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Billing itself as “the largest touring exhibit of sacred text and artifacts in history,” the From Abraham to Jesus includes more than 240 artifacts and a multimedia presentation. The traveling exhibit includes some Dead Sea Scrolls and the ossuary of Simon the Cyrene. I confess that some of the breathless wording turns me off, and my general impression is that this is something to take your Sunday School group to visit, but not your college class. Someone who visits can comment about their experience below. The first exhibit will be in Atlanta, beginning on September 15, then moving to Grand Rapids, Columbus, Nashville, Tulsa, Boston, Charlotte, Hampton Roads, Charleston, Mobile, Schaumburg (IL), Des Moines, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, San Jose, Dallas, and more in 2008.


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  1. Hey! They are bringing it to the West Coast! Yayyy!! I think I’ll buy my tickets to the Salt Lake one and see what all the LDS people think of it. 🙂

  2. I previewed the traveling museum last night, September 14th. It is quite interesting to say the least. You wind your way through a beautifully designed path of antiquities and modern sculptures depicting the major events from Abraham to the birth of Jesus. Quite a collection of artifact including pottery, ancient glass, coins, etc. Each traveler receives a head-set so that you can listen to an informative narration for each section. The exhibit ends with the first 3D film shot in Israel. I think one would be wise to see it, it is first class all the way.

  3. Hello, just came from the “Abraham to Jesus” archeological exhibit and am impressed. This is NOT a flashy, disneyland experience – it is history, as shown with actual artifacts in glass cases with good lighting, story-boards, an many life-size bronze statues. I highly recommend it for all Jews, Christians and folks interested in the Scripture, and that period of history. It begins with a nice 7-minute film, let’s you self-pace, and ends with a 3-D movie. For me, the highlight was to be able to see a small fragment of a Dead Sea Scroll was more than worth it. There was a nicely done ancient market at the end of the event, complete with gifts from Israel, music, bibles, menorah’s, etc., priced from $2-2,000. Wear your most comfortable shoes. Rebecca Sterling, Nashville

  4. The official website now says

    “The From Abraham to Jesus exhibit has exchanged hands and will no longer be touring. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.”

    Anyone know what happened and is there still a chance to see the exibit?

  5. The Biblical Archaeology Society reports:

    The “From Abraham to Jesus” exhibition that was traveling the country has switched hands and is currently on display as “Ancient Treasures of the Holy Land” at Fair Park in Dallas, TX. It will be there through the end of July. Stay tuned to Exhibition Watch to get the latest on where it will travel next. The exhibition’s new Web site is http://www.holyland1.com, and Baylor University has a review of the exhibition.

  6. The official website for this says that the exhibit has changed hands and is no longer touring. No other information is avaiable. If anyone knows what happened and why the tour stopped, please add comment below.

  7. On the last day of the exhibition at the Dallas Fairgrounds, a director told me that the exhibit was moving to a mall in Plano, Texas. One rumor I heard elsewhere was that the reason it stopped traveling was because the packing, transporting, unpacking so frequently was causing damage to the items.

  8. The Ancient Treasures Exhibit is currently in Plano, Texas in a different venue at the Shops at Willow Bend on the 2nd floor next to Dillards. We thank you for enjoying the exhibit in the earlier venues.

    Sunday School groups, home schools, and academies are coming through and being enriched by the experience. Pastors and tour guides are bringing through the groups in preparation for their tour groups traveling to Israel. Currently some of the seminaries in the area are sending in their students of ancient history as extra credit for their classes.

    The exhibit is a wonderful way to learn something new in a self paced manner. To see new facets of scripture.

    The website is still http://www.HolyLand1.com and the phone is 972-202-8347.

  9. is the tour coming to Minneapolis? I can’t find the tour dates anywhere and none of the links to the websites are working. Anyone know anything?

  10. Regarding the From Abraham to Jesus/Ancient Treasures of the Holy Land exhibit: I saw this exhibit in Nashville, TN approximately two years ago. It was wonderful. Me and my daughter, who lives in TN, went together. After going through the entire exhibit I got to meet the author of the series. It is him talking to his granddaughter. I bought his book, which he signed. I only wish I had also bought one of the Archeologist's Bible. It had a lot of history in it. Otherwise, I still talk about the exhibit.

    Jacquie @ [email protected]

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