I picked this book up off the shelf in the church library last week in order to fulfill a requirement for a reading contest. I thought it would be an easy read on a subject of interest, but I did not expect to be impressed. I ended up loving Ken Duncan’s In the Footsteps of Paul. Here’s why:

1. Coverage of sites. The author goes everywhere that Paul went. I was certain that he would skip some of the more remote places, but he does not. I believe he has photos and descriptions of every place Paul visited (as recorded in Acts) with the exception of a few islands where Paul spent one night (Cos and Chios).duncan-footsteps-paul

2. Fabulous photographs. I’ve stood on (or flown over) these same sites, but Ken Duncan is an artist with his camera. I suspect he spent entire days at many of the sites to get just the right lighting at just the right angle. He is a master.

3. Excellent text. The writing supplements the photographs and is not lengthy, but it is accurate, helpful, and edifying. I would not expect one who excels at photography to be a gifted writer committed to serving the church with a message true to the apostle’s words.

If I had to quibble with one thing, it would be that the author is at times too accepting of local tradition. Since Duncan is not an academic, I can let him off lightly.

Christmas is a long ways off, but this may be one you want to file away for a future birthday, graduation, or retirement event. Amazon has the hardcover book new from $6.

Duncan has a similar book on Jesus’ life that I have not seen but that may be of interest to readers here: Where Jesus Walked (hardcover, new from $7, used from $0.15).