Tiberias Gate and Theater

One of the sites in Israel with the most productive excavations in the last two years is Tiberias. 

Founded in AD 19 by Herod Antipas and named after the Roman emperor, the city of Tiberias quickly became an important center on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee.  Its significance continued through the first millennium with the production of the Masoretic Text here.

Unfortunately, most visible remains in the city have been from the medieval period and later.  Recent excavations, however, have revealed substantial remains of the south gate and bridge, as well as the Roman theater.  The origins of these structures date to the 1st century.

Biblewalks.com has excellent descriptions and photographs of these recent discoveries.  If you’ve been to Tiberias but not seen these latest finds, you can do no better than spend a few minutes browsing the pages about Tiberias, the south gate, and the theater


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