Psalm 23

Photo Companion to the Bible
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The Photo Companion to the Bible is a unique collection of digital photographs that illustrate the biblical text verse by verse.

  • PowerPoint-based resource
  • Library of images provides broad selection
  • Created by team of professors and scholars
  • Organized verse by verse
  • Psalm 23 is illustrated by 100 photographs
  • Beautiful photographs of the Judean wilderness and Shephelah
  • Historic and modern images of shepherds tending their flocks
  • Annotations explaining image selection and background
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Generous copyright permissions
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
Highlights from Psalm 23:
  • Green pastures and still waters
  • The “valley of the shadow of death”
  • Rods, staffs, tables, enemies
  • Bonus image sets of shepherds and sheep

About the authors: Dr. Steven Anderson is a career Bible scholar and teacher who earned his Ph.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr. Chris McKinny is a biblical scholar, archaeologist, and adjunct professor at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi. Dr. Todd Bolen is Professor of Biblical Studies at The Master’s University, having taught for many years at their campus in Israel.

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Free PowerPoint download: Psalm 23:1 (13 slides)

 Gain a deeper appreciation of one of the Bible’s most famous passages.  

“You know well the promise of Psalm 23. Now, discover the sights and scenes that inspired those words. This Photo Companion to the Bible introduces you to the lay of the land—its beauty and danger—in which Israelite shepherds work, along with their ancient traditions. Each slide is accompanied by a brief commentary that explains the photograph and its cultural relationship to the text. Use this resource to give your listeners a deeper appreciation of one of the Bible’s most famous passages.”

Ted Weis, Adjunct Lecturer in Biblical Studies, Sterling College; Pastor, Little River Congregational Church

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