Great Deal: Context of Scripture, 3 volumes

The best reference for ancient Near Eastern texts related to the Bible is the The Context of Scripture, edited by Hallo and Younger.  This three-volume work is superior to Pritchard’s ANET in many ways.  Unfortunately, it is published by Brill and thus is very expensive.cos

Eisenbrauns has an outstanding deal on the complete set in paperback.  Instead of $310, it is available this weekend only for $124 (plus shipping). 

If you miss the sale, each volume is available at Amazon for $200-300 each (1, 2, 3).  Or you can get the set in Libronix (electronic) format for $299.95.

If anyone has volume 1 in hardback and wants to sell or trade, send me an email (tbolen91 at bibleplaces dot com).


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