"You my boy!"

From the Yardenit baptismal site:

Jesus baptism text in Mark 1 at Yardenit, tb033107266dxo

And yes, Hawaii Pidgin is a real  language.  One of my students last semester was a native and spoke like the sign above.


5 thoughts on “"You my boy!"

  1. Reminds me of Doric (a dialect similar to English which people still speak in the rural communities here in Northern Scotland). A word of advice from personal experience: Don’t use the words “slang” or “bad English” when trying to describe the language to someone who actually speaks it. Thy don tak a likin’ to it!


  2. “…an I stay good inside cuz a you!”
    I was blessed by this reminder of the Father’s love for his Son…I think hearing it in slightly different words has a huge impact on me. Thank you, Todd.

  3. Now that’s what I calls good preachin’! I’ma thinkin’ I’d buy me a whole Bible fulla their special way of sayin’ things!

    KJV: “In the beginning God…”

    NIV: “In the beginning God…”

    NLT: “In the beginning God…”

    ASV: “In the beginning God…”

    AMP: “In the beginning God…”

    CEV: “In the beginning God…”

    Hawaii Pidgin: “Way back wen–you know wat? God…”

  4. Very interesting! My mother said that it is similar to the way older people used to speak in the rural Southern town she grew up in.


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