Work Continuing on Herod’s Tomb

Since most people don’t read comments on blogs, especially on posts from a year and a half ago, I’ll note one made today by Sigho concerning Herod’s tomb at Herodium.

Thanks for your information. I was preveledged to be able to enter the site of Herod’s Tomb Yesterday (Sept. 21, 2008). The site is open for public from a distance. But we (3 people) were granted by on site-archaeologists to enter the site. It is still being excavated. Unfortunately, pictures I took yesterday cannot be publicized. Just wait for the official publication by the archaeologists.

I did not realize that work was on-going here.  The restriction on taking photos may indicate that they’re doing more than sweeping dirt.

Herodium tomb of Herod, tb051708036dxo Herod’s tomb, May 2008
UPDATE (9/23): Ferrell Jenkins has given me permission to post a photo he took of construction work going on at the tomb last month.
Photo courtesy of Ferrell Jenkins, August 23, 2008

3 thoughts on “Work Continuing on Herod’s Tomb

  1. An interesting snippet from the grapevine is that several buildings have been uncovered beneath the artificial fill that was poured around the central building i.e. buildings existed on the hill before Herod’s major building project there.

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