Seven New Kingdom Tombs Opened in Saqqara

Egypt is looking to bring visitors back with the opening of seven new tombs 20 miles from Cairo. From the Jerusalem Post:

Egypt’s antiquities ministry on Monday opened seven New Kingdom tombs that were previously unavailable to the public. The tombs include the final resting place of King Tutankhamen’s treasurer as well as a general, Horemheb, who would later become king.
Antiquities Minister Zahi Hawass announced the opening of the South Saqqara tombs on his website on May 22. The tombs are located about 30 kilometers south of Cairo and near Djoser’s Step Pyramid. The seven tombs are from New Kingdom, a period that lasted from the 16th century to 11th century B.C.
The tomb of King Tut’s treasurer, Maya, while unfinished, features images of Maya and his wife Merit. Maya helped Tutankhamen reopen temples in the then-capital Luxor, further south in Egypt, which had been abndoned during his father Akhenaton’s rule for the site of Amarna. He helped Tutankhamen restore order in a country that had been disrupted by his father’s drastic changes including the move of the capital and abolishing of the priestly order.

The full story is here. The story is also reported by the AP.  NTDTV has a four-minute video.

Zahi Hawass, Egypt’s Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs, told reporters:

We are opening this new cemetery today to tell the whole world that Egypt is safe and come to smell and to see the magic and the mystery of Egypt.


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  1. I have never been to Egypt to see the previously opened stuff. Knowing that I could be one of the first people of the general public to experience these new tombs is exciting.

    Thanks for sharing the news!

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