Jesus at Hazor

Gordon Franz has just written a unique article entitled “Jesus at Hazor.”  It’s unique because while there are many biblical stories that explicitly mention the city and area of Hazor, none of them are from the New Testament.  Yet Franz has found a number of connections.  He writes:

In this essay, a case will be suggested that Jesus walked past the mound on at least two occasions with His disciples. The first time they might have visited Hazor was when Jesus took His disciples on a tour of the cities and villages of Galilee. The second time might have been when Jesus and His disciples went to Tyre and Sidon. They could have viewed the site from a distance when they went to and from Caesarea Philippi.

Franz gives a careful look at the sites and routes in Galilee that Jesus probably visited and traveled upon, but which are not known by many tourists or students today. He also has written a separate article on spiritual lessons that Jesus might have taught the disciples while at Hazor.

Hazor upper city aerial from west, tbs112220011

Hazor from southwest

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  1. Gordon has certainly done us a wonderful favor by integrating OT, NT and archaeology to make the total Bible come alive at a place that most consider interesting only for its OT importance. Well done.

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