Over the years, I’ve collected photographs of interesting signs posted in Israel and other places.  One day I’d like to create a collection, as some sets could be helpful for adding color in teaching.  I’ve found on signs the names of most of ancient Israel’s judges, many of its kings, as well as various biblical events.  In countries where English is used on the signs but is not the native language, you are more likely to find errors.  Below are a few that may not be of any use for teaching, but are interesting for other reasons.

Bathing is Forbihted sign at En Gev, tb040104260

I have to wonder how the wording on this sign came to be. 

Danger of slippery sign, tb112503933

This one gets my attention.

No photos of marriage sign at Muhraqa, tb011006352

One day I am going to try to sneak in a picture of my wife and I celebrating our fifteenth anniversary.

Academy of Hebrew Language, Hebrew U, sign, tb111206951

At least it’s not the Academy of the English Language.