Excavations continue on the Mugrabi Gate leading to the Temple Mount, though the protests seem to have ended.  Haaretz has the story, and I have photos from a few days ago.

Tensions have subsided even though construction at the Mugrabi Gate has never stopped despite violent Temple Mount clashes in February and concerns of diplomatic confrontations with Arab and Muslim countries. The construction has not been considered a reason to limit entry to worshipers, and senior police sources say the relative calm stems from the evaluation of the work by a Turkish and UN delegation, who confirmed that the Temple Mount is not being harmed by these efforts.
The Jerusalem police no longer consider the construction activity, which is being carried out by the Israel Antiquities Authority to bolster crumbling infrastructure, as a danger to calm in the Temple Mount area. Each Thursday the police hold a special meeting, evaluating the situation and deciding whether to impose restrictions to the entry of Muslims wishing to attend Friday prayers at the Temple Mount mosques.

Photos from May 17, 2007


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