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BiblePlaces.com has been one of the premier websites for biblical studies for over five years now and we’ve never celebrated or even noted our anniversaries. We’re not particularly proud of ourselves because we know how much better we could be. But we’re trying, and there are some terrific resources that we’ve been working hard on. So, for no special reason, except maybe to encourage people who only buy when there is a “sale,” we’ve decided to offer our first “sale.”

How much? 10% percent off

What products?

How long? One week, until November 28, 2006.

How do I get it? This link [expired] will take you to the order page and give you the discount. The
reduced prices will be shown on the confirmation page.

How much is shipping? Free, unless you live outside the U.S. or want it tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “10 Percent Off

  1. I notice few comments lately, Todd. Don’t let that get you down — you’ve got one of the best blogs around. I never thought I’d find Essene toilet practices worthy of note, but you made it happen! Honestly, I’ve always found Qumran to be interesting in its own way, but always as a stopover on the way to bringing guests to Masada, Ein Gedi, et al. Now there’s something else to see.

  2. If only I weren’t a poor seminary student. I would like to at least purchase the pictorial CD’s. They would be a great resource for teaching. I bought two (Galilee and Jerusalem) but subsiquently lost them during 4 moves. They are top quality! I miss them.

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