Tomb of Jesus (Monday links)

If you’ve just heard about this story, you can read my initial comments here.  More sound analysis can be found at James White’s site and at the internetmonk.  Joe Zias, a retired expert in paleopathology in Israel, has some good comments on the ANE-2 list today (here and here, may require free membership to view).  And the Discovery Channel will have a discussion forum with experts including James Charlesworth, Amy-Jill Levine, and James D. Tabor.  Tabor will have more on his blog in days to come, and he appears to be a big promoter of this new theory, especially as it will help his book sales.  Tabor’s starting point is that Jesus certainly had a human father and he certainly never walked out of his tomb.


2 thoughts on “Tomb of Jesus (Monday links)

  1. I just had a teensy little thought. Why was James buried in a different tomb than the rest of his family (acknowledging that the James ossuary is authentic)?

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