Micah’s Hometown to be Protected

Yitzhak Sapir has a new blog and notes a story in Ynet on the planned restoration and protection of Moresheth Gath (Tell Goded). The hometown of the prophet Micah has been subject to four-wheelers who stray from the marked trails and the Jewish National Fund and Israel Antiquities Authority have decided to act. See Sapir’s post for some photos and a short bibliography about the site.

The picture at right is of Moresheth Gath. I chose this particular shot to accomplish a second purpose at the same time: to illustrate some of the challenges of shooting from an airplane. I took this picture a month ago.


4 thoughts on “Micah’s Hometown to be Protected

  1. I was wondering if you knew anything about where God carved his name into the top of a mountain in Jerusalem. There is supposed to be a satellite view of it, but I can’t find it. I found your site searching for it, and was hoping you may know something.

    Thank you,

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