The American Jewish University (formerly University of Judaism) is hosting the 18th and final series of lectures on biblical archaeology at their Los Angeles campus starting next week.  The lectures are on Monday evenings, beginning at 8:00 p.m., and with a cost of $25 each.  The lecture dates, topics, and speakers are:

October 15

Jerusalem in the Days of David and Solomon: What Do We See in Excavations and What Does It
Actually Mean?

Jane M. Cahill

October 22

Archaeology, History and the Patriarchs

Gary Rendsberg

October 29

The Exodus from Egypt and the Conquest of Canaan in Archaeology, Egyptology and the Bible:
What Do We Know for Certain?

James K. Hoffmeier

November 12

Death Styles of the Rich and Famous and of the Kings of Israel: An Archaeologist Examines the
Evidence and Arguments

Jodi Magness

November 19

Two Temples Stood in Zion: How New Excavations, Old Photographs, Recent Observations and
Ancient Texts Enable Us to See the Temples of Solomon and Herod

Leen Ritmeyer

November 26

The First Synagogues and Churches: What Can We Learn from Newly Excavated Sites About the
Beliefs, Organization and Origins of Early Christian and Jewish Groups?

Steven Fine

December 3

Cosmos from Chaos: the Creation of Heaven and the Search for Divine Presence in Israelite Religion

Ziony Zevit

This really is an outstanding program and if I didn’t have to jump on an airplane to attend, I would
go.  If you have limited time or funds, the four that would be of most interest to me are Cahill,
Hoffmeier, Magness, and Ritmeyer.  The last three have great books on their subjects which I
recommend to all.  (Perhaps they would sign it if you brought it.)  Those books are Hoffmeier, Israel 
in Egypt ($30); Magness, Archaeology of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls ($15); Ritmeyer, The 
Quest ($60).