Qumran Virtual Model

A fantastic resource is newly available for those studying or teaching about the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

You may remember the virtual model of the Temple Mount that UCLA created some years ago.  You can tour this by special arrangement at the Davidson Center in Jerusalem or at the UCLA
Visualization Portal.  Their latest project is a virtual model of Qumran, home to the Essenes whose library is now famous.

A realtime virtual tour is not yet available online, but UCLA has produced about 50 still shots (ideal for PowerPoint), and eight videos, either in HD or on YouTube.

It is resources like these which pose serious threats to any students’ attempts to catch up on sleep during class.

HT: Ferrell Jenkins


4 thoughts on “Qumran Virtual Model

  1. Todd,

    Interested in the "Gennath Gate." Notley took me down some steps below the Cardo. Mentioned that this location was a possibility of being the Gennath Gate. What do you think? Are there any pictures?

    Dr. Bill Bean
    USA Advisory Board Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation.
    [email protected]

  2. Dr. Bean – Nahman Avigad identified a portion of the Hasmonean "First Wall" near the Cardo, including a gap in the wall which he believed was a gate. Since it's near the Holy Sepulcher church, which according to tradition and archaeology was apparently a garden in the 1st century, he suggested that this was the "Garden/Gennath Gate." I don't have a better suggestion. I believe there are some photos or diagrams in his book, Discovering Jerusalem. I don't have anything myself.

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