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I sent out the December 2007 issue of the newsletter today.  If you thought you were subscribed but did not receive it, here are a few suggestions:

1. Check your spam box.  Despite the fact that neither I, nor the newsletter distribution company, ever practice anything but the highest ethics in regard to email, some spam filters stop the newsletter.

2. Consider whether you are subscribed at your current email address.  If you’ve moved in the last year and changed addresses, you can fix that easily by subscribing with your new address here.

3. Maybe you never subscribed at all.  There’s an easy fix here.

Even if you do #2 or #3, you will not get today’s newsletter automatically sent to you.  If you would like that, you can send me an email at tbolen81 at bibleplaces dot com [spelled out because I get and hate spam too], and I’ll send you one.  But I won’t be able to send it until the end of the week, as I’m busy until then.


2 thoughts on “BiblePlaces Newsletter

  1. Mr. Bolen: My name is Steve Austin, and I’m director of a school that trains Hispanic ministers. I took a group to Israel last summer, and had been there once before. Between the two trips I found your picture CDs online, and immediately bought a set. I’ve used them ever since, and I think they’re completely outstanding! What a great help they have been in my teaching and understanding of Israel. I’ve also recommended them to many others. Thank you for such a wonderful tool.
    So, where are you in Texas? I’m in Houston.

    God bless you,
    Steve Austin

  2. Hi Steve – thanks for the kind words and recommendations. As for me, I’m in Plano, just north of Dallas. Everything here is flat and boring. Is that how all of Texas is?

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