Interview with Leen Ritmeyer

Justin Taylor at Between Two Worlds has posted a two-part interview with Leen Ritmeyer.  Ritmeyer served as the archaeological and architectural reconstruction editor for the forthcoming ESV Study Bible, of which Taylor is the managing editor. 

Part one of the interview focuses on what theGolgotha and Jerusalem, ESV Study Bible place of Jesus’ crucifixion looked like.  It includes a stunning, high-resolution reconstruction of the Temple Mount as it may have looked in the time of Jesus.

Part two of the interview concerns what the tomb of Jesus looked like.  It features a high-resolution image of what the “new tomb” may have looked like.

I have had the privilege of having an preview of dozens of graphics and hundreds of full-color maps that will be included in the ESV Study Bible and I concur with Ritmeyer’s assessment:

It is vital for Bible students to have a correct knowledge of the background of the Bible, and I am sure that the Study Bible will be of tremendous help for those who love to study the Word of God. With its many exquisitely rendered reconstruction drawings and accurate maps, a new standard has been set for biblical illustration, raising the bar for many years to come.


2 thoughts on “Interview with Leen Ritmeyer

  1. OK, if Leen’s drawing is right, that would mean that Golgatha is within the current CHS, but not the actual tomb.

    The tomb that is enshrined there would be just west of what he has pictured.

    Do I have that right?

  2. It looks to me like the tomb would be outside the church altogether. My guess is not that Ritmeyer chose to be a bit general on the location here, so that the tomb would be visible to viewers. The traditional spot would have the tomb hidden from this perspective.

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