Did Jesus Have Cold Feet?

A few weeks ago the media was carrying the report of a study done by the Journal of Paleolimnology that a patch of ice could have formed on the surface of the Sea of Galilee. The scientists admit that this was a very rare event and may have occurred only once every 30 to 60 years. It was a floating piece of ice that would have been difficult to see. And it’s on the opposite side of the lake where Jesus had been with his disciples just prior to the episode (he had been near Bethsaida). I’ll leave it for you to determine which is the greater miracle: incarnate God walks on water or a really moral teacher with great eyesight catches a ride on a floating piece of ice without anybody figuring it out until 2006.

Re-enactment of Jesus walking on the Sea of Galilee

9 thoughts on “Did Jesus Have Cold Feet?

  1. Nice!! 🙂 I love your blog–just having returned from Israel, what you write about means even more to me than it did previous!

  2. What of Peter? Boy, that Jesus was such a kidder. Standing on a sheet of ice, winking at James and John, he says, “Come on, Peter! You can do it! step out of the boat!”

  3. Push-ups, of course! He wasn’t REALLY sinking–he was just trying to get in a workout on that piece of ice, so he tried a couple pushups. But then he couldn’t quite make it back to his feet so Jesus gave him a hand. *rolls her eyes*

    Anyway, I saw this from YOung Ladies Christian Fellowship and had to chip in. People will come up with anything to deny the truth. It amazes me.

  4. “…a really moral teacher with great eyesight catches a ride on a floating piece of ice without anybody figuring it out until 2006”

    Had Jesus duped his terrified disciples who were rowing for the lives in a severe storm by surfing by on a sheet of ice (this is just preposterous) then he would hardly have been “a really moral teacher” would he? Rather, he would have been a fraud, and not the Son of God at all. This sort of nonsense ignores the context, the motive and the deeper lesson behind this wonderful occurence – one of the “signs, miracles and wonders” by which Jesus demonstrated that he is indeed the Christ.

  5. all of you are missing the main point and that is even if Jesus did catch a ride on ice then it was the work of God. What are the chances he just so happened to come by a piece of ice? Even so, this is clearly all obvious that Jesus was a miracle worker and was in no way a fraud. Jesus was the son of God, he preformed miracles and he was great. Let’s just leave it at that.

  6. wow! it is really amazing and laughable to read and hear how people today go to such ridiculous lengths to try and disprove the miracles and wonders Jesus Christ did when he was on earth. the bible talks about how near the end times mans hearts will fail and i see this every day, but i myself am far from perfect. plain and simple…Jesus= son of God and the only way to the father in heaven!

  7. it is damn fake.jesus walked on water to save .it is written do not put god to test OK .he din't walk on ice becuz if he had walked on ice means the person next to him had seen him walking on seen.but the person said he had walked on water

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