The Top 16 Posts

I don’t pay much attention to statistics for this blog or its related website, given limited time and a sense that it doesn’t matter much anyway.  But I noticed that Feedburner provides a list of most popular blog posts and I was surprised at what received the most views in the last 18 months (when we began using the Feedburner service).  Here are the top sixteen, with the most popular at the top:

Bible Mapper Version 4

The Sacrificial Lamb

Top Discoveries of 2009

New Discoveries Related to Temple Mount

Glo for $40

Where Did Goliath’s Head Go?

Best of 2009: Books, Software, Photo CDs

Weekend Roundup (from Feb 2010)

Locust Plague

Under the Temple Mount

How “Top 50” Lists Work

360 Degree Views in Jerusalem

The Dragnet on the Sea of Galilee

Support Sought for Tel Dor

The Star of Bethlehem

Psalm 23

I am having trouble accounting for why some of these were so popular.  I notice that none of these are less than a year old, so perhaps the results are skewed by the length of time they’ve been available to those searching for specific terms.  Perhaps I’ll check back in a year and see how the list compares.


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