Some of my Favorite Photos

Some years ago I selected a few dozen of my favorite photos, especially related to the New Testament, for the rotating photo on the Jerusalem Perspective website. I am friends with the editor and we help each other on various projects from time to time. One of the things they did that I didn’t expect was to put them all on one page, easy to view and download. I usually am loathe to give away so many so easily, especially of my favorite shots. The effect of the page, though, is impressive in my opinion: lots of colorful places of the Bible. You can enjoy it here.


3 thoughts on “Some of my Favorite Photos

  1. I really like the pics. I think they show a side of Israel that many in this world don’t think about. I am from the USA. Pray for the Peace of Israel!

  2. Hi, i think the pics are great and am very happy to see it.I am a “fan” of maps and pics with old ruins, etc.Its great to see the places where Jesus walked and where His feet touched the ground.
    Be blessed and peace on Israel, the city where my Saviour lived on earth…;)

  3. Hi, I am most impressed with your pictures and your willingness to share it with us on the other side of the world. Thank you! I do however miss pictures of Garden of Gethsemane.

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