This has been a busy month with little spare time lately for blogging.  Here are some recent articles of interest before I head out on another trip.

Several sites in Israel were given World Heritage status recently, including Megiddo, Hazor, Beersheba, and the Spice Route.

Some archaeologists have vented about the manner in which excavations have been carried out in Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount ramp.  The source is Haaretz, so don’t expect a fair report.

And on the tomb of Jesus discovery, Gordon Franz of the Associates for Biblical Research responds. 

The Jerusalem Post has a lengthy interview with the moviemaker/investigative journalist/naked archaeologist, Simcha Jacobovici.

The Biblical Archaeology Society has an interview with two scholars who lost their faith and two who didn’t.  Despite its appearance, the four are not exactly a representative group.  Shanks should have looked harder to find a real Christian.  There’s much here worthy of commenting on, but time does not allow for it today.