Archaeological Museum Tour by iPod

You can now tour the Lynn H. Wood Archaeological Museum in Collegedale, Tennessee, with audio narration provided by William Dever and Michael Hasel, according to this month’s issue of DigSight.  The 52-minute tour takes the visitor through the museum’s 16 display cases.  Hasel, the museum curator, says, “I’ve traveled to dozens of museums all over the world, and I haven’t encountered another museum that uses iPods for their tours . . . I think we’re using cutting-edge technology.”  The iPod displays photos of the artifacts to assist the visitor in identifying what is being described.

The newsletter also announces that the personal library of William Dever has been placed at Southern Adventist University.  The library catalog is available online at library.southern.edu.

Next on the schedule for the Museum Lecture Series at SAU is K. Lawson Younger, speaking on “Aramean Astral Religion in Light of Recent Discoveries.”  The lecture will be given on March 17, 2010 at 7:30 in the Lynn Wood Hall Chapel.


2 thoughts on “Archaeological Museum Tour by iPod

  1. When I first started reading this article, I anticipated news that a museum was available to tour virtually through one's iPod. What a great idea, I thought, for a place such as Explorations in Antiquities in Lagrange, GA. Hard to get to, yet a wealth of information and insight for visitors. Does anyone know of a museum/Bible teaching center that a person can tour virtually?

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