Temple Mount Poster in National Geographic

Leen Ritmeyer mentions that the current (December) issue of National Geographic includes a poster supplement of the Temple Mount.  He includes a picture of the poster and tells a little bit about his role in its creation.  He links to the NG website, but I cannot find a way to buy just a single issue.  My guess is that a newstand copy would not include the poster, and that a subscription ($15/year) ordered now would not include this issue.  But if you already have a subscription, don’t discard the poster insert before realizing what a resource you have.


4 thoughts on “Temple Mount Poster in National Geographic

  1. Howdy, The poster IS in the newsstand magazines. It’s a two-sided poster with the Temple Mount on the backside. I got my copy at Sam’s Club! Shalom – even Shabbat Shalom! Mike Harney

  2. Howdy Again, A doctor on my delivery route gave me his poster which I would like to pass on to you if you’re interested. I guess just post here and I’ll email you for your address. Mike H

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