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The Photo Companion to the Bible is a unique collection of digital photographs that illustrate the biblical text verse by verse.

  • PowerPoint-based resource
  • Library of images provides broad selection
  • Created by a team of professors and scholars
  • Organized by chapter and verse
  • Each chapter is illustrated by 130–260 photographs
  • Photographs of places and artifacts related to the Book of Revelation
  • Annotations explaining the image selection and background
  • All content easily edited and adapted for your own needs
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Generous copyright permissions
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
Highlights from Revelation:
  • Photos of Patmos and the cities of the seven churches addressed in Revelation 2–3
  • Examples of ancient artifacts, including trumpets, swords, lampstands, keys, crowns, pillars, eye salve, and scrolls
  • Examples and explanations of various precious stones mentioned throughout the narrative
  • Imagery of victory, dominion, worship, temple service, and wedding celebrations
  • Greco-Roman depictions of creatures referenced throughout the book
  • Photos of meteorological and astrological phenomena illustrating apocalyptic events
  • Diverse examples of seals and signet rings
  • Historical photos of smoke-, locust-, and earthquake-related disasters
  • Many instances of the alpha and omega symbols across church history

About the authors: Dr. Steven Anderson is a career Bible scholar and teacher who earned his Ph.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr. Kai Akagi holds a Ph.D. in New Testament from the University of St Andrews and is a lecturer at Japan Bible Seminary. Dr. Kris Udd is a pastor and has a Ph.D. in Old Testament Archaeology from Andrews University. Dr. Todd Bolen is Professor of Biblical Studies at The Master’s University.

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Free PowerPoint download: Revelation 6 (160 slides)

 A dazzling range of images 

“The Book of Revelation includes a dazzling range of images drawn from everyday life, religious rituals, celestial phenomena, military conquest, and political life as well as geographical locations from across the ancient world. This rich variety of material culture can be difficult for modern readers to picture accurately. The volume on Revelation in the Photo Companion to the Bible series does a unique and invaluable job of illustrating Revelation’s full array of images to help the Bible teacher or student fill in this visual deficit in understanding. Highly recommended!”

—Buist Fanning, Senior Professor Emeritus of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary; author of Revelation in the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the NT


 Visual context and insight like no other 

“The Photo Companion series is a tremendous resource for anyone interested in studying and applying the Bible at a deeper level. It offers visual context and insight like no other. From ancient manuscripts to artwork, inscriptions, reliefs, mosaics, frescos, photos of ancient sites, and more, this rich and varied collection offers a wealth of background help for grasping the message of the Bible.”

J. Scott Duvall, Professor of New Testament and J. C. and Mae Fuller Chair of Biblical Studies, Ouachita Baptist University; author of Revelation in the Teach the Text Commentary Series