ScienceNews carries an interesting article on looting in Israel and around the world.

The on-going renovation of the Israel Museum is apparently on track to be completed in May 2010. 

An article at Bloomberg.com gives some details of the work.

Excavations are underway in the Roman theater of Tiberias.  See a previous post and photo here.

On the ASOR Blog, Aren Maeir discusses the potential impact of the financial crisis on archaeological excavations.

Der Spiegel has an article on what is being called the longest tunnel in the ancient world.  It ran 66 miles in the modern countries of Syria and Jordan.  120 years were spent on its construction, but it turned out to be a failure.

The Chronicle of Higher Education has a story on the alleged charges against Raphael Golb.  The real estate lawyer with a doctorate in comparative literature from Harvard is charged with “30 counts of criminal impersonation, 18 counts of forgery, 21 counts of misdemeanor identity theft, one count of felony identity theft, one count of aggravated harassment, and one case of unauthorized use of a computer.”

Logos Bible Software is hosting a “March Madness” book tournament which allows readers to vote and receive discounts of 25-75% on specific volumes.

You can play golf in the shadows of the pyramids for $25.

The first tour group of Westerners has visited Iraq