Brian Janeway has written on “New Discoveries Relating to the Apostle Paul” at the Associates for Biblical Research blog.  The focus of the article is the recent analysis of the alleged tomb of Paul, but he also comments on some related finds.

Eric Cline has posted a good primer at Bible and Interpretation on the all-important 10th century BC debate in biblical archaeology.  In about ten minutes of reading, you get a number of good insights into the nature of the debate and the archaeological discipline as a whole.  The article is adapted from his new book, Biblical Archaeology: A Very Short Introduction (168 pages; $9 at Amazon).

I mentioned previously the Old Testament version of the Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary, edited by John H. Walton and available in 5 volumes in November ($157 at Amazon, plus shipping surcharge).  Chris Heard notes that the Genesis commentary is now available for reading on Scribd through the month of October.

Logos has a new pre-publication special of 19 volumes in a “History of Israel Collection.”  You have to qualify just what a collection with that title means, because it is not the essential works on the subject.  Rather these are volumes from the Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies series published by Sheffield and T. & T. Clark.  In other words, these are highly specialized, very expensive books.  The collection is now available for $300 ($16/volume), which is about the cost of any two volumes.  (A quick search at Amazon found Banks for $180, Wood for $25, McNutt for $50, Grabbe for $216, and Younger [not Youger] for $251).  If you want it, buy it now, before the price jumps to $1300.