the past, we felt that users would best be served by having a single collection with all of the best photos in one place.



Can I give my old edition away?

If you purchase an Upgrade edition at a discounted price, the old and new editions must be considered as a single unit and not be separated between users. If you wish to give away a previous edition, you must purchase the full (non-Upgrade) version. The rationale for this is that the pricing for the Upgrade version gives a discount nearly equal to the purchase price of the previous edition. If the old and new editions are separated, you have effectively created two products but only paid for one.



Should I skip this edition and wait for the next one?

This is a common approach with operating systems (e.g., Windows 11) and Microsoft Office programs which come out every couple of years. The Revised and Expanded edition took us nine years to complete and our plan is to provide free updates to purchasers as we are able. We don’t anticipate creating another paid edition of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands.


How can I receive the upgrade pricing?

Send us an email, telling us what you own. We will reply with a link providing you with a discount equivalent to your previous purchase.


Do you have a question that’s not answered here?  Let us know!