2 Kings

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The Photo Companion to the Bible is a unique collection of digital photographs that illustrate the biblical text verse by verse.

  • PowerPoint-based resource
  • Library of images provides broad selection
  • Created by a team of professors and scholars
  • Organized by chapter and verse
  • Each chapter is illustrated by 80–310 photographs
  • Photographs of sites, scenes, and artifacts related to the time of the Divided Monarchy
  • Annotations explaining the image selection and background
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Generous copyright permissions
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
Highlights from 2 Kings:
  • Hundreds of reliefs, inscriptions, and seal impressions of various individuals and events, including the Tel Dan Inscription, the Mesha Stele, the Lachish Reliefs, the Babylonian Chronicle
  • Numerous aerial photos with labels identifying significant locations
  • Imagery related to Israel’s and Judah’s wars with the Moabites, Edomites, Arameans, Assyrians, and Babylonians
  • Setting of events in Elisha’s ministry, including Dothan, Shunem, Jericho, and the Jordan River
  • Scenes from Jehu’s wild ride, assassination of two kings, and depiction on the Black Obelisk
  • Archaeological evidence from Hezekiah’s reign, including his religious purges, his administration, his fortifying of Jerusalem, and his famous tunnel
  • Artifacts and discoveries related to the fall of the northern kingdom and the conquest of Jerusalem

About the authors: Dr. Chris McKinny is a biblical scholar, archaeologist, and research fellow at Gesher Media. Dr. Kris Udd is a pastor and has a Ph.D. in Old Testament Archaeology from Andrews University. Dr. Todd Bolen is Professor of Biblical Studies at The Master’s University, having taught for many years at their campus in Israel.

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Free PowerPoint download: 2 Kings 8 (170 slides)

 I look forward to using this resource  

“This impressive resource will help people envision the characters, places, and customs in 1-2 Kings. Scholars, pastors, Sunday school teachers, home-school teachers, and general readers will benefit from the authors’ clear explanations of how ancient art and modern photographs illuminate the biblical text.  I look forward to using this resource when I read, teach, and preach 1-2 Kings.”
Paul House, Professor, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University; author of 1-2 Kings in the New American Commentary series


 A perspective-changing experience!  

“To fully experience the Bible, you must do more than just read the text. You must also live the book. This is the beauty of the resources of BiblePlaces.com, for they allow one to live in the biblical text by means of thousands of high-quality photos documenting the widest range of material culture, daily life, and geography. In the case of the Photo Companion of the Bible, one encounters the diversity of biblical life alongside a verse-by-verse account of the text. It’s a perspective-changing experience! As a researcher of the Old Testament and a professor of Biblical Studies, you better believe that I will be using this material and encouraging all my students to be further entrenched in Scripture by living in the world of the Bible.”

David Schreiner, Associate Dean & Associate Professor of Old Testament, Wesley Biblical Seminary; author of 1 & 2 Kings in the Kerux Commentaries series