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Here’s a fun video about the new Herodian quarry.  The maker is a cameraman of a more serious production crew, but he made a fun 7-minute video that gives you a good idea of the quarry’s size. 

The archaeologist, Jon Seligman, is on-site to give a good explanation. 

Some videos made by SourceFlix Productions are recommended, including:

The Beehives of Tel Rehov – includes an interview with archaeologist Amihai Mazar on location.

First Century Tomb – includes an interview with Shimon Gibson inside an ancient tomb.

Temple Mount Desecration – Gabriel Barkay explains and the video shows why this matters.

If you get tired of hearing archaeologists, you can watch the team’s two-minute “light-hearted” video. 

Looks like they’re having a good time!


4 thoughts on “Short, Informative Videos

  1. Hi – I found your blog when I googled biblical sites on Cyprus. I’m looking for advice – I will be in Cyprus for a missions conference in January (obviously not the best time of year for Cyprus, but the point is fellowship). I’ll be in charge of the teens, 10 in all. It’s possible we could do a day trip with them.

    We will be staying in Larnaca. Do you have any suggestions for enjoyable destinations, biblical or not?

  2. Kacie – I may know someone going on that trip. You’re right – not the best time for Cyprus. I went in March and wished it was July. Probably you’ll do best for a single day to go to either Nicosia (the capital) or Paphos, which is a beach city with some impressive archaeological ruins, including mosaics. Paphos has the advantage of being mentioned in the Bible (Acts 13), while Nicosia is not.

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