Flash floods in Israel are deadly; it seems that people are killed by them each year.  From today’s Jerusalem Post:

A US citizen was killed Monday afternoon in one of the fiercest floods Ein Gedi had seen for years, police and rescue officials said.
The man’s girlfriend, who had been missing and feared dead, was later found alive by rescue services.
According to staff at the Ein Gedi nature reserve, the pair was seen entering the Nachal David gorge earlier in the day. Strong rains have brought about a sudden flooding of the riverbed, and in the early afternoon the body of the American tourist was discovered in the water.
Rescuers that found the victim’s car parked nearby noticed a pair of high-heeled shoes in the vehicle, leading them to assume he was accompanied by a woman. The local staff confirmed that two people were seen entering the area.
Army helicopters and police forces were searching for the woman and said they feared for her life.
At roughly the same time, a group of 30 travelers stranded in another riverbed nearby were rescued unharmed.
Nature reserve officials said the flood was very sudden, with little prior warning.

Previous coverage of flash floods on this blog include a video and photos.

Nahal David, En Gedi
Nahal Arugot bridge washed out from north4, tb n052301999
Bridge washed out in 2001, Nahal Arugot, En Gedi
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