Why Upgrade?

The Revised and Expanded Edition of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands is a major improvement over the previous (2003) edition. The new edition includes more than 13,000 new photos (the previous edition included 6,000 total!) and took nearly a decade to create (all previous editions combined took less than 4 years). We think you’ll love it for many reasons:

New volumes: Eight new volumes cover new regions (Lebanon, Eastern and Central Turkey, The Greek Islands, and more) as well as new subjects (Cultural Images, Signs, and Trees, Plants, and Flowers). Our goal for the Pictorial Library has always been to be as comprehensive as possible and we are much closer to achieving that now!

New photos: Every volume has new photos, and some volumes have so many new photos that you’ll hardly recognize them. For instance, we added more than 1,000 new images to Jerusalem, more than 1,000 images to Judah and the Dead Sea, and nearly 900 to Samaria and the Center. Of course, we have kept the best photos from the previous editions.

Great photos: The Pictorial Library includes all of the photos that we have used to illustrate the BiblePlaces Blog for the last seven years, all of the photos in the BiblePlaces.com website, and all of the photos featured in ten years of BiblePlaces Newsletters. It also includes thousands of photographs that have been selected for publication in hundreds of resources, including the Archaeological Study Bible, the ESV Bible Atlas, and National Geographic’s The Letters and the Scroll. With purchase of the Pictorial Library, you have all of these photos right at your fingertips.

New photographers: The new collection features images from more than 40 photographers, including Todd Bolen, A.D. Riddle, Gloria Suess, Barry Beitzel, Daniel Frese, Craig Dunning, Kim Guess, Enery Hsu, Matt Floreen, William Krewson, Gary Pratico, and David Dorsey.

New identifying labels: You can add your own in PowerPoint, but we’ve created many of them for you already, especially on aerial and panoramic photographs. You can keep, edit, or delete ours. We predict you will see many things that you would have otherwise missed!

New PowerPoint annotations: All of the new sites and subjects (thousands of them) have explanatory notes and Scripture verses to help you understand what you are looking at. If you took these annotations alone, the content would add up to more than 2,000 pages of text.

New maps: All new original maps have been created so that you can easily identify the location of nearly every site in the Pictorial Library.

New indexes: The Image Index lists every photograph for quick and easy searching. The Site Index provides the primary name for each site as well as alternate names and spellings so that you can quickly find the location of any site you are searching for.

Great value: The upgrade price of $179 gives you the best of the previous editions plus more than double the number of new photos. The upgrade version is exactly the same as the full version ($389) except for the price.

Really GREAT value: With 18 volumes for $179, the cost of a single volume (both the new and the significantly revised ones) comes out to about $10 each. For the new photos alone (13,663), you’re paying about 1.3 cents per picture (not counting all of the previous photos, plus the new labels, maps, annotations, etc.!).

Did we mention GREAT value?: Whether you purchased the collection 9 years or 9 weeks ago, the upgrade price gives you full credit for your previous purchase, no matter where or when you bought it.

Free shipping in the US: We treat you like we want to be treated. No hidden charges that you discover when you go to check out, no surprises when you open the package (well, only good ones!), and no hassles if you want to return or exchange the collection.

Generous usage allowances: These are the same as always, giving you tremendous freedom in using the images for countless personal and educational purposes.

Have other questions about upgrading? See our Upgrading FAQ. A first-time buyer? Check out the new volumes and discounted prices here.