The Abu Gosh hummus record stood for less than four months after Lebanon makes a ten-ton dish.  From the Jerusalem Post:

Lebanon launched a decisive retaliation on Saturday, in the campaign that Army Radio described as the Third Lebanon War. No Katyushas or Scuds crossed the northern border, but Lebanon served Israel a 10-ton blow in the competition for regional supremacy. Lebanon struck down Israel’s world record for the largest plate of humous on Saturday, in the village of Fanar, east of Beirut. About 300 Lebanese cooks prepared a batch of humous that weighed 10,452 kilograms, The Associated Press reported. A Guinness World Records adjudicator confirmed that Lebanon reclaimed the record. Lebanon accuses Israel of stealing traditional Arab dishes such as humous, and marketing them worldwide as Israeli. Saturday’s plate more than doubled the record set on January 8 by Jawdat Ibrahim, of Abu Ghosh. However, the competition’s not over. “No matter what happens I’m going to double it. I’m going to show who humous belongs to,” Ibrahim told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday. Ibrahim’s humous is made in the Abu Ghosh Restaurant that he opened in late 1992, single-handedly starting a dining trend that put his town on the national tourism map. He uses all Israeli chickpeas, grown on kibbutzim.

The rest of the story includes Ibrahim’s promise to reclaim the record before the year is out, along with his goal of using the contest to promote peace between Lebanon and Israel.