Nabatean Site of Avdat Vandalized

The Nabatean site of Avdat was vandalized on Sunday night and two Bedouin have been arrested, including the site’s sole security guard.  From Ynet:

Hundreds of archeological artifacts were found smashed, walls smeared with yellow and brown paint, and oil paint was smeared on the ancient wine press. Items hundreds and thousands of years old were severely damaged. […] "We came in the morning and found the place in shambles," described Shapira, "They broke the staircase, destroyed the walls, and painted on them. The worst is that the two most ancient churches in Israel were destroyed, and 13-foot columns were shattered with hammers along with artifacts and the authentic marble alter, which is the most important (artefact) in the city."

The Jerusalem Post has the story and a couple of photos.  The Haaretz Hebrew article has two photos (but not the English version).  The Ynet article (Hebrew) has a gallery of 11 photos.  If you prefer a three-minute video (Hebrew), you can find that here.  Thanks to Joe Lauer for all of the links.


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