Woodland Museum of Biblical Archaeology to Open

From the Daily Democrat:

Soon, Yolo County residents won’t have to travel to Israel for a tour of the Holy Land. Locals will be able to stop by the Woodland Museum of Biblical Archaeology at Woodland United Fellowship, 240 N. West St., to visit a collection of artifacts from Biblical times.
The museum’s humble beginnings began in the foyer of Woodland United Fellowship a year ago.
Pastor Carl Morgan began a display case with a few juglets and lamps from archaeological digs he participated in, and the collection continued to grow.
“We live in a time when the Bible has come under a lot of criticism and attack as not being reliable or authoritative,” Morgan said. “Archaeology allows us to see the geography and historicity of the Bible is correct. Many times, we’ve been able to find a name or a city (on a dig) associated with a Biblical event, and we’re able to say to the critics, ‘They’re not myths. The Bible is accurate.’ It also helps build your faith.”
On the west wall of the museum artifacts from mainly the Middle Bronze Age (2200 BC to 1550 BC) will be displayed. Visitors will find sling stones, which were used as weapons and swung with a leather strap. They will also see swords from 2000 BC and a sacrificial knife from the time of Abraham.
There is pottery dated beyond 3000 BC and a battle-axe on display that dates at least 500 years before the time of Abraham.
“That’s the oldest piece of metal you’ll ever hold,” Morgan said.

The story continues here.  If they’ll let you hold it, they’ll probably let you take a picture of it as well. 

Which is something you won’t get at many other museums.  Woodland is 20 miles northwest of Sacramento.

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  1. The collection at Woodland is wonderfully broad and of very nice quality. Donors and the church have worked hard to create an attractive, multi-period collection that illustrates the widest array of materials of interest to biblical enthusiasts.
    I highly recommend a look at their continually growing collection.

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