Until 1948, one of the largest and most important Ashkenazi synagogues in the Old City of Jerusalem was the Hurva Synagogue.  Fighting in May 1948 left the building in ruins, but following the city’s capture by Israel in 1967, plans were discussed to reconstruct the synagogue.  The interested parties could not agree on a solution, and so in 1977 a memorial arch was erected.  In 2000, plans were approved to rebuild the synagogue following its original design, and in 2005, work commenced.

Hurvah Synagogue arch, tb010200207 Memorial Arch, January 2000
Hurvah synagogue under construction, tb051906304ddd Arch removed, May 2006
Hurvah synagogue under reconstruction, tb051508004dxo Reconstruction underway, May 2008
Hurva synagogue in construction, as111808042 November 2008 (Photo courtesy of Alexander Schick)

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