Those who know Amihai Mazar won’t be surprised that the website for his current excavation project, Tel Rehov, is one of the best. After working across the valley at Beth Shean, Mazar turned his attention to Tel Rehov and now believes he can end the 10th century debate based on his work there.

The website is first-rate, with numerous photographs, diagrams, and excavation summaries available. In addition, nearly 10 full-text articles are posted from major journals and books. Some of these may tend to be on the more technical side, like OxCal Bayesian computations for the Iron IB-IIA boundary and the Iron IIA destruction events. But it’s free! 🙂 There are also some nice high-resolution photographs of last year’s excavation, for those looking for some good pictures to teach about archaeology.

My first experience excavating was under Mazar at Beth Shean. It was a great week, and I ended up marrying the girl in the square next to mine! 🙂